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If you are looking to receive comprehensive SEO strategies with a more focused approach to your business’ growth, our SEO expert will deliver desirable results. Hiring a dedicated SEO expert with us will give your business a cost-effective and tailored SEO strategic approach.

Hire SEO Experts To Boost Traffic And Revenue

In the age of internet marketing, it does not matter how good a product you sell or whether you offer world-class services. Unless you market your product with modern and new techniques, no one will know about your business. With new businesses popping up every other day within your industry, gone are the days when people used to trust on word of mouth.

Even though change is inevitable in all aspects, some things follow the same base rule but in different formats. In the case of your business’ growth, the way you optimize and market your business online to the general public might have changed in some aspects, like the way you use keywords. It is still an essential entity that determines how your business performs online.

While keyword stuffing worked perfectly to reach more people a few years ago, it is not the case anymore. As Google changes its algorithm, it is imperative that you stay on top of those changes. This is where our SEO specialists come in to ensure that the strategies that we create for you are unique and generate new leads for your business.

Our team of Google certified SEO and digital marketing experts has a combined total of more than 20 years of experience working with clients across a wide range of industries. Not only have we been successful in generating new leads, but we have also exceeded their expectations in terms of results. Our SEO experts examine our customers’ company to determine their needs and then develop customised SEO and digital marketing plans that produce measurable outcomes for our clients’ enterprises.

Our SEO professionals use a variety of SEO tools, such as Google Adwords-Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, Moz, Webmasters, Google Analytics, SEMRush, and other similar tools that helps in offering a positive return on investment for your company through successful SEO and digital marketing efforts.

Today people research about your business and services you provide via your website. Instead of trusting anyone, they look at the reviews left by your previous customers on your website and make an informed decision. So, it is crucial that your business website is discoverable on search engines and build trust among the general public. Our SEO professionals handle all the technical aspects of your website to make it appear on top of search pages.


Audit Of Your Website The first step to optimizing your website is performing a thorough audit of your website. After the audit, we work on the necessary aspects for an optimized website but missing from your site. From creating sitemaps, robot.txt files and image optimization to Meta titles, tags and descriptions, we do it all to ensure that you outrank your competitors.


Keyword Research & AnalysisWe also perform keyword research using various keyword planner tools as well as analyzing your competitors’ websites to make sure your website contains the right target keywords. We will include target keywords encompassing all your products and services for every page within your website. We also optimize intent keywords for your social media account content so that performing SMM is effective and hassle-free.


Link Building The SEO team at JDM Web Technologies also emphasizes the quality of platforms that we use for link building. Instead of just posting content on just any website, we ensure that the best landing pages on your site receive active inbound links and quality traffic from leading portals. Focusing on quality along with quantity is one of the significant aims of our effective link building process.


Monitoring & Reporting We understand your need to maintain the top position in the search engine pages. We know that it is vital for your business’ growth, so our SEO experts at JDM Web Technologies will regularly monitor your website. We implement Google analytics to analyze your website performance to determine the next step of the SEO strategy. We will regularly report the improvement in your website performance to you.

Why Hire A Dedicated SEO Team From JDM?

If you are looking for maximum ROI in your SEO investment, you can hire a dedicated SEO team with JDM Web Technologies. Our SEO services have several packages ideal for businesses of all sizes, with the help of which businesses can maximize their chances to lead the industry.

With the never-ending online presence, we will help your company take a giant leap towards growth and success with focused and dedicated SEO resources.

Focus on Your Core Business

We will create SEO strategies that will help you maintain the top position on Google search results so that you can focus on your actual business operations.

Experienced Digital Marketing Team

We also have an experienced digital marketing team who will help you market your business in digital spaces to reach more potential customers.

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A committed team of skilled SEO experts

We have handpicked the best SEO experts, with years of experience behind them, to help your business grow.

Focused driven efforts

We have dedicated SEO teams that focus on providing you tailored services so that you can enjoy high web traffic on your business website.

Affordable Pricing & Packages

We understand that not one size fits all, so we have multiple SEO packages for businesses of all sizes in different pricing range. You can start with the package you are more comfortable with and upgrade to the next one anytime you feel like.

Easy Monitoring & Tracking of Work

We monitor your website behaviors to any algorithmic change by Google and track how your website reacts to said changes. Whenever any change is required, we will implement it on your website.

No hidden costs involved

There are no hidden costs within our SEO packages. We believe in transparency, so you will get regular updates and reports on where your money is going.

Direct control and monitoring

Our SEO experts will also look over and monitor your website’s performance after implementing SEO strategies.

Cost-effective & Reduced Setup cost

We offer cost-effective solutions for all your SEO requirements. We also have reduced setup costs than many other SEO agencies.

Search Engine Results

With our SEO services, you will be assured to see results in 4-6 months. Your website will appear on the first page of the search engine results, outranking your competitors by a longshot.

100% Dedicated & customer-oriented

We are a 100% customer-oriented SEO company dedicated to building your online identity and strengthening it the way you like. If you want any changes in the strategy, we will discuss and find a way to incorporate your ideas into the strategy.

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Work Progress Report Weekly/Monthly

We will send you SEO work progress reports depending on whether you would like them weekly or monthly. The detailed reports will help you understand how the implementation of SEO strategies have helped your business grow.

To gain a strong foothold in the digital space, not only Search engine optimization (SEO), but Application Store Optimization (ASO) has become essential too. Implementation of SEO and ASO drives organic traffic to your website and get ahead of your competitors.

Hire qualified SEO experts from JDM Web Technologies that provide end-to-end services across the entire value chain of search optimization, with their hands-on experience in Google Analytics/ Google Adwords etc. Dedicated SEO professionals are a boon to any business looking to be a market leader in their industries.

As a market dear in SEO, we understand how requirements for different companies vary. So, our SEO professionals are grouped into three categories – Basic SEO, Technical SEO and Complete Website Analysis. Depending on your needs, budget, and business goals, you can hire teams after discussing with our professionals.


An SEO expert will help you reach your business goals quickly by optimizing your website and creating & managing your online business identity. SEO experts will also maximize the user experience on your website to increase your web traffic and retain customers by providing mobile-friendly websites.

JDM Web Technologies provide SEO services for businesses of small to enterprise-level. We have multiple packages so that you can choose one that fits your bill. We also provide tailored SEO services to all of our clients so that no business follows the same strategy.

You can hire SEO experts even if your website is new to start getting results soon. If you have an old website that is not optimized, you can hire an SEO expert to optimize it to have a solid online brand presence. It takes upto 4-6 months for SEO strategies to show results, so it's never too early.

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