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Areas of Web Design by JDM Web Technologies

Web Graphic Design

Web Graphic design focuses on designing your logos, business card, email brochures, letterheads. Our team of passionate designers knows how to create a lasting impression on your client’s mind with visuals.

User Interface Design (UI Design)

Starting from the interactive elements of the page to the typography, a simple yet appealing web design is the dream of many websites. And now, with various types and sizes of devices, building a responsive website design is the requirement of all websites.

User Experience Design (UX Design)

Satisfying customers and meeting their demands is always the business goal. Apart from the quality services and products, various other aspects like personalized approach, like messages and offers/discounts. We provide UX design services that make the user’s journey a whole lot better.

JDM Web Technologies Website Design Services

Website pages

Starting from the landing to the products page, the number of web pages is essential in a web design . A website cannot have excessive information and details on one page, which will overwhelm your audience. A website page needs to be crafted skilfully with the amount of content and elements.

Customized style

Want to share your preferences and visual needs with us? Although we have a ready-made design for you, you can still have your customized design. Starting from the logos to UI/UX, we will guide you with the elements to ensure we end up building a responsive website design.

Website copywriting

Our website copywriters are experienced and have written for websites from various sectors. Additionally, they are experts in technical and non-technical fields and work with digital marketing experts to make SEO-driven compelling copies.

Website maintenance

Once we have launched your site, we make sure that it is constantly under our supervision. We monitor your site to ensure that it works as expected. We also manage security upgrades, create new content and ensure that your website visitors are satisfied.

Ecommerce functionality

With our ecommerce functionality services, you can unlock the true potential of your website. Your customers can buy the products directly from your website. Not only will this help them avoid physical shopping, but also to share their valuable review on the website. From products display to payment options, we will take care of all.

Content management system

CMS makes it easier for various users to publish or post images or content in a hassle-free manner. Our CMS services are effective for all types of businesses, starting from medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. With CMS, your chances of growth are many, and you have control of your website.

Responsive design

Don’t make the mistake of expecting the same web design to work across all platforms. The website works at light speed on a laptop/desktop screen but is annoyingly slow on mobile devices. Before Google notices that your audience replaces your site, you need a responsive design that will work across all platforms.

Search engine optimization

Our comprehensive SEO services are effective and have many result-driven approaches to take you to the top of the Google search engine. Our SEO experts, content writers, designers, digital marketers, and other technical professionals work together to build a successful, well-functioning, and traffic-driving website.

How does JDM Web Technologies approach web design?

Depending on the client’s goal and preference, every web design process and duration varies. Still, our web designing process has a discipline, without which there will not be a functioning website to deliver.

Take a brief look at our timeline :
It begins with an analysis

This is where you talk to us through your requirements, preferences, budgets, goals, delivery time.

We build a strategy

Next, we use all the details and create an effective plan, respecting all your requirements and deadlines.

We begin the design

It can be different for each client; sometimes, we might start with a logo or UI/UX.

Next comes the developing phase

Coding and programming is a long process, and hence this phase takes much effort and time.

We test the functionality

After the developing stage, we actively look for errors and fix them to ensure a well-functional website.

It is now ready

After testing and improving, we approve your website for launching and provide monitoring services if you opt for it.

Why choose JDM Web Technologies website design services?


Expert Workforce

With years of expertise in web designing, our team of web designers will give your website the much-needed looks.


Timely Delivery

We don’t have any excuses for disrespecting your deadline, because we have never needed any and we ensure it goes the same in future.


Support And Guidance

Everyone cannot be a technical expert, but we help you understand and guide you where you require support.


Your Taste Matters

We listen to you – your unique preferences and requirements, and don’t force our visions to make things easier for us.


Transparency All The Time

We value integrity and honesty, and starting from charges to services, we maintain transparency at each step.


Happy Clients

If all the above is not enough, we would like to humbly brag that we have delighted and long-lasting clients for a long time.


Web design is essential because a human mind is often easily attracted to beautiful and well-defined visuals. To attract and grab a customer's attention is an integral part of all business.

Depending on regions and services, website design and maintenance costs may vary. On average, the design and launching might cost $12,000 to $150,000, while continuous website maintenance might cost $35 to $5000 per month.

As people use various types and sizes of devices and use multiple types of browsers, a website needs to be well-functioning and responsive across all the platforms. This is why and where a responsive design matters.

Yes. If you want custom web design services , our team of experts will provide you with the same. Before we begin our design, our team will discuss how you want your website. Only after learning the details do we start working on your project.

With extensive SEO skills and a digital marketing team working together with designers, customers finding your website in the digital space is what works. By implementing SEO techniques, we try to match the demands of your customers.

Your website design may take from 2-6 months. But depending on how detailed you want your website to be or the number of pages, elements, it might take longer. But we will keep you in the loop about the same.

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