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JDM Web Technologies now offers highly sought-after Magento website development services. If you are looking for a customized Magento website, look no further. Using our many years of experience, we bring you the best development experience.

World Class Magento Solutions

Delivering fantastic shopping experiences for your customers

Magento is a feature-rich, open-source content management system capable of building an intuitive interface that makes it easier for merchants to merchandise and markets their products in a much simpler way. Along with being very functional, it is also one of the world’s most popular web development platforms.

It offers accessibility, seamless integration, along better security. The use of apt tools and plugins can make it even more flexible and customizable. On its own, Magento is quite impressive, but it can work wonders when coupled with a skilled team like JDM Web Technologies. We use the synergy of Magento and the skills of our experts to bring to you Web Development Services your business can thrive with.

Partnering with JDM Web Technologies, you can concentrate on the digital marketing capabilities of your website and how you can leverage these capabilities to attract and convert more buyers. This works hand in hand with the integration of social media sites, which can be accomplished with ease using integration capabilities. Aside from that, the visual editors and straightforward content editing interface allow you greater flexibility when it comes to managing your website.

Custom Magento Development

Enjoy Limitless Offerings

We offer the latest and updated services in the market. Our experts make sure to maintain high standards with equal attention to all the projects. No matter how big or small your company is, you can be sure that you will be best-taken care of by JDM Web Technologies.

Features and Benefits
Increased flexibility

The flexibility that Magento web development offers is unparalleled. The functionality is more substantial and more robust for ecommerce websites. Apart from many custom options available, it also has management tools that can come in handy for your company regardless of the industry.

Seamless integration

While shifting to the platform, the last thing you would want is difficulty with other systems like the CRM platforms, etc. When you switch to the Magento platform, you can seamlessly collaborate with many other third-party platforms and applications.

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Magento is an open-source platform that thrives on the efforts and intelligence of developers who are constantly contributing to its code. This allows the developers to take inspiration and knowledge from all the other projects and apply it to yours. This makes sure that the Magento solutions are created correctly for you.

Better Security

The security tool is very efficient and can run up to 30 tests to provide you with a status update of your website. This allows any merchant online to check for vulnerabilities and fix them if needed. You will only benefit because it is an open-source platform filled with other admins and developers looking for potential threats.

Mobile friendly

Experience the exceptional functionality of our designs on both PCs and mobile phones. Our fast and responsive ecommerce solutions outperform competitors, driving better business results. Invest in JDM Web Technologies for top-notch Magento web services and expect outstanding outcomes. We also specialize in Mobile Responsive Website Design.

Innovative Web Development tools


Intelligent search

This tool includes features that can elevate the shopping experience for any customer by a few simple things such as intelligent auto-complete and filter options.


Enhanced shopping experience

The overall experience that your customers have with JDM Web Technologies’ Magento web development services will make the customers stay for longer and spend more money on your products.


Video integration

The integration of visuals like videos and pictures to showcase your product drastically improves the chances of the product selling better. With JDM Web Technologies, you can make that possible.


Connect social media

Linking social media platforms with your website can help you learn more about consumer likes and preferences. You can improve your performance with access to information from social media platforms.


Mobile ecommerce

With our mobile-friendly designs, you can rest assured of the boosts that the website will give you in sales.


Increased engagement

User engagement is always critical with any business website. The goal is always to encourage your users to stay on the website for longer. With Magento web development services, this can be done very quickly.

Our Magento Web Development Services

Offering Next-Gen eCommerce Solutions

Theme development and management

With years of experience working with Magento, our experts can create exciting and eye-catching themes for your ecommerce website. If you want services from a company capable of building excellent themes, you should pick JDM Web Technologies.

Migration and upgradation

You can choose JDM Web Technologies if you want the complete safety of your data and safe migration of your website. We can help you migrate or upgrade your existing Magento website and also help you move onto better solutions and features.

Multi-vendor website

If a multi-vendor setup is what you need, JDM Web Technologies will provide you with the one at that. Our skilled developers use the capabilities of all the CMS of Magento to build an environment that is functional and feature-rich.

Tailor-made solutions

Get an ecommerce website that exactly fits your needs and demands. If you are very particular about the way you want your website and all its features, team up with JDM Web Technologies and make your visions come true!

Magento Web Development

JDM Web Technologies can help you build a website that can support B2B or B2C business needs. As a company that many rely on, we offer unparalleled and custom-made services for your specific business needs.

Extension development

Based on your needs, JDM Web Technologies will provide an adequate extension for you. With us, you can expect quality and error-free extensions that meet up all your standards.

Best support and maintenance

It is not just the services that make up the best web development services providers. It is also the aftercare we provide to the clients. We offer continuous support and help and maintain the ecommerce website to be carefree about your website and focus on other things in the business. Additionally, we provide reliable Website Maintenance Services to keep your online presence in top shape.

Consulting services

With the knowledge and experience we possess in the field, we have a lot that JDM Web Technologies can bring to the table for a company looking for enormous growth. With the combined effect of your efforts and our consultation, you can help your company create a whole new brand image.

Payment gateway integration

JDM Web Technologies always delivers above and beyond what you expect from Magento development services. The same goes for the payment gateway integration. We offer development services that seamlessly incorporate all payment gateway options like PayPal, Braintree, and many others. Not only that, but it will help you manage all the payment options and keep track of them.

Why Choose JDM Web Technologies

  • We use only the best extensions to make your website look appealing.
  • We help your business by developing an ecommerce website that helps it grow and flourish.
  • No one size fits all; we offer solutions that are tailor-made for your business only.
  • Reach a broader range of audiences only with our use of the responsive themes.
  • Easy operation and functioning is our trademark. When working with JDM Web Technologies, you can expect the most appealing of usable ecommerce websites.
  • Communication tools and business directories are focused on the most for ease and utility.
  • Flexible terms of hire for all developers.

Choose Diversity And Reliability

Diversity and reliability are the two things in a company that you might not find at once. But at JDM Web Technologies, we believe in giving our clients the best of both worlds. This means you can rely on the smallest of the details for your ecommerce website, and we will deliver it just as you had envisioned it and in time.

We also have served many companies in the past, which has not alienated the customers but only brought us closer to them and their requirements. We have worked with companies from the automotive industry, education industry, real estate, medical industry, technology, and even sports.

Find The Best Magento Web Developer

We offer Magento expertise at an expert level. Robust storefront models for our customers is our motto, so you can now add and expand functions to your e-commerce store that increase your scalability. We follow standard Magento development methods by using the latest IDE’s and ensure fast and satisfactory solutions.

Only when you work with our experts you will realize how much we have to show for the years we have spent in this service. Because of this experience, our developers are so sharp and creative at building appealing and functional websites for any business.


Depending upon the depth of your requirement, we can deploy 2-7 developers. We adopt an agile process while allocating a team to a project. The team will include a project manager after the onboarding process by doing the feasibility analysis of your requirements. Apart from developers, there will also be a quality analyst testing your website and ensuring that your deliverables are reached as promised.

We don't contract out any of our projects. All of our team members are employees of the company.

Yes! We do offer white label services to other web development companies, freelancers, web consultants etc.

It totally depends upon your requirement. However, both Magento and WordPress are scalable, secure and open source. Magento is suggested for eCommerce websites, while WordPress is best for blog marketing.

Time to Get Your Own Website Developed in Magento

Many successful online stores across the globe are the result of a collaborative effort between groups of professionals at JDM Web Technologies. Almost since the beginning of the company’s existence, we have been constructing Magento-based eCommerce stores. We are dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best online e-commerce platform, replete with all of the bells and whistles you could possibly ask for!

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