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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is type of way in which traffic can be directed to your web content in an organic way by the means of using certain ‘keywords’ related to the type of content one wants to promote, that are most searched for in the internet.

Rarely do people search in the later pages of a search engine. Most prefer to click on results that are shown in the first page itself. Those are the contents that earn maximum amount of profits.


The goal of optimizing your web content with SEO is to make it appear in the front pages of search engines like Google or Yahoo. This is important because in the vast world of the internet with literally millions of content on the same topic, how else can owners direct the attention of people to their own content?

How To Get Into The First Pages?

Search engines like Google and Yahoo take various factors of a website into consideration. Factors can range from the amount of ‘keywords’ that were searched that are present in the content, to the number of times the website was clicked. Websites that generate the most traffic are given a certain ranking by these search engines, and the top ranking websites are given a spot on the first pages.

But the amount of traffic that a content can generate would depend on various other factors as well, whether the content is targeted towards the local population, or if the content is for the international audience. The geographical location of the content as well as the popularity of the content in the surrounding geographical area or the area to which the content is aimed towards also play a key role. For example, it would be difficult to generate more traffic for a site or an advertisement that sells winter clothes in a sub Saharan region. You can get in touch with SEO services London to ensure quality SEO services at its best.

The Popularity Of The Keywords: The more popular a keyword is, the more competition it would have. Further, the more revenue a keyword has the potential to generate, the more expense the workings behind it would entail.

The Demographic: The cost of SEO contents can also depend upon the targeted audience. Typically, aiming to get rankings for a website that is focused on a local level is cheaper. This is because of the amount of competition that it presents is lesser. Hence, hiring services for local SEO content aimed towards local population would be much cheaper than hiring services for SEO content that is aimed at the international audience.

The Size Of The Demographic: The price can also depend upon the amount of people it wishes to target. Content that is targeted towards a village would cost lesser than the content that is targeted towards a number of villages. Similarly, the content that is targeted towards a city with much higher population would naturally be higher than price for the content that is targeted towards villages.

The Location Of The Demographic: This can be a little tricky. In this situation, the popularity of a location upon which the content is to be targeted upon, along with the popularity of the location of the service provider for SEO services also contributes to the factors that lead to higher prices. For example, an SEO consultant London would charge more than SEO specialists UK.

The Niche Of The Keyword: How unique and specific is the target audience of yours would greatly impact the rates for SEO services. For example, if a content is targeted only towards owners who own poodles, then the rates for it would much different than writing a content for dogs in general.

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The Things That One Needs To Take Into Consideration When Availing Such Services Are:

End Goals

What would be the primary objective of your promotions? What would you want to achieve in the end?

Current Scenario

What is your situation at present? Are you a complete fresh face in the market with no prior exposure or are you someone who already has some sort of backing from the public.


How long would be your promotions for? And how much do you want to achieve in a given specified period of time.

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

Well, anyone can create SEO based content on their own for their ad or website. But in order to do it well and to make sure that it is done efficiently, one would need someone who is an expert in this field. Hence, usually one would hire professional SEO services. Now, how much a professional would charge can depend on various different things. Sometimes, small businesses find it difficult to go for SEO services because of the huge charges involved. This is where small business SEO services provided by JDM Web Technologies can come to your rescue. They understand the importance of SEO. And hence, come up with cheap SEO packages for the benefits of the small businessmen.

Seo Specialist UK

SEO Packages

  • 10 Keywords
  • 5 Landing Pages Optimization
  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Google Webmaster Tools Set Up
  • 20 Keywords
  • 10 Landing Pages Optimization
  • HTML Site Map Creation
  • Google Webmaster Tools Set Up
  • 40 Keywords
  • 20 Landing Pages Optimization
  • Footer Optimization
  • All Tools Set Up
  • 80 Keywords
  • 80 Landing Pages Optimization
  • Schema on Ratings/ Reviews
  • Mobile Page Speed Optimization
  • Work only on your project
  • Off Page Activities
  • Daily Reporting
  • Working 40 hrs per week
  • Providing 20-30 backlinks
  • 4 Content write-ups Daily
  • Content syndication
  • Blog commenting
  • Monthly rank reporting