SEO by Industry

In the world that we live in today, the trend in the world of marketing just happens to be on the digital side of the spectrum. We have various forms of online marketing methods as well as SEO techniques as well as resource providing firms. What people don’t get is that SEO is a very broad term and can be specific for where it is needed to be.

Let’s say a certain kind of industry uses certain kind of materials and has certain target demographic. So their SEO strategy will be designed and implemented accordingly.

Specific Types of SEO Services

Here are some examples of industry specific SEO services that we provide:

  • Law Firm SEO: Law firms require rankings according to the specialties they offer and the kinds of cases they take on. We offer SEO services designed for that. We can also give you geo specific keywords to optimize rankings.
  • Real Estate SEO: We understand the efforts that goes into managing a property efficiently and the efforts that go into making a sale. We try to maximize your efficiency and visibility through our efforts.
  • Home Improvement SEO: For a home improvement firm, getting the message out there that you are the best in the business or can compete with the best of them is very important. And SEO services can play a crucial part in that.
  • Health and Beauty SEO: the market is very competitive in the health and beauty industry. Just as you need to be up with the trends, so do us. We offer matching SEO services to our clients.
  • Shopping SEO: It is a prime and crucial part of the economy. To be a productive member of the economy, you need prime online visibility and better search index scores. We have the expertise to provide you with that solution.
  • SEO for Photographers: What wonders can be captured through a photographer’s camera are not limited to our imagination but the artist’s himself. We can help you take your art form to new heights of Visibility.
  • Tour and Travels SEO: We help you capture the tourist market with better rankings on the most popular search engines online.
  • Entertainment SEO: A good entertainment firm with hands in Media of all forms, a great marketing resource is one of the primal needs. We can be that resource for you.
  • Healing and Wellness SEO: You focus on your healing endeavors and we’ll focus on getting your name across every local household.
  • Automobiles SEO: There are many players in the market. What will differentiate you from others is customer service and creative ways of selling your product. WE can help with that.

We, at JDM Web Technologies understand those facts. We know how difficult it can to find the right and suitable SEO provider. We provide comprehensive solutions for every need of the client under one roof. We not only have experience on our side but the technical expertise and a dedicated team of professionals that has been built over time.