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Paid search helps you make an immediate effect by targeting customers who are actively searching for your product. Our trained specialists specialize in developing highly efficient PPC campaigns that help get the highest possible return on investment by using industry best practices.

PPC management is never a one-size-fits-all solution. In addition, it is also not a set and forget marketing method. At JDM Web Technologies, every campaign is overseen with a genuine, human touch. We believe we aren’t providing enough value if we aren’t outdoing ourselves and outperforming past campaigns.

Our Process

Connect With Buyers Through PPC Management

As online shopping is growing in popularity, the internet marketplace is ripe with opportunity — but it’s also a place where severe competition may be found. Suppose you want your online business to achieve the level of success and profitability that you desire. In that case, you need an ecommerce PPC expert who can implement cutting-edge ecommerce PPC management methods to propel you to the top of the rankings.

Promote Your products

Reach your Target Audience

Gain New Customers

Build Customer’s Trust

Build Brand Image

Generate higher ROI

Landing Page Design
Mobile Ads
Transparent Reporting

Understanding your organization and your objectives is essential for a successful PPC campaign. Our team will have a clear vision as we perform the research. We strive to study the main parts of your market’s digital landscape, armed with a clear vision. This includes figuring out the details of search activity, keywords and modifiers, audience preferences, competition ramifications, and more.


Aspects of our ecommerce PPC services include optimizing single keyword ad groups to target high traffic and niche keywords, linking it all together with strategically written landing pages and advertisement copy. This informs shoppers that they have reached the right place. Keywords will be targeted to the ad groups, ensuring that your PPC advertising is not seen by those who are not in your target audience, hence increasing your return on investment.

Landing Page Design

If buyers are directed to a confusing landing page, even the best ecommerce PPC campaign will be rendered ineffective. We design and develop high-quality landing pages that attract visitors and persuade them to make a purchasing decision. Our website designers and content writers assist us in creating visually appealing landing pages, which is another important component of ecommerce PPC management.

Bid Management

The management of bids is a critical component of pay-per-click advertising. Manual bid management, machine learning, and efficient technologies are used in conjunction to guarantee that we stay on track as we work toward exceeding your expectations.

Cross Channel Ad Management

Campaigns are fully handled across all search networks, and reporting is done in one place. Whether it’s Google, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, we can manage it all simultaneously, with customized strategy and management for each platform and channel.

Mobile Ads

Your ad tactics must adapt to the new environment because the buying experience has shifted from desktop to mobile. We will create highly targeted lightweight ads optimized for the mobile experience – quick loading, highly engaging, and target based. Most significantly, the mobile advertisements will be interactive, with simple offers to redeem for your customers.

Ad Testing

Campaign performance is regularly monitored and adjusted until we identify the best performing ads. We keep reworking on call to action, targeting, and destination sites that maximize sales, conversions, and quality scores while reducing overall campaign expenditures.

Transparent Reporting

We provide complete transparency through the use of custom reports that are matched with the KPIs driving your company’s success. With our clear reporting, you will track the activities and budget used for your campaign.

Your Trusted PPC Agency

Assisting you to develop successful eCommerce marketing campaigns

People are increasingly turning to eCommerce sites for various reasons, including faster shipping, availability around the clock, and simpler return policies. Using eCommerce PPC management, you can increase your search visibility and place your brand in front of your target buyers more effectively. JDM ecommerce PPC experts can help you start your first campaign. Here’s why you should choose us –

  • Data-Driven Marketing Approach
  • Customized Online Marketing Strategies
  • Conversion Tracking Tools and Software
  • Technical Expertise
  • Google-Certified Professionals
  • Transparent Detail Reporting

Our certified PPC professionals know how to develop attractive ads that tell a story, communicate value, and capture the right people’s attention at the right moment, thanks to decades of combined experience in eCommerce PPC management.

Every step of your PPC campaign is meticulously tracked, evaluated, and optimized. We don’t stop, and we don’t settle. Our goal is an ongoing improvement, and we always obtain results, regardless of the paid search platform you employ.

Ready To Start Your Ecommerce PPC Campaign?

While we handle your brand’s ecommerce PPC campaign, you can focus on your main business operations. Let’s collaborate to attain your objectives!

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