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Website: www.sportmania.ch

Industry: E-commerce

Country: Switzerland

Service Offered: Ecommerce Website Development

Sports Mania is an online store for sports merchandize like SKI jackets, shoes, bags, helmets, protectors, etc. Sports Mania offers a wide range of sports accessories and equipment in collaboration with major brands such as Atomic, Patagonia, Dynastar, Flow, Globe, and many others. If you like freestyle scooters, skis, longboards, snowboards, cross country skiing, skates, kayaks, mountain boards, stand-up paddles, you will love this website.

The Challenge:

Sports Mania has many products under multiple categories and sub-categories, all of which needed to be shown appropriately. The client was looking for an easy-to-use ecommerce website with language translation, payment gateway, and smooth navigation. Furthermore, they desired a system that would allow them to upload new product lines when their product line expanded.

How we have helped –

  • Custom Design layout – Custom Design layout
  • Html Integration in WordPress – The design was HTMLised and connected to WordPress, making it easier for the Sports Mania team, which is not technologically competent to update, modify, and delete content on the website. A simple dashboard was designed to make it easy for the client team to add product pictures, edit descriptions, modify webpage content, track and process order.
  • 100% Fully Responsive – We understand that mobile-friendly websites make a lot of difference in improving the sales of a business. We ensured the website looked good on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This made Sports Mania’s website easy to navigate through regardless of which device it is accessed on. We delivered a fully responsive website.
  • Flat, Modern, and Clean Design – We believe that simplicity is the best way to achieve a classic look. We have taken a contemporary approach to develop the entire website, clean, smooth, and professional, thanks to contemporary design elements such as new colors and modern plugins. An all-white look gives Sports Mania a rich and high-quality presentation.
  • Retina Ready – In designing the website, we have taken care of the retinal element, which enables the trained eye of the visitor to see high-quality images that are very smooth or distortion-free.
  • SEO on-page optimized – The web developers ensured the Sports Mania website is delivered SEO fit. We added Google Analytics, WebMaster Tools and included basic SEO tags to ensure that the website is search engine friendly.
  • Payment Gateway integration – We have added a Payment Gateway to the site that enables Sports Mania to collect payments from online orders from customers worldwide faster. The client can accept payments via cards and PayPal.
Technologies Used

We used WordPress, an open-source content management system developed in PHP and used with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It helps us build an easy interface for the people who aren't tech-savvy.

We used PHP to create dynamic and interactive product pages. Because the website was created with this powerful programming language, the client can now manage content easily and track orders without a hassle.

We have used MySQL to manage the database of Sports Mania orders. MySQL's scalability makes it a practical application for Sports Mania’s website.
All product images were retouched to match the website's aesthetic. Before posting them to the website, basic Photoshop processing was done, such as white-background photographs and transparent background product pictures. Using Photoshop, our graphic designers designed attractive website banners for the website. Sports Mania was able to use the same banner design for numerous marketing activities, such as social media, printing, and so on, thanks to Photoshop.
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