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It is a well-known fact that Amazon has replaced Google as the go-to source for product information. Amazon is quickly gaining ground on Google in terms of being one of the most popular search engines.

You’re already aware of Amazon’s dominance of the retail eCommerce sector worldwide if you’re reading this. What you don’t understand is how you can become a part of it. What is the best way to get started? What makes your product or service stand out from the competition? How do you avoid getting lost in the crowds of the Amazon marketplace?

New On Amazon?

We will assist you in setting up if you are a new seller and have not previously investigated Amazon placements. We will help you enhance your marketplace listings’ search position and conversions. Allow our specialists to guide you through the Amazon advertising and selling options. When selling on a crowded platform, you need an edge over your competition.

Let Your Product Be Where Your Customers Are Shopping

Millions of individuals use Amazon to make purchases. If you want to succeed, you must have a competitive advantage. Your goal is to avoid wasting money by selling on Amazon when your products are buried, and no one is interested in purchasing.

Our knowledgeable team of Amazon marketing professionals works with you to develop a customized approach that maximizes your budget. Working with the best Amazon Marketing Agency with a track record of success is vital if you want to achieve the best return on your investment (ROI) from your Amazon marketing.

How Do JDM Web Technologies Experts Help

We optimize your Amazon Images and Content

We help your Amazon Ads appear in places where they are likely to attract attention and generate clicks. At JDM Web Technologies, we have the knowledge and experience to efficiently manage this time-consuming task and deliver genuine, tangible outcomes to our clients.

We handle your organic rankings and sales from start to end. Many Amazon product listings are not optimized appropriately, resulting in lost revenue. Our Amazon marketing professionals ensure you get the best return on your investment right away.

  • Optimizes images, graphics, and product descriptions.
  • Feature your goods in the correct category.
  • We do keyword research to determine the most profitable and effective keywords to target.
  • We help you work within Amazon’s 200-character restriction to maximize your titles using relevant keywords and phrases.

Better Visibility On Amazon With JDM Web Technologies


We ensure you’re eligible for Amazon Buy Box ads by meeting all requirements, such as strong customer service ratings, numerous shipping alternatives, and other determining variables.


Analyze data and adjust keywords to improve ad campaign success.


Help you meet Amazon seller performance requirements for premium listings


Reassure shoppers who choose to buy from you that they can trust.


Using Amazon algorithms to enhance visibility via keywords, product research, and sponsored ad placement.


It is a seamless transition from a customer clicking on a targeted Amazon Display Ad to your product in their purchasing cart.


We are always accessible to take your calls and answer your inquiries.

JDM Web Technologies Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Catalog Organization

If you develop a brand on Amazon, a whole catalog of things appears for you. With Amazon, you want to make sure customers get to your branded section. We help you run sponsored brand ads rather than product ads. If you already have an Amazon catalog, we’ll review the categories, parent-child variations and optimize them. Buyers can compare and pick products based on qualities like color or size from options on a product detail page.

Amazon SEO

Using our comprehensive Amazon SEO services, we can get your eCommerce shop up and operate on Amazon in no time. We will walk you through every step of the process, from Amazon seller setup to improving your position and increasing your sales conversions. We take care of every detail along the process, including an Amazon account audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, and optimized descriptions that are clear and concise.

Amazon Suspension Handling

An Amazon account that has been suspended might bring your entire business to a grinding halt. If you’ve got an Amazon suspension notice, we can assist you with your situation. Our knowledgeable Amazon services team will help you through the entire process of filing an Amazon suspension appeal with the company. Regardless of the reason for your suspension, our Amazon professionals can contact Amazon account personnel on your behalf, provide relevant paperwork, resolve the issue, and use legal resources if necessary.

Most importantly, though, we can assist you in avoiding any suspension at all by teaching you the best practices that will ensure that your firm continues to thrive.

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Get Started on Amazon

Selling on Amazon becomes easier with the brand registration. You can also search across Amazon’s markets. It allows shops to employ Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, which can help them succeed. So we aid clients with Amazon EBC. A+ allows brand owners to alter product descriptions on Amazon. Our marketing services include registering Amazon trademarks.

Enforce your copyrights and stop competitors from illegally selling your products. To assure Buy Box leech removals, we have a system to monitor and send automated removal requests. We help you protect against Amazon leech scams for your store, items, and brand.

Amazon Price Monitoring

Selling on Amazon takes time and resources, and merchants lack time to monitor and enforce their MAP requirements. As part of our Amazon marketing services, we monitor MAPs across Amazon and tell you when a vendor lowers their pricing. Our Amazon AMS enforcement team guarantees that your brand’s MAP is enforced.

Our Amazon AMS team has years of experience assisting merchants with MAP agreements and negotiations on Amazon. MAP contracts and agreements are essential for people who sell their products in multiple locations. MAP agreements protect your brand by preventing it from being diluted by anyone. If someone violates a MAP price agreement, our Amazon AMS experts can assist you in resolving the situation.

Amazon Reporting

We bring every customer up to date on the progress of their business and our involvement through extensive data analyses. We give monthly Amazon advertising reports to our clients that include data on expenditure, return on ad spend (ROAS), advertising cost of sales (ACoS), and detailed Amazon PPC statistics for their campaigns. Our Amazon clients also receive monthly Amazon business reports, including information on products sold per transaction, sales over time, reviews, customer happiness, and Amazon listing optimization, among other metrics. Additionally, as a part of our Amazon marketing services, JDM Web Technologies can provide clients with in-depth data on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) prices, which will help them identify any hidden charges.


To succeed on Amazon, you need to know your competition and price your products correctly. We advise you to have complete product listings with optimum ratings and reviews. You may promote your business on Amazon by effectively using sponsored ads with numerous positions and layouts.

Many entrepreneurs aspire to develop a successful eCommerce business. However, many business owners fail to comprehend modest fees that significantly impact their profit margins. We can walk you through every step of figuring out costs and how they affect your profit margins. We also have conversion rate optimization (CRO) and Amazon SEO experts on board who can help you improve the quality of your products, images, content, and pages to increase traffic and revenue.

No, Amazon does not allow for the promotion of other websites. It is Amazon’s mission to ensure that customers may fulfill all of their demands on Amazon itself and that they spend as much time there as possible! There are, however, various avenues via which you can promote your business website.

They are pretty similar but very distinct. While Amazon’s ads encourage buying, Google’s Adwords ads encourage clicking, with CTR playing a significant role. Different ad kinds are available for 1P and 3P vendors, and Amazon ads do not drive you to a third-party landing page. However, keywords prompting advertising are common in both cases.

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