Social Media Marketing Packages

If you are struggling to find affordable social media marketing packages, we are here to help. Our various packages promote all kinds of small and big businesses on social media platforms that suit your budget.

Professional Social Media Services Pricing

Price Per Month $399 $899 $1,399
Social Marketing Marketing Activities
Setup Fee No Setup Fee No Setup Fee No Setup Fee
Social Media Platforms Any 2 Platform Any 3 Platform Any 5 Platform
Monthly Posts Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 30
Curated Content Sharing No Yes Yes
Custom Images Posts 5 10 20
Identify Hashtags Yes Yes Yes
Sponsored Ads & Paid Campaigns Management No Yes Yes
Payment Method Payment Method
What is the Pricing of JDM social media packages?

The different social media marketing services packages that we offer vary depending upon several factors. We take into account several things and plan how we can boost your business and reach more people with it.

The Things We Consider in Our Social Media Marketing Pricing Plans Are

No. of Social Networks

With a multitude of social media platforms available today where you can promote your business, choose the ones that you think would work best for you. The pricing varies with the number of outlets you choose.

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No. of Posts

Along with the platforms, the pricing would also depend on the number of posts we would make every month. You can choose whichever package suits you the best.

Custom Images

If you wish to include custom images in your posts, you can choose how many you want to have.

We have various social media strategies, brand analysis, competitor analysis included in these packages. We are here to make your brand talk of the town with our plethora of social media marketing packages.

What is Included in Our social media marketing packages?

No matter which social media marketing packages pricing you choose, some of the major strategies and plans include:

Social Media Audit

Our team of experts will begin with the process of auditing your social media accounts. We will look at your account history to figure out what would work best for you and what you should not do anymore. We build a performance-driven strategy, and you can get the best out of it.

Competitive Analysis

We will look at your competitors’ accounts and analyze what works best for them. We will then construct a strategy where we will take their weaknesses and make them your strength. We will also discover opportunities for your business’s growth.

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Brand Reputation Analysis

We will analyze your brand on all the social media platforms and find what your customers are talking about you. What are they liking and what they are never going to use from you. We gather all this information and give you the result to determine where you can improve.

Social Media Monitoring

If your business caters to a global customer, it is no secret that you must be receiving customer reviews 24/7. So, our team monitors your various social media assets like posts and ads daily to ensure your brand’s growth. It makes sure that no one misses out on your posts.


Regular Consultations

We will have a dedicated social media account manager to manage your platforms. You can expect to have a regular consultation session with your manager. You can choose it to be weekly or monthly to discuss whether the strategies are working for your brand.


Our packages will also provide insights into your social media account. These data-driven account insights will allow you to analyze how much improvement your social media accounts have made from before, the growth in account visitors, and how many people reached out to you from these posts.

Track Metrics

We, as a part of our social media marketing services packages, also track useful metrics like conversion rates, brand engagement, and which are the successful timings to reach as many people as possible. Instead of depending on machines, we try and find out these details from a human’s perspective.

Gather Data

We will keep an eye on your customers’ and account visitors’ data. Keeping a close eye will help us to determine your customer demographics, age, nationality, etc. This will help us determine the types of posts you should create. This will also help you know your customers a bit better.



Even though one of our team members will manage your social media account, any team members from your brand will have access to the accounts. We are transparent about the service we provide. So with the access, your team member can keep track of all the progress in real-time.

What is the Best SMM Package For Your Business?

As a business, you might be in a dilemma about which Social media package you should choose. Along with social media packages prices, you should also focus on few other different things to know which package to choose.

Some of the Questions That You Should Ask Yourself Are:

  • How many platforms do you wish to make use of?
  • Are you using all the platforms for marketing?
  • What is your goal for marketing?
  • Do you want to attract more customers?
  • Do you want to raise brand awareness globally?
  • How many posts would you like to post each week?
  • Would you like custom images to be included?
  • Once you figure out the answers to all these questions, you can talk with us to know which package works best for your business.

SMM Package For Your Business


Social media marketing benefits your business by creating customer satisfaction, prioritizing social media, building brand awareness, staying in touch with the customer base, etc. Your customer spends a lot of time on social media platforms today. Hence, it becomes all the more important to be on social media to be around your customers.

Ask yourself how many posts you expect to make, what services you would like to be included. Once you figure that out, you can consult with our team members to know which package would work best for you.

Currently, there are platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin that dominate the social media world. Depending on who your audience is, you can choose to be on one of these or all social media platforms.

At JDM Web Technologies, we offer tailor-made social media packages understanding your requirements. Each brand is different and requires a unique strategy to promote its services and products. Note that the cost of the package may or may not include the post boosting budget.

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