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Affordable Digital Marketing Packages for Your Online Business

Once the internet invaded the lives of the people, it almost metamorphosed every single sector of business as well and the most transformed part was marketing. The days of traditional ways of marketing are long lost and today, it is the age of Digital Marketing. Even this has also underwent lots of dynamic changes over the last few years and we, at JDM Web Technologies have made sure to keep abreast of all the latest developments in Digital Marketing so that we can accordingly incorporate these techniques in the marketing strategies of our clients. Our Digital Marketing packages India are completely customized to meet the modern marketing requirements of all types of businesses. Be it of any size or of any domain, use of these methods of marketing is simply unavoidable if you really want to earn profit from your business.


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What is the digital marketing package pricing based on the services?

If you really want to have the complete benefits of digital marketing, you must be aware of the different aspects that this covers under it. In fact, you ought to understand which one will be more suitable for you and decide the digital marketing package pricing according to your demands. We can assure you of the fact that whatever you choose, you will definitely be benefitted because the cost optimization feature of every single package has been considered well by us before designing the packages. Your every penny will profit from the following marketing packages:

  • SEO Packages: Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial techniques that are being used extensively for the betterment of the business websites. This is because we can optimize your websites so that these rank in the topmost results in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.
  • PPC Packages: PPC or Pay Per Click pertains exclusively for your advertisements that we will be designing. Ads are not just made for the sake of making because until and unless the people watch the same, there is no use and hence, we place your ads in such positions in the search engines and other social media platforms that the target audience is bound to click on those ads and go through your ads. This will definitely enrich the web page traffic and pull profit as well.
  • Link Building Packages: This is also a very important method which means embedding the web content with various back-links and other relevant links related to your products/services to enhance the awareness of your brand.
  • ORM Packages: ORM, which is otherwise known as Online Reputation Management is another essential technique that helps you to build an online reputation for your brand that aggravates the popularity and escalate the level of your sales as well.


Apart from the above-mentioned packages, there are various other packages under our digital marketing packages India such as Hire Dedicated SEO Expert, Google panda and penguin recovery plan, unnatural link removal plan, pay for performance SEO plans, social media optimization packages, info graphic creation distribution and Local SEO Packages as well.