Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to explain our services in a very comprehensive manner for a better understanding of the process. If you still might have any questions, do not worry because we have got your covered. Just look at our FAQ section below where we have published some answers to popular questions.

  • What is SEO? Do I really need it?
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization where we deploy technical resource for a better search engine ranking and increased performance. It doesn’t matter if you are an old company or a new one, you need SEO services to gain a competitive edge.

  • What are some benefits of our SEO services?
  • We focus on the target demographic to get you where you want to be. The increase sales figure is not out of reach now. We also help you increase visibility which will help you gain relevance.

  • Do SEO services differ based on the target audience?
  • We provide SEO services based on where you want your reach or audience to be. If you are a local business looking for increased visibility in the market, we recommend Local SEO. For bigger players looking to increase their presence worldwide, we recommend our Global SEO services.

  • How long until I see the results?
  • SEO process is time consuming but long lasting. Painstaking effort goes into ensuring that you see the increased performance you are looking for. From a range 14-16 weeks, you should start seeing results.

  • What is the work process like?
  • We can qualify our work process into major parts such as:

    ✅ Research and Analysis

    ✅ Briefing sessions and Charting

    ✅ Implementation

    ✅ Content Creation and Publishing

    ✅ Monitoring

    ✅ Reporting

    ✅ Maintenance

  • What technical resources are used?
  • As an experienced company who has been around for years, we constantly remain updated and upgraded with the state of the art resources required for the job. They include:

    ✅ Copyscape for avoiding plagiarism.

    ✅ Google Analytics for in depth knowledge and analysis.

    ✅ Xenux-Link-Sleuth for maintenance.

    ✅ Google keywords Planner.

  • How do I know if it is working?
  • We employ and monitor our tools as well as process. Our results can be measured via our report, the baseline rankings as well as analytic from the google suite of tools.

  • What is SMO?
  • SMO or Social Media optimization focuses on increasing your social media presence which is a great and very beneficial way of marketing your service or product. The SMO service is offered to complement the results of our SEO services.

  • What is PPC?
  • PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s a popular method that is employed as a marketing tool for digital campaigns. With intensive focus on researched keywords, PPC campaigns aim to drive traffic towards your website.

  • What can be done for maximum ROI?
  • We recommend that:

    ✅ You analyze a customer’s behavioral habits and analyze the spending patterns.

    ✅ Be up to date on recent additions.

    ✅ Employ Adwords tools for a better knowledge on beneficial offers.