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Codeigniter Web Development Company

Codeigniter Development is no doubt a powerful PHP framework and comes with high-end security features. With JDM Web Technologies you will get to understand the advantages of powerful PHP framework and how we can help you.

We commit to offer budget-friendly and customized Codeigniter web development solutions.

Codeigniter Web Development Company India

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework, having a very small footprint, developed for the enthusiastic PHP coders, who require a simple yet highly effective toolkit for creating versatile web applications. For modern web developers, CodeIgniter is definitely a good selection, as it ensures outstanding results in terms of final outputs. Furthermore, it is a secured platform and that is why good Codeigniter development company India is in demand in the marketplace. At JDM Web Technologies, we offer professional, robust, seamless and tactical e-commerce development solution based on CodeIgniter PHP open source platform.

An Introduction to CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is an application development framework - more specifically it is a toolkit. For website development or web application development, using a PHP framework, CodeIgniter has been used widely. Amongst various PHP based web development platforms, CodeIgniter is considered one of the most effective as well as contemporary development frameworks. It guarantees high-end security, logical structure and easy access to the library. Thus, not just from the developers’ perspective, but from the clients’ perspective CodeIgniter web development is highly beneficial. We have skilled professionals web developers who have specialization in developing e-commerce websites based on this open-source framework with our Codeigniter development services.

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Security Features

PHP frameworks are known for it's excellent and extended security features. In this aspect, CodeIgniter is one step ahead than other PHP based frameworks. When it comes to attaining high end or robust security for a web-based project, CodeIgniter web development has been often chosen by the developers to ensure the best or highest security level.

Here are some of the security features of Codeigniter CMS open source:

Remote Code Execution

? php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed') – Due to the availability of this feature, it can be regarded that no external script can manipulate the original PHP file.

XSS Attack

Codeigniter CMS open source provides significant protection against XSS attack. An XSS attack is a big threat to any web-based application, as it completely demises the application. CodeIgniter has a meticulous XSS filter, which gets initialized automatically when there is a possible threat of XSS attack.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is one of the commonest as well as deadliest security threats for the web-based application or e-commerce websites. As the database has been attacked, phenomena, like data loss, data leaking, etc. take place. CodeIgniter renders effective protection from this threat.

Apart from all these features, ample of other, as well as major security features have been offered by this framework if you opt for Codeigniter web development services.

Services We Offer

We offer full range solutions to our clients regarding the use of Codeigniter web development or web application development platform. When it comes to delivering Codeigniter development services, we take care of a lot of things. The aim is to deliver an e-commerce platform which is visually attractive and user-friendly. Most importantly, it should be perfectly functional in terms of its performance.

Here are the services that we offer:

  • Codeigniter application development solution
  • Maintenance of existing application
  • Revamping existing website platform or web app
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of web applications which are based on Codeigniter
  • Testing apps for errors or bugs
  • Fixing possible bugs or errors
  • Codeigniter customization services

Area of Expertise

Codeigniter is basically a PHP based open source platform. That is why it is quite robust and effective in terms of performance. Being one of the leading and professional Codeigniter development services, we are poised with supreme knowledge and skills for developing different sorts of websites platforms or web-based applications with this framework. You can find a glimpse of our technical expertise in the following section.

Codeigniter Plan

XSS filtering and maintenance of security

Debugging errors

User-interface and user-experience enhancement

Website modification with code customization

Enhancing agility and effectiveness of web apps

Enhancing the overall lifespan of web applications

Knowledge to work with MVC platforms

Ready to customize admin interface development

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