Online Reputation Management Packages

Increase your brand’s online reputation, reviews and positive feedback with our affordable ORM Packages. We can help you to build the strong and positive online reputation of your business which is very essential today so that it will help you to attract the users with showing trust in your products or services with as much as possible. We have designed online reputation management packages in various plans and pricing so that you can decide upon the exact requirement that will suit your business needs and budget.

Why Should You Buy ORM Packages For Your Business?


There are three ORM packages at our end, namely, the bronze, silver and gold packages. Each of these will take care of the monitoring part of the business websites along with taking the feedback from the viewers and customers. These feedbacks may contain both positive and negative points, and it is our responsibility to communicate the same to our clients so that accordingly, the products or services can be altered and modified to better ones. Starting from the incorporation of blog posts, social media optimization, web contents, and press releases to brand profile creation, every single activity is being taken care of by the ORM packages in India offered by JDM Web Technologies.


We keep monitoring the negative comments, reviews and burn them from the top pages of Search Engines. In the meanwhile, we generate positive reviews from the past and existing customers so that your negative comments will go down with the positive reviews.


It is very crucial to respond swiftly to the responses received from the customers’ end in case of online reputation management and we carefully see to it that your brand too can answer back well and in turn get the desired results, which in this case, is a positive online reputation of the products and/or services.


The ORM packages come at competitive prices that solely concentrate on optimizing the cost-effectiveness of the clients’ online brand reputation.

Learn More About Our ORM Packages

To understand the essence of brand reputation management, you need to understand the term ‘brand’ in the first place. What is a brand? When a business turns famous globally, amongst its targeted group of buyers, it is likely to be called a brand. The business name turns commonly popularly to enjoy the stature of a brand. So, achieving brand name is the ultimate goal for every business. However, after achieving the brand name, it is equally important to maintain a good brand reputation, and for that reason, you need to find a good reputation management service provider.

At JDM Web Technologies, we offer an advanced solution for reputation management. We have a team of efficient individuals who are poised to deliver the best ORM solutions. Our ORM packages are designed to suit different ranges of businesses. From online based business to traditional businesses, our reputation management packages will help everyone.

ORM Plans and Pricing

Price Per Month $299 $399 $499
Negative Phrases Protected & Monitored 2 3 5
Search positions monitored-Top Page
Web 2.0 Sites Development
Social Media Profiles Creation
Google Plus Page Creation
PR Creation
Press Release Submissions
Blog Creation & Content Posting
Facebook Profile Promotion
Twitter Profile Promotion
LinkedIn Profile Promotion
Flickr Profile Promotion
Youtube Channel Promotion
Social Bookmarking
Guest Blog Posts
Online Tracking & Notification
ORM Report
Email Support
Chat Support
Phone Support
Payment Method Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Why Good Brand Reputation Is Important?

Positive brand reputation helps a company to grow as per its full potential. It can benefit a company in different ways. Here are the points at a glance, noted as benefits of positive online brand reputation:



Profitability depends on quite a lot on the reputation of a business. While positive reputation brings profitability, a negative reputation can push a business to face severe losses.


Business Expansion

The good reputation helps a business to expand on global stature. It gets easier for businesses to capture global audiences if they have a positive reputation.


High Revenue Generation

With enhanced profitability due to a good reputation, high revenue generation is an obvious thing.


Increased Product Life Cycle

A certain product can fetch more revenues than expected if the particular manufacturer has a good brand reputation.

Online reputation management is a service that experiences growing demands all over the world. Major enterprises or business houses or corporate groups need to uplift their reputation to claim massive business success. Generally, corporate groups give a lot of stress on business branding and promotional activities. Being an experienced reputation management service, dealing with corporate reputation management assignment is our forte. It is the area of our core competence. Our ORM packages will suit all types of corporate business units.

Impact Of Negative Reputation

To understand the essence of a good online reputation, you need to analyze the effects of a negative reputation. Negative reputation comes with poor feedbacks from clients or customers. Sometimes, miscommunication with clients or customers can also lead to negative feedbacks. Many businesses offer excellent products or services, yet they face native feedbacks. The reason is that they have not updated their client or customer relationships. The services or products should be more client or customer oriented.

Factually, negative feedbacks are quite viral. A negative feedback can draw the attention of several potential customers or clients for a corporate business. This is why people need to be careful about their negative reputation.

Our It can impact a company in the following ways:

Brand Recognition

A company earns brand name through a lot of hard works and satisfied clients or customer services. Brand value of a company can experience a sharp decline due to negative feedbacks.

Loyal Clients

Loyal clients or customers may flee due to poor reputation or negative reputation.

Global Position

Corporate businesses are globally known, and damage in brand value can cause global business losses significantly.

Competitive Edge

Giving a competitive edge to the competitors is the worst mistake for a corporate business. With gaining negative feedbacks, your company is actually giving a sharp edge to the competitors.

Losing Popularity

A large-scale company can significantly lose its popularity over a short period of time due to negative reputation. As a business owner, you need to be careful about it.

Turn Negative Reputation into Positive with ORM Packages

A negative reputation can be tackled with precision to achieve a positive reputation. Once you get negative feedback, it is going to remain forever. No way can it be turned into positive feedback. But, with more and more positive feedbacks, negative feedbacks can be suppressed. This is what our reputation management service does for the businesses.

