Why you are getting the SEO part wrong?


Not only the text should be written for the people, but the entire site must meet this requirement. If we make a global assessment of all available resources in RuNet, it is only a small part (less than five percent) can be attributed to ‘sites for people “category (high quality made resources that meet the minimum requirements of convenience and usability). Everything else does not meet this high demand, for example, because of the disgusting appearance or because of the very poor usability.

The site “made on the knee” does not receive high praise from assessors (they pay attention to the design, too), and thus the quality of design is now a commercial site one of the ranking factors. Efforts to optimize and promote the project with poor or badly outdated design will be spent in vain. Sami can see that in the top for highly competitive requests are exclusively commercial sites with a very high quality design (there are rare exceptions, but they only prove the rule).

Please note that we are talking about the links, putting up with the work content and the whole site entirely. It is not casual, since links are still involved in the ranking (at measure at Google) but they are not omnipotent. First, the links work only in conjunction with a good website (see just above criteria – local SEO packages should be a design, a high-level structure and content).

Not only attract visitors (even from your target audience) – must also constantly work to improve website performance (conversion funnel). Often, the conversion is not measured by the owners, and promoting efficiency is estimated on the basis of “their calls or not at all.” In addition to the conversion rates should be analyzed and a number of other parameters, such as bounce rate and other characteristics of user behavior on the site.


Long gone are the days when local SEO packages included only buying links and optimizing the site itself. In today’s realities, SEOs gradually evolve into marketing. Naturally, conduct SEO-audit work within the site and on the basis of the results, too, has not been canceled. And the links still have to buy, but then again, as we said just above, is now considerably complicated the selection of donors, and the life of SEOs even then it does not seem to honey. Well and, of course, on the contextual advertising local SEO packages India must be able to work for the promotion of sites, it is desirable to use the maximum of available channels, including, by the way, and social network.

We conclude – If something falls or it is not given due attention, it threatens all the results. Search engines constantly improve their algorithms and try to “turn a blind eye to it” and do the same thing as doing a couple of years ago, the result is likely to collapse. Trust reputed services who can provide qualitative SEO services. Talented and expert SEO team is the key to success of any new or old website.