Privacy Policy

We at JDM Web Technologies believe in full transparency. This methodology is reflected in our work flow process where we try to involve the client fully. We believe in disclosure and protection of terms guarding privacy of the visitors of the website and the clients. Pertaining to that, here are terms of our privacy policy.

What Data or Information We Collect?

For use in providing our services, we may store or collect data. That might pertain to:

  • The pages you visited while accessing our website and the resources that were used by you. This also relates to online traffic, location and service data.
  • The information or data that you provide to us of your own free will.
  • Any data exchange via official forms of communication between the client and the service provider.

How that Information is Used?

The information provided by you is of great importance and we understand that. We agree to safeguard the collected information and not sell it or outsource it to any other person or entity. What we use that information for is to:

  • Provide the client with the service that they have asked for in the service agreement.
  • Provide the client with any information that might be needed for a better level of service and improved quality of decision making on both sides.
  • To inform the user about any changes that might be made about the website or the kinds of services that are provide to our clients.
  • We may contact or email you regarding any promotional events or offers that might be of use to you.
  • To collect feedback from our clients to improve our standards and to understand their experience regarding working with us. We do this to better ourselves and to evolve with a higher level of service.

Confidentiality Clause

Knowledge and information wield power and influence. Hence, we at JDM Web Technologies understand the values of information and keeping it confidential. We as you service provider agree to keep all the information that you provide to us private and confidential and not to disclose or outsource it to any other individual or entity. Your information shall only be accessed by the specified personnel or experts of JDM Web Technologies to work on your project.

Security of the collected information

We use state of the art technology such as servers and encryption protocols to provide you with top of the level security. We practice efficient and proven principles for keeping that data and information collected secure, both online as well as offline. Although we try our best to keep our communications private, any mishaps or leaks that might occur due to unforeseen circumstances shall not be held against us by the client.

Our sole aim when collecting this information is to provide you with best service that is tailor made for the needs that you might have. We understand the importance of information and value it. By using our services you agree to these policies. Contact us regarding any further information.