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Shopify is for everyone - It’s versatile and suits every size of online stores. Our Shopify Web Development Services are plus sales driven and intuitive.

What is Shopify?

Today's ecommerce market is vast and with an increasing number of online buyers, starting ecommerce store is a wise decision for business owners who are still functioning offline. But in the competition, you need the correct tools and service.

When it comes to the right tools, Shopify can help you. With 600,000+ online stores, Shopify is suitable for every kind and size of the store. With simple yet solid features, Shopify is preferred amongst many others.

We provide Shopify web development services, where we create user-friendly designs that are also optimised for search engine optimization. You can use Shopify both for a brand-new store or if you want an online version of your physical store.

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Shopify Features for your ecommerce store

  • Shopify is a flexible system and you can access it from mobile devices as well.
  • Every ecommerce store will have multiple payment options, by default.
  • Mobile website themes are well functional and stable.
  • Shopify Shipping is a powerful shipping solution making shipping easier.
  • No limitation of bandwidths or products you can sell
  • In-built blogging feature for those who want to drive sales.
  • All Shopify stores are PCI compliant automatically and are sacure.
  • Add new features to your store with extension plugins.
  • Availability of online coupon codes, gift cards and discount codes.
  • Integration of Shopify store with social media platforms and other applications.

Offering Customized SHOPIFY SOLUTIONS

Shopify setup

Setting up for Shopify store isn’t hard and doesn’t take all the time in the world. However, choosing themes, designs and playing with customisations can be confusing and time-consuming. Why don’t you let us help you instead? We can provide reliable setup and configuration services ensuring a hassle-free customer experience.

Expert and experienced

Our team of professionals have worked on various ecommerce website developments, ranging from small to big sized projects. All projects are approached with a personal touch, providing creative solutions and results to each of our clients. Let us know your requirements and special guidelines, we will strategise a plan exclusively for your project.


So what if 600,000+ stores are platformed on Shopify? You can still make your store unique and personal with customisation. With our years of experiences, we provide designing and development of themes following Shopify standards. We provide themes that are compatible with your store and that is customizable.

Shopify integration

Integration apps and social media accounts help you with better insights and business growth. Our team of experts will help you integrate third-party solutions including all your social media profiles, other online stores at eBay or Amazon, QuickBooks, shipping, payment gateway apps.

Shopify optimization

Shopify platform is already integrated with SEO features but if you want to stand out of the competition, you will need an effective and unique SEO strategy for earning maximum ROI. Use our services for an enhanced Shopify store from every marketing aspects and own the first places in search engines.

Shopify Migration

Setting up new stores might be straightforward but migration is a whole complex process. You don’t want to impact the data and rankings of the store. This might be the most complicated process. Let us help you. We have experienced professionals who can assist you with seamless Shopify store migration ensuring all contents in place.

JDM Web Technologies Shopify Design Services

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Customised Theme Design

We provide custom theme design and development built from scratch to make your store visually appealing and unique. Our designs are optimised and stable.

Theme Coding

With theme coding and implementation you will have custom pages, forms, carts, checkouts, navigation, etc. Most of the page and navigation will be customised according to your likeness.

Shopify SEO

Our professional SEO experts know SEO techniques with passion, and helps you with optimisation your store with the latest SEO practices and techniques.

SEO Campaign Implementation

Our developers will ensure all required SEO plugins are included while developing your Shopify website.

Plug-In Setup & Configuration

Shopify plugins help you enhance your shop features. Our Shopify development experts will help you install plugins that are optimised.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Your business needs a strategy to fill up the gaps of the campaigns that don’t bring the expected conversion rate and our job is to understand it and fix it.

Payment & Shipping Set Up

Starting from payment methods to billing forms, we will help you with what your business requires from customers. Shopify makes shipping a bit easier for the stores.

Launching Shopify Store

After we are done with development, design and optimisation, we will carry out the successful launching process for your ecommerce website and ensure there’s no errors.

Ongoing Support

Business growth is ongoing and so are our services. We will continue to provide you with ongoing support and development services.

Shopify eCommerce Website development expert services

Shopify eCommerce Solutions

Everything your online customers need, or will ever need, to stay ahead of their competitors or maintain strong online visibility, is provided by our experts. With our expert services and customized solutions, we provide installation, configuration or integration services to help you achieve your business goals.

Shopify Customization Services

You cannot keep your eStore looking the same forever. Just like a physical store could use new coloured walls, new supports and products, your eStore can use some new features and functionalities as well. We will help you with custom made themes and functionalities that appeals to your target audience.

Shopify Integration Services

Connecting your store to all other systems and applications has its own advantages. Starting from CRM and ERP to payments and shipping integration, we provide you custom Shopify integrations and help you boost the sales of your growth. You can rely on us for Shopify third-party integration.

Theme Development

Our professional developers work on providing you with the best and unique themes for your store. They take your design ideas, if you have any, or they use their own ideas to build your themes from scratch. These designs are built thoughtfully and thoroughly to maintain Shopify standards.

Migration Services

Migrating to Shopify might not always be a simple task. Your data is at risk, which you don’t want to lose at any cost. So is your rank. But our professional Shopify developers can help you with migration which is secured and you can stay tension-free.

Maintenance Services

You don’t want any errors or bugs to occur while your customers are shopping or filling up forms. Not only is it a bad user experience but also dangerous for you if it occurs constantly, driving away sales sooner than you can imagine. With our comprehensive and ongoing support and maintenance, we will keep your website bug-free.
Development SHOPIFY

JDM Shopify Web Development and SEO Services

Our SEO and Shopify development experts know every nook and cranny of the latest Shopify marketing practices and tactics. With their great understanding of SEO factors and influences, your eStore at Shopify has the best chance of highest visibility on the internet. With custom made approaches, your products and services reach potential buyers leading to higher conversion rates.

Our SEO and marketing strategies are tried and tested methods more than following the methods of others. We have had our failed approaches but we have also successful methods that have helped our clients reach new heights with their eStores.

Why Choose Us?

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Yes. We will appoint a dedicated project manager for your project. The project manager will be your single point of contact at every stage of your project. This comes to you at no additional cost.

Two unique aspects of our services are: Timely delivery: With our fast and experienced approach, we never miss a deadline Customised approach: We approach each project with a personal touch.

Yes, with strong compliance and network security, we ensure and promise the confidentially of your project and data.

It will depend on your region. We currently accept payments in US dollars.

Our SEO team will provide you monthly report of your project and Development team will provide you a development server password to track the progress of your website development.

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