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JDM Web Technologies is one of the leading companies providing Shopify SEO services for all Shopify website owners. It is no secret that Shopify is one of the top favorite e-commerce building platform for many new and established businesses to launch their shop. Hundreds of such ecommerce website bring a cutthroat competition to your business. Hence, we help Shopify website appear on top of the Google search page with our SEO strategies.

No matter whether you are an established business or a small business, you will find a service within your budget with all your requirements with us. Our SEO experts have years of experience under their belts and will tirelessly work towards helping your website reach the top ranking. We take each of the projects seriously and work on each of them fervently to improve your web traffic, ranking, and foot traffic.

Helping You Get Your Shopify Website On Page One

Shopify, to help the sellers with SEO, comes with various features within the platform that confirms to optimization strategies. However, to rank higher on the search engines results, more needs to be done than just using the right keywords within a website’s pages.

Not one but a series of algorithms determines a website’s ranking position on the search engine results. The entire arsenal of algorithms dedicated to website ranking goes through a multitude of website features like page speed, title tags, internet linking, backlinks, functionality, mobile accessibility, etc.

Our team of SEO experts will audit your website for all the shortcomings and improve your website’s look, functionality and optimize to meet the Shopify website standards.

  • Diversify Your Online Traffic
  • Create a Long-Term Profit Strategy
  • Boost Brand Visibility
  • Attract a Targeted Audience
  • Multiply Your Sales Revenue
  • Build a User-Friendly Website Experience

Choose JDM Web Technologies? Because We Understand Ecommerce


We at JDM Web Technologies understand that SEO for Shopify or any eCommerce platform is unique to eCommerce website only. We cannot follow the traditional optimization technique to rank your Shopify website higher on the search engine results. So, we have team experts who specialize in creating and optimizing Shopify websites that rank on the first page of the search engine.


We have optimized and helped more than hundreds of businesses with their websites to drive more traffic. We do it all, from creating a website (if you do not already have one) to implement all the SEO schemes. Depending on the SEO packages you choose, the services for your Shopify website may vary.


One of the many reasons we have new and returning clients is because we offer multiple packages according to your budget limit. We believe in providing Shopify SEO services to all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their size; we believe in helping them grow.


Our team of SEO experts stay updated with changing industry and Google’s algorithm changes. Staying updated helps us stay prepared for any ranking changes without harming sales revenue and uninterrupted web traffic to your eCommerce store.

How we work?

Process-Driven SEO for Shopify

We apply our tried and proven SEO strategies to help businesses achieve their goals. If you are struggling to reach your customer demographics on your Shopify website, our strategy will help you bring in more leads.

Here is the 8 step process we follow to ensure SEO improvement on Shopify stores to outrank your competitors and bring in more traffic.

Keyword Research
Ongoing Content Plan
Backlink Building
SEO Shopify Reporting
Tracking & Monitoring
E-Commerce Keyword Research

We use the best keyword research tools in the industry and choose the ones with the highest volume and lowest competition. Our research helps us determine the perfect keywords that match your business and your products.

Shopify Site Architecture

After the keywords research, we will map those keywords to the different pages on your Shopify website. The buying intent keywords will be linked to product pages, and similar products collections and informational intent keywords will be linked to blogs.

On-page SEO

We will then optimize individual pages within your website, optimize meta descriptions, title tags to help your page gain organic traffic and rank higher. The on-page SEO will also have an enhanced click-through rate (CTR) and faster website speed to ensure faster page loading.

Technical SEO

We will also ensure that your website can meet the technical requirements of a search engine. From applying SSL to improving metadata and eliminating duplicate content, we will do it all. We will also eliminate or fix any broken links and pages that might be holding your website back from ranking higher.

Ongoing Content Plan

We will create content akin to your business and the products you sell. We will use informational keywords to ensure high ranking. We will team up with our talented group of blog writers to write SEO-friendly blogs related to your industry regularly, and we will update them on your Shopify.

Backlink Building

We will do cold emailing outreach and post guest blogs to online forums within your industry and backlink to your website. Building backlinks will not only help your website to gain a reputation but will also bring in more organic traffic.

SEO Shopify Reporting

We will also provide you regular updates on your website’s performance after implementing our SEO strategies. These reports will contain analytics on sites performance and an in-depth explanation of the site’s performance insights. Depending on your preference, we will provide these updates weekly or monthly.

Tracking & Monitoring

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practise of enhancing your website’s ranking in search engines. Maintaining a close eye on the search engine optimization (SEO) activities, behaviour, and response of your website provides us with useful insight into which activities result in greater ranks and more conversions for your business. Monitoring also aids in the maintenance of your website’s search engine optimization throughout the year.


To do SEO on your Shopify websites, we will perform a multi-step process. If you already have a Shopify website, we will audit your website. Once we find the shortcomings, we will optimize your web pages, optimize the product images, font style and font size, etc., to ensure a high ranking of your Shopify site.

We will also remove any duplicate content, URLs, links and add more pages for different product categories.

While it is normal for every Shopify website owner to wonder when their site will gain traction, some points come into play. If you have started your eCommerce store some time ago and now implementing the SEO strategies, you might see an increase in traffic and high ranking in less than six months.

However, if your Shopify website is new, it will take from 8-12 months to see results and rank higher even with all the proper SEO strategies.

Some of the significant challenges you can face with SEO on the Shopify website are technical and on-page SEO. All of your URLs for whatever category you have will fall under /collection/. You cannot customize the pages, and you can only have limited characters for meta descriptions and page titles.

However, as our experts are familiar with Shopify, we can easily handle such challenges without much hassle.

While we promise to deliver the best SEO service for your Shopify store, we understand that you might want to know whether it is working. Here is what you can do:

  • Look for the keywords ranking and the ranking of your website. You will determine whether there is an increase in web traffic from organic keyword searches.
  • You can get the help of Google Analytics to see whether there is an increase in impressions of your website. You can also look for brand mention on social media platforms, blogs, and other websites.
  • When your SEO works, you will see an increase in sales and foot traffic as well. You will have other websites referring to your brand and increase the number of backlinks.

Choosing the right keywords is a collaborative process between our clients and us. Since clients know more about their business than we do, we ask them for their inputs. We do our keyword research and determine the weightage of each keyword. We use primary and LSI keywords so that when people search anything close to your intent keywords, they will find your website.

We will also include long-tail keywords and study competitors' websites to determine how you could outrank them.

Creating quality content, like blogs, articles, guest posts, is a vital part of ongoing SEO practice. Quality blogs with the right amount of keywords in the right frequency will increase web traffic and the conversion rate for your business.

Also, backlinking your website in guest posts increases your site authority which can, in turn, make Google rank your website and content higher in the search results. We will develop content that will increase web traffic and drive more sales for your website.

Are you ready to see your website rank on Google's first result page and generate more orders? We, JDM Web Technologies, are here to help you achieve your business goals and increase sales for your business website.

With our various SEO packages, you can choose one that best fits your requirement and implement the latest SEO strategies to your website.

Looking To Take Your Shopify Website Higher On Rankings?

Are you ready to see your website rank on Google’s first result page and generate more orders? We, JDM Web Technologies, are here to help you achieve your business goals and increase sales for your business website.

With our various SEO packages, you can choose one that best fits your requirement and implement the latest SEO strategies to your website.

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