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Anglia Market

Anglia Market

Anglia Market is an online platform that brings together buyers and sellers to trade. It has a wide range of products for sale, such as books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, children’s toys, games, baby furniture, gift sets, clothes, shoes, jewelry, luggage, electronics, office supplies, computers, sports accessories, food, grocery, bedding and many more products.

They sell used and new products at great prices. They offer seller protection, automatic deposits, secure transactions and no monthly fee.

Anglia Market
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Anglia Market The number of keywords ranking in Top Pages results (Increase Ranking in )

Sandisk M2 Adapter 1st Page
Billowy Shoes 2nd Page

Anglia Market Reduce (75.35% to 42.84%) Bounce Rate, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate 2018 Bounce Rate 2019
75.35% 42.84%
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Backlinks 2018 Count Backlinks 2019
Referring domains 10 33
Dofollow 5% 80%
Domain Rating 1 3.5
Backlinks 50 467

Anglia Market growth 1 to 10 Domain Authority, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Increase Domain Authority

DA 2018 DA 2019
1 10
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