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The real estate industry has seen a considerable boost in the last few decades. Many real estate companies have shifted their business to online platforms. With the considerable rise of internet users, the online marketing of real estate has become easier than ever.

We, at JDM Web Technologies, have been providing digital marketing solutions for businesses from various industries. Many real estate agencies that have availed of our digital marketing services have seen a notable surge in their business growth.

With various digital marketing packages to choose from, you would not have to worry about staying behind trends ever again.

Why is Digital Marketing so Important in the Real Estate Industry?

Today, buyers do research on the web when looking for a property. They shortlist potential properties and then go on site visits. The use of digital marketing has made the entire process of purchasing and renting a much more convenient. As a result, what they see online has a significant impact on their decision regarding the property.

Real estate developers have been focusing on digital marketing for years.

There is no doubt that people do make decisions after seeing the property in person. Pre-viewing research is common among investors. However, having a good internet presence as a realtor is important. Also, digital presence can help brokers make the buying process easier for their clients. As a broker, you can take potential clients on a virtual tour of the property. Then you can do the paperwork without having to go to your office.

Digital marketing has brought about a major change in the way brokers work. Realtors may save a significant amount of time and effort by allowing buyers to take a virtual tour of the house. Digitalization allows a large number of prospective buyers to view the same property at the same time, allowing an agent to interact with a large number of buyers without having to visit each one individually.

A Trusted real Estate Digital Marketing Team Focused On Helping Your Listings Sell

Our team of digital marketing experts at JDM Web Technologies

The digital marketing team at JDM Web Technologies has years of experience and stays on top of the various marketing trends. If you are looking to implement a diverse range of digital marketing strategies in your real estate business but have no idea how to do so, we are here to provide you with all the solutions you could ask for.


Web Developers with Real Estate website development experience


SEO Experts who have helped many Real Estate Agents rank high on Google


Content Writers who have been writing for Real Estate brokers


Social Media Experts who are already managing various Real Estate brand pages

Overcoming The digital Marketing challenges In The Real Estate Industry

It is a no-brainer that to reach the desired demographics of customers, you should be investing your digital marketing efforts in the right places. So how do you know which customer demographics to reach if you don’t know about your market?

In the last few decades, the real estate industry has witnessed many changes. Digital marketing and listing of the properties are one of them. Now that businesses have found a space online to thrive and become the market leader, you should not compromise your business.

We build targeted online marketing strategies that will make use of various marketing tactics. These tactics will ensure that your business can reach customers looking to buy or sell their properties. We keep up with changing digital marketing trends in the industry. Thus, we will be able to design a digital marketing strategy that can bring in more web traffic with the potential of turning it into foot traffic.

Grow Your Real Estate Business With Our Planned Digital Marketing Strategy

Expand your property visibility online

If you're wondering what the purpose of digital marketing is in the real estate industry, here are some statistics we gathered from a study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® to give you some insight:

  • When looking to purchase a new home, 90% of buyers get the availability of property information from an ad or listing they have seen on the internet.
  • 76% of the buyers have set up a real estate viewing after finding the real estate advertised on an online platform.
  • More than 40% of home buyers find their homes on the internet instead of traditional marketing and advertising.

So, how do we do digital marketing in real estate? Here is how we can help you grow your business with our digital marketing services for real estate businesses:


Website Creation for Real Estates

One of the essential ways to create your brand identity online is having a business website. Having a website makes people find you online and contact you easily, and your website also becomes the main focus of an online marketing strategy. If your business doesn't have a website, our online marketing team will set up one. The design team will work with the marketing team to create a user-friendly site.

Since real estate is a business where properties become available and are sold out often, we will also keep your website updated with the available property listings. We will build the site to be responsive so that it loads quickly and visitors can navigate throughout the site without an issue.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estates

Social media have emerged as one the most common platforms for marketing. Businesses, big and small, have seen a rise in their revenue and an increase in their customers from the marketing and advertisement they do on multiple social media.

We will set up your social media accounts, if you have not already, and plan a schedule so that you can showcase the availability of property and its features. Sharing pictures of a property will make it easier for customers to decide whether it fits their bill or not. They can contact you on these platforms before deciding to set up a viewing meeting.

Local listing for Real Estates

When potential buyers look for real estate companies online, they often search using the name of the local area they are looking for the property. We will make sure to add your real estate agency to the local business listing with updated contact information. We will include your company details in Google My Business, Yellow pages, and other online local business directories.

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Community presence for Real Estates

Just owning a real estate business and advertising your business now and then is not enough anymore. To build a community presence, to get people to talk about you, you should be present in various real estate forums online. We will write guests blogs on behalf of your company, answer questions regarding real estate properties on online forums, and build your brand identity.

Guest blogging for Real Estates

Our talented group of content writers will write SEO-friendly guest blogs and articles relevant to your business that you can post on other websites. These detailed blogs will help the visitors understand that you know what you are talking about and trust you. Guest blogging on other relevant websites will also drive more traffic to your business, as the writers will include a link to your website in the blog. Links make it easier for people to find your business as it is just a click away.

SEO Internet Marketing Web Development

Copywriting for Real Estates

Writing a marketing copy may sound like a simple task to some, but it isn’t. So we help you with an eye-catching marketing copy that you can use for your advertising and promotion of your business. All content copies are managed by professional content writers who have been writing for the real estate industry for years. Some of the content writers come from the real estate sector who understand what works best for that industry.

We Offer Full-Fledged digital Marketing And Branding Solutions For Real Estate Agents

Why hire JDM Web Technologies for all your real estate marketing needs?

JDM Web Technologies has managed to become one of the most talked-about digital marketing agencies since its inception. We have clients worldwide, who talk about the quality services we have managed to provide.

We take customer satisfaction above anything, so we provide complete transparency of our services, whatever it may be. Depending on the budgets and types of service you are looking for, you will find different packages to suit your requirement.

We will also provide you with a Google analytics report regularly to see the increase in visitors after you have availed of our services.

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