White hat SEO VS black hat SEO- Which one is better as a whole?

White hat SEO VS black hat SEO

Both the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO have different approaches but the same goal, i.e. to rank your website better in Google ranking. Online business is taking a step ahead to the next level, and in this case, it is important to explore the techniques even more so as to keep track with the competitors.

What is White hat SEO?

White hat SEO means the human doing the search rather than the machines. Search engines have been constantly updating to provide with the best results. Black hat SEO has advanced bots to carry on the research. The white hat techniques take time but they pay off in the long run.

White hat SEO VS black hat SEO

What are the techniques involved in the white hat SEO?

  • Securing the backlinks so that they can act as a vote for your site.
  • Take the help of social media and email marketing so as to increase the potential traffic on the site.
  • Using the right type of keywords by the rigorous analysis done on the keywords research.
  • It is important to put the right keywords in the header tags is important.

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is somewhat similar to black money, i.e. it increases traffic and is profitable for the business but it is kind of cheating the system. Black hat SEO can lead your website to get penalized.

What are the techniques used in Black hat SEO?

  • It involves the use of scrap content.
  • The use of doorway pages i.e. the pages which are flooded with fake keywords and are easy to find on the search engines.
  • The use of unrelated keywords in the content.
  • Automation especially the content automation leads you to automated link building. The links which connect you to the low-quality contents and pages.
  • The aim is to deceive the users, i.e. the description is of something else while the page lands to complete a fake website.
  • Hiding the text or links is also done so as to get better rank in Google.


Black hat SEO can lead you to get penalties. Choose the true way to get the better rank in Google. Choose the best SEO agency which can make your website content rank better in Google.

How can white hat SEO be improved?

It can be improved by hiring a dedicated SEO expert. The best SEO agency takes up the right methods to improve the strategy and helps in making your website reach the better ranking in the search engine result pages. It is important to have a good content strategy whether it is a blog or a social campaign. Everything needs a right kind of SEO to be on top. The best SEO service providers research the right keywords for you. They know how to find the best keywords to be placed in your content so as to rank it better. The best SEO Company in India improves the navigation of your website and makes it, even more, SEO friendly.

These techniques yield results and are penalty free.