3 Easy Tweaks to Get More Clicks from Google Search


Everyone desires to see one’s website on the first page of Google search. And, when you see your site on the first page of Google search, you will surely feel happier than ever. But that is not the end of important. You need to move a bit further. Yes, if you site is not one among the top three sites, it is time that you pay a little more attention. Perhaps, it is time to implement certain techniques that can help you in getting higher CTR from a Google search. The SEO experts at the JDM Web Technologies have been successfully experimenting with some easy tweaks to get more clicks from Google search. And, if these techniques work for them, they will work for you for sure.


  • Use of Star Rating in Google Search

It is one of the most powerful ways to get more CTR. By using this, you can make the results stand out while getting more clicks. It drives more traffic spontaneously as it provides more information in the search engine. It is not that difficult to use the star rating technique. For instance, your web hosting or web app reviews can stand out if you use the Google Rich Snippet star rating. WP Review Pro is a highly popular plugin and you can use it add review box in the blog post and you can conveniently show the star ratings in the searches. Also, adding the call-to-action button can render you added advantages in getting more CTR.

  • Removal of dates from the Google SERP

By providing the date of publication, you let the readers know about when it was written. The readers thus understand how recent blog they are reading. However, the dates will adversely affect your evergreen contents. You may have seen how even the best and evergreen blogs get poor CTR from Google searches. It is due to the dates in the Google SERP. You can tweak the dates in such a manner that they show up, and yet, remain hidden from Google searches. So, if your older blogs, despite being informative and effective, are getting poor CTR, it is recommended that you tweak the dates or remove from Google SERPs from the blog post. It is not a tough task to tweak the date, and in case of difficulties, you can learn online or get due support from the expert agencies like JDM Web Technologies and see your blogs getting more CTR.

  • Use of Meta title and description

This is, certainly, not a new technique. Many people may consider this as obsolete, but it works as effectively as it was before as many search engines, including Google, use the Meta description and Meta title to show information. Adding call-to-action Meta tits can play a vital role in getting your contents better CTR. Again, if you write the descriptive Meta descriptions using keywords, it will help you achieve better ranking. The Plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast are very much helpful in writing Meta titles and descriptions and you can reap great benefits from them.