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Does Your Website Look Stunning, but Runs Slow?

When someone visits your website, they hardly want to wait for a page to load. In today’s digital era, where we are adopting 5G, the speed and performance of your website is an important factor in determining the quality of your website. The easiest way to turn your visitors into buyers is to have your visitors’ attention from the moment they find and click the link of your website.

Why Is Page Speed Optimization Important?

Websites always need to look professional. When someone is looking for you or your business on the internet, the quality of your website will say a lot of things about your business. Many websites don’t deliver the results their audience or visitors expect because of their website’s inability to load faster.

Having the ultimate website performance have various benefits like increased ROI, conversion rates, etc. If you are looking to convert a website visitor into a buyer and eventually build a business relationship, making sure your website is working smoothly and loading faster.


Before you start working with a company that can work on the speed of your website, your responsibility is to find out the goal of your website. What users do you want to target? What is the purpose of your website – is it just to provide information or is it an ecommerce website?


Your online visibility and search engine ranking have a lot to do with the speed and performance of the website. The same goes for creating organic searches. If you want organic searches, it is better you optimize your website and make sure it both looks good and loads fast.


A website looking good is fine and interesting, but if your website is not easy to use or has a failed functionality, there’s no point in its visuals. If you want unique moving graphics and high-quality photos to work on your website, JDM Web Technologies can help you optimize your website and make sure your visitors enjoy the website the way you want them to.

How Does a Slow Website Hurt?

Poor User Experience
Bad for Search Engine Rankings
You’ll Pay More for AdWords
Less Time to Grab Visitor’s Attention

Page Speed Optimization Packages

JDM Page Speed Optimization Basic Speed Advanced Enterprise Speed
Price $599 $1,199 $2,199
Best Suited To Smaller Site Medium Site Large Site
Full Site Backup Before Commencement Yes Yes Yes
Website/Server Access Required Required Required
Browser, Page & Object Caching Configuration & Tuning Yes Yes Yes
Nextgen Image Optimization, & Lazy Loading Yes Yes Yes
Database Optimization & Cleanup, SQL Server & PHP Tuneup Yes Yes Yes
HTTPS Implementation (if required) Yes Yes Yes
Cloudflare CDN Setup Yes Yes Yes
Optional Hosting Migration Yes Yes Yes
Audit of current server configuration Yes Yes Yes
Cloudflare APO Edge Caching Implementation 20 50 100
Google Core Web Vitals Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Sitewide Test Of Page Sizes Yes Yes Yes
Basic SEO Review & Advice Yes Yes Yes
Website/CSS optimization Yes Yes Yes
Reduction in http(s) requests Yes Yes Yes
Combine CSS and JavaScript files Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Transfers – If needed Yes Yes Yes
Image size optimization and compression Yes Yes Yes
Gzip Compression Yes Yes Yes
Caching setup and/or configuration Yes Yes Yes
Minify JavaScript Yes Yes Yes
Minify CSS Yes Yes Yes
Minify HTML Yes Yes Yes
Changing the order of JavaScript and CSS loading Yes Yes Yes
Reduce Redirects Yes Yes Yes
Remove render-blocking JavaScript Yes Yes Yes
Leverage browser caching  Yes Yes Yes
Improve server response time Yes Yes Yes
Payment Method Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method

Page speed improvements are likely to increase your page speed tool scores, but JDM Web Technologies cannot guarantee the level of increase

Don’t Let Website Load Speed Affects Ranking

Make your web pages internet friendly

Looking for an affordable hosting solution will never be a bad move but of course, you cannot choose whatever you get for the cheapest price. Choosing cheap hosting means you share a server with many other websites that will eventually degrade your website’s performance. The solution here is to choose a reliable and fast hosting solution with a powerful and optimized server. A Virtual Private Server(VPS) works too.

The top aim of website speed optimization is to deliver and provide data as fast as possible.

  • Improve your Server Speed
  • Optimize Image
  • Optimize Website Codes and Scripts
  • Reduce Plugins
  • Implement Gzip Compression
  • Reduce Web Fonts

Our Web Page Speed Optimization Process

We Help You Lighten The Load

Our website performance services will increase your website’s digital impact and cut down the loading time significantly. With our experienced and skilled experts, we have various innovative solutions to speed up your website.

10 Ways to Speed Up : We have a number of steps that we focus on to give your website the best speed it deserves.

Minimize HTTP Requests

Website loading includes downloading the components of a page from images and stylesheets to scripts and flash. If you reduce the number of components, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests, which will eventually lead to faster loading pages.

Minify and Combine Files

One of the basic ways to start reducing the number of requests is to get rid of unnecessary HTML, CSS, JavaScript files.


Use asynchronous loading for JavaScript Files

Asynchronous loading helps your scripts loads simultaneously at a time and speeds up your pages.

Reduce server response time

Start using a fast DNS so that the browsers find it easier to locate your site

Choose the right hosting

Startups usually start with a low budget hosting solution. But as their business grows and the website starts having more traffic, they don’t scale up their resources. Using a reliable and right hosting solution can help you take care of growing website traffic.

Run a compression audit

Compress all the elements and images to their convenient smallest but making sure they don’t lose the quality. Smaller and lighter files are easier to load.

Enable browsing caching

As you visit a website, your hard drive saves the files and elements on that page temporarily. If you enable that to happen to your website visitors, their loading time when they visit your site for the next time will be faster and easier.

Artboard 17

Reduce image size

The more dependable we are growing on the internet, many types of sites today require good quality images, especially with ecommerce websites where the owners use product images for reference. But if you want fast speed, compression of images is important.

Use a CDN

While the server you are using currently cannot alone take the load off server requests simultaneously, using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), can help improve your website’s performance. It is also ideal for situations like when the user is using your site from a further away location, and load time is longer than usual.

Monitor mobile page speed

Monitoring the speed of your website from time to time will make it easier for you to find issues early, and eventually work on fixing them. It is also good to know how changes you have made to your website have impacted its speed over time.


Unless your page loads between 3-5 seconds, your visitors are more likely to give up. We aim to optimize your website speed to load in 3 seconds or even faster.

Our guarantee and confidence come from the experience and results we have successfully delivered to our previous and existing clients. We have various ways and are aware of various in-depth aspects of the website and we find out the issues that slow down your website. We also like to be updated with the latest developments in the field.

  • We start with making a performance optimization audit of your website’s URL free of charge. And share our results with you along with our service packages.
  • After agreement of the payment and packages, we will ask for the access details for working on your website’s speed.
  • After we are done with your project, you will receive a detailed report of your optimized pages, elements, and everything.

The full optimization of a website is not lengthy, and with JDM Web Technologies, it can be done in 2-business days.

Security is one of the things that JDM Web Technologies excels at. Your website is completely secure and protected while it is hosted by us. We begin by creating a backup of your website before we begin working on it.

The only thing that changes your website is the speed and performance without impacting other aspects.

Yes. Our services include optimizing the whole website and its pages.

In case there are any errors or bugs, we will make it our top priority to fix them and deliver a functional website.

Our services include the implementation of high-level coding, custom plugins and other plugins.

Yes. But you will also need to maintain the speed from time to time, and we shall share tips with you.

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