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We are the leading SEO and digital marketing service providers in New York. We offer SEO services and digital marketing services with cutting-edge technology, high-end tools, and sharp analytics. How do you analyze whether your marketing plans will yield successful results? JDM Web technologies, are one of the best in the industry that helps you make sure that your efforts and dollars are invested rightly, in digital marketing and SEO. Once you’re with us, we make sure your marketing plan is delivering fruitful results to its maximum potential, via the usage of our latest and high-end tools.

Services Offered

Webpage optimization

One of the most underrated and highly effective tools in SEO strategy is website optimization. To fetch more visitors and convert them to customers, you must have the right set of keywords, good framework, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and many other traits. We perform on-page optimization of your website to make your SEO campaign successful.

1st rank on search results

Every business is in the race of being on the top of search results. With our excellent high-end tools and dedicated experts’ team of analysts, we make your journey to top easy and make sure you consistently maintain 1st rank on search results of your future customers.

High visitor count

For your sale to increase, the number of visitors must increase, especially local. It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s easy math but a difficult path. Increasing the number of local visitors is our cup of tea, being one of the local SEO services in New York. Once, we have your trust, we put all efforts and skills to make sure your visitor count keeps increasing based on all your targeted criteria, such as specific age groups, type of product or service, demographics, etc.

High Conversion Percentage

After increasing your visitor count, the next step is equally important to focus, which is converting visitors to customers. This also falls in our basket. We assure you a high conversion percentage so that you can always stay ahead in the race and multiply your revenue, consistently.

Brand recognition

We understand that maintaining a brand image is a critical factor for any business and you must be worried about the same. To keep up with the pace of growing technology, your business must be one step ahead of your competitors by being recognized with brand value. We help you to gain that one step, with the help of our analysis of your competitors, needs and trends of the market, user preferences, etc.

Google Analytics

Google analytics tool expertise is necessary to be understood, so that business name always stays in good books of search engines and yields more customers. We have dedicated teams to perform google analytics who work by fetching data and converting to useful information, which is used to gain knowledge about user preferences and the right direction to focus. Our experts have been doing the same for many years and have delivered excellent results for our all customers.

Keyword research

We also perform keyword research specific to your products and domain, so that your business is always recognized and treated as priority by search engines and direct customers to you according to their needs, in quick time.

Real-time results

We believe in continuous improvement. We continuously share results, detailed reports, analysis, and potential solutions, along with real-time results that can be monitored, to tailor the strategy. Real-time results from us will help you understand the right direction and focus areas.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

We Build Trust: Your trust is a blessing!

High quality Quality is the second name of our company. Having tools is not enough for any SEO strategy to be implemented successfully. We make sure that we analyze your product, services, website, available information and domain customers so that effective strategies can be planned. Quality of work is our focus. We deeply believe in the fact that our quality is directly proportional to your hike in dollars and sales.

Transparency It doesn’t take much time for any relation to catching rust if transparency is not there. There is no trust without transparency, which leads to anxiousness and we do not want you to be anxious or worried about results. We make sure that all our strategy, planning, budget, timelines, and results have transparency. Transparency will generate a high-quality strategy with cost-effective solutions. You can always count on us. .

Timely results Things done in time yield the best results. We value your time and efforts and try our best to provide you high-quality results on time with an increased visitor count and attract more customers. On-time-delivery is our core work ethic.

Value for money We value your trust in us and the importance of every penny. We strive to deliver the best quality SEO services, on time and moderate pricing. We are known as a cost-effective SEO company in New York. Our solutions have the most reasonable price in the market. We improvise our way of working consistently to benefit the customers like you, providing you value for each dollar you’re putting in.

Dedicated team We dedicate a team of experts for each tool and strategy that we offer you. Our experts are best in their field with proven record and performances, due to their passion for the work. As one of the best SEO companies in New York, we provide you dedicated professionals to implement your marketing and SEO plans.

With years of experience, we have a high-paced yet stable way of working, which plays a key role in the success of our clients. If you’re based in New York or wish to grow your business in New York, we will prove to be your best decision ever, since we are a renowned SEO agency in New York. We offer services for businesses of each domain in a unique manner with the most effective combination of tools and people.

Search engine optimization includes many controlled factors that are responsible for good results and we realize them. All tools must be utilized with proper designing of strategy, good website optimization, google analytics, keyword research, and user-friendliness. You will find all these fruits at our doorstep.


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SEO Packages

  • 10 Keywords
  • 5 Landing Pages Optimization
  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Google Webmaster Tools Set Up
  • 20 Keywords
  • 10 Landing Pages Optimization
  • HTML Site Map Creation
  • Google Webmaster Tools Set Up
  • 40 Keywords
  • 20 Landing Pages Optimization
  • Footer Optimization
  • All Tools Set Up
  • 80 Keywords
  • 80 Landing Pages Optimization
  • Schema on Ratings/ Reviews
  • Mobile Page Speed Optimization
  • Work only on your project
  • Off Page Activities
  • Daily Reporting
  • Working 40 hrs per week
  • Providing 20-30 backlinks
  • 4 Content write-ups Daily
  • Content syndication
  • Blog commenting
  • Monthly rank reporting

We Always Seek Feedback And Accept Mistakes.

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