Google Panda & Penguin Recovery Services

Google’s ongoing and current algorithm updates – Penguin and Panda threats have rampantly affected a multitude of websites. They are distinct but possess almost similar devastating repercussions on the on-site traffic.

An overview of the common Google penalties and their recovery operation

Google Panda is the most common penalty affecting websites that possess duplicate, inferior quality content or bad site speed. Hence, it is advisable to refer it as Quality Algorithm. It is inherently an on-page issue, so the Google panda recovery services involve cardinal and considerable changes on the website such as:

  • Scrutinizing the web pages that have scanty, or no content or possessing any traces of plagiarism.
  • Creating pages afresh with expounded and elaborative content coupled with FAQ’s and relevant stuff.

On the other hand, Google penguin affects those websites which have tremendous link building expedition and referred as ‘over optimization penalty’. They tend to alter the ranking of the website through artificial links by manipulating rankings as offered by search engines. In Google penguin recovery services the webmaster extracts the list of links from the website through webmaster tools that fall in the regime of an unnatural pattern such as:

  • Removal of links that belong to the same IP address, followed by retrospection request and a novel link building expedition leads to traffic recovery.
  • Disavow tool proves to be handy in eradicating numerous links correlated with the keywords
  • It focuses on penalizing the anomalous links that hamper search results.


SEO Plan to Recover from Panda & Penguin Update

It is highly imperative to take stringent measures to avoid the threats that panda and penguin attacks may cause. The recovery module of JDM Web Technologies includes the following sequel of events:

  • Website and Competitive Analysis
  • Strategizing the campaign
  • Optimize every page for Google’s standards
  • Duplicate & Spin Web Content
  • low quality (Thin content)
  • Slow site loading time
  • SEO over-optimization (Black hat SEO)
  • Too many advertisements
  • Recommendations over on-page Optimization
  • Optimization of off-page
  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Aggregate a list of all the backlinks
  • Checking every link for the Google guideline compliance
  • Elimination of bad links
  • Monitoring of reports and tracking of campaign

Hence, one can assert that judicious selection of right Panda & Penguin Recovery Plan taken on time can prevent the further threats to a website. As despite, employing all possible SEO techniques, if the website is perpetually displaying no good ranking then it is sure shot to have hit by either or the two corrupt penalties. JDM Web Technologies has the experts to resolve both the penalty issues with ease.