With robust planning and strategies, we help negative feedbacks to push down on their search engine positions. Positive feedbacks acquire those places, and your company’s reputation gets repaired. Negative reputations have been pushed down to 4th or 5th pages of Google. This is why they become insignificant, as general Google users do not search things beyond 3rd to the 4th page of Google. To know more and to find service as per your expectation, you can check our online reputation management packages.

Benefits Of Selecting Our ORM Packages

There is no dearth of good reputation management companies, but we are special for many reasons. We are here to offer top-notch ORM services with perfection. There are certain benefits that you can attain by choosing our online reputation management packages. The benefits of choosing our packages have been listed in the following section.


Customized Solutions

We understand the needs or requirements of every business. We always give priority to the unique challenges that a business faces. Different businesses may have different sorts of challenges, and that is where our customized service will prove to be highly effective.


Systematic Reputation Management

Reputation management job is not easy. It needs tactical planning and robust strategies. Different methodologies are there, and using a proper method depends upon the situation. It is a target driven task, and that is why you need to trust a good service provider. We perform this with precision.


Low Budget Package

We offer low budget online reputation management packages for the users. Being a budget-friendly service, we are actually perfectly fit for the needed of the small scale businesses. Low budget reputation management can be a difficult thing to find, though we have designed our packages to meet all sorts of budgets with perfection.


No Unethical Process

For reputation management, various unethical processes or tactics have been tried or tested. We are absolutely strict with our policy in this regard. We do not feature any unethical service. We always remain fair and square in terms of providing the reputation management service.


Repairing A Negative Reputation

For a new business, it is not astonishing to earn a bad reputation. But, it is quite a challenging thing to get rid of that initial bad reputation. Once a negative impression is there, it is difficult to hide that. Our reputation management focuses on making negative reputation turned into positive. We apply different tactics and methods to create more and more positive reputation for a business so that the negative reputation can be hidden.

JDM Web Technologies has always been the industry leader in many aspects. Being one of the leading SEO Company, reputation management is a job which we recognize as our area of core competence. We are always focused on providing a tactical solution for reputation management. We understand what a good reputation means to a business. It helps a business to fetch better revenue. It helps a business to gain more recognition among the masses. Finally, it helps every business to come out as brand identity.

Our Reputation Management Team, Techniques and Tactics

The job of reputation management is not simplistic rather it is a job which has to be managed with perfection. A lot of leading services are there, featuring tactical and effortless reputation management solutions. But, what makes us different? Well, the most important thing is that we possess years of experience in this field. We have executives who have worked for reputation management campaigns with many businesses. As a result to that, we have the experience to deal with reputation management tasks of different businesses.

We follow conventional and ethical method for reputation management. Though the conventional method has been followed, we never compromise in terms of creativity. Despite following ethical norms, it is possible to assure completely creative business reputation management service. This is what we aim to do with our online reputation management packages. These packages are meticulously designed to suit the budget and needs of different businesses. From small to large, we have worked with different scale of organizations and we can assure the best solutions in this matter.


To choose the best ORM packages, you need to view our packages. All details regarding the packages are provided above, though people often come up with some additional questions in this matter. If you have questions, you can get in touch with us without any hesitance. However, to aid you in a better way, we have listed some frequently asked questions that our executives have to answer. So, check these FAQs out in the following section.

Attaining brand reputation is not an overnight job. It is a step by step process, involving a lot of things. As a business, you need to be customer or client oriented. Not just good products or services, efficient after selling service also matters a lot. But, above all, you also need effective planning for brand marketing. At JDM Web Technologies, our executives follow tactical steps and strategies for effective reputation management.

For an effective online brand reputation, you need to find a professional reputation management service provider and JDM can be your Digital partner. With robust strategies and planning, online reputation management job has been accomplished. We offer writing positive reviews on your business name or brand name or products or services. Our ORM Packages also include article marketing, press release publishing, guest blogging and many such strategies to promote a business as a brand. With constant efforts with robust planning and effective tricks, positive online brand reputation has been obtained.

To understand the current online based reputation of your business, we generally fetch data from two different sources. The first source is a search engine. We check Google and Bing to find the reputation of your business. Thereafter, we move on to the second source which is social media. We also analyze social media profiles of the businesses and try to judge the business reputation. We have experts to conduct these jobs. They prepare reports and based on that report we understand the reputational aspects of a business.

Your brand identity can obtain severe damages due to too many negative reputations. If negative feedbacks from clients or customers start showing up on the first 3 pages of Google, you have every reason to be alert. It has to be noted that once you get negative feedback, it cannot be removed.

The job of an online reputation management company is suppressing negative feedbacks on a company by injecting more and more positive reviews. When positive reviews start appearing on the first pages of Google, it is obvious that negative things will move down in Google ranking. When they reach 4-5th pages of Google, they become lesser significant, as no user searches about a business or a brand beyond 3rd page of Google in normal cases. We offer tactical solutions for managing the negative reputation. Turning the reputation into positive is our aim and we do that with perfection.

JDM Web Technologies is always known for its flexibility as a service provider. We are always keen to adopt new ideas and we are always here to serve clients as per their requirements. The ultimate aim is to meet clients’ expectations and prove to be worthy for them. This is why we offer customized business management packages. Our ORM packages are poised with vital techniques or tactics, which can be altered as per clients’ need.

To know more about our services and to find the most suitable as well as budget friendly ORM packages, call us anytime or fill out our contact us form for better assistance.

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