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A website redesign refers to a complete overhaul of the coding and the look of an existing website. If you have had your website for a long time and have not changed anything since its inception, you should consider a website redesign. It gives your website a new look, and redesigning will help your website reach more users, stay up to date with technological changes, and use updated servers.

Redesigning your site will help visitors navigate with ease. Integrating an SSL certificate will allow them to share their vulnerable personal details like address and payment details without any distress.

If you are struggling to revamp your existing website to keep up with changing trends, we are here to help you achieve your goals hassle-free.


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    We Redesign Your Website to Stay on Top of the Game

    Here are Four Ways We Will Redesign Your Website for the Best Result :


    Fresh Look

    We will provide your website with a new look in both design and development by replacing obsolete coding with new ones. We will change the themes and resize the images for a better-looking website.



    Whether you have personal branding or a business website, client credibility is what makes your business grow. We will redesign your website and install SSL certificates to keep your audiences’ vulnerable information safe.


    User Connection

    While redesigning your site, we will also focus on making it easier to navigate, faster page loading, and a direct call to action, for users to connect with you promptly.



    If your website did not have a clear and concise branding design earlier, we would redesign it to help you get more recognition. The re-branding will gain more traction on your site.

    When Should you Start redesigning your website?

    To Self-Assess if Your Website Needs a Redesign, Consider the Following Things:

    Functionality Issues

    When your site does not function properly on mobiles or tablets and lags in computers, you should redesign your website.

    Visually Outdated

    If your website is visually outdated, it shows that you do not keep up with changing trends; that’s when you should redesign.

    Difficult to Navigate

    If the transition from one page to other in your site is not seamless, redesigning is the way to fix it.

    Too Many Texts

    No one reads through paragraphs of texts to understand what you offer. Redesigning your website with infographics will attract more audiences.


    If your competitors are redesigning their websites, you should too. To stay up-to-date with trends, regularly redesigning your website is necessary.

    Low Rankings

    Once your website drops from the top 5 search engine rankings, redesign it according to market trends to retain the top position.

    What Will you Get in our Website redesign services?

    In Our Various Website Redesign Packages, We Include the Following Services :

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    Responsive Site

    We will redesign your website to be responsive to every kind of device. You won’t need to have different websites for each device for it to be accessible. Responsive sites can attract more audiences in less time, as most people surf the internet via their mobile or tablet devices.


    Custom Web Design

    Instead of designing your website to be a generic site, we will customize it depending on the services you provide. The content on the redesigned website will meet your professional requirements. We will focus on your target audience and redesign it tailored to their and your needs.

    SEO Internet Marketing Web Development

    Professional Copywriting

    Until you have a clear advertising copy of your business, you will not be able to reach most of the customers your business might appeal to. Our team of expert copywriters will write you business copies that align with your business goals and brand mission to grasp the visitors’ attention.

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    Along with redesigning your website, we will integrate Content Management System into your website. It will help you have an organized data of your customers. You will make the most of your business by publishing and sharing blogs about it.



    There are no hidden fees in any of our services. You only pay the price we discussed. We are transparent about the services we provide, so you can see where your money goes. We will never ask you to pay a dime more than the quoted amount.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    No website should be designed ignoring SEO rules. As we give a makeover to your old website, we make sure it is exactly what Google Search Engine will love. We design websites that are fully accessible and indexable to search engines. They work fast, look fantastic on all devices, and have a great internal link structure.

    Why Should you Choose website redesign company?

    Many People Question Why they Should Redesign their Website When Their Current one is Working Just Fine. Here is why you Should Redesign :



    Your website represents your company. To ensure customers that your business keeps up with changing trends, you need to redesign your website to keep updated with different trends.


    Brand Strengthening

    Redesigning your website also strengthen your brand’s voice. We will create persuasive messages using your brand’s color on your website to attract organic traffic to create a solid customer base.


    Generating More Leads

    Website redesigning gives not only your site a new and fresh look but also generates more leads. The new look of your website will urge the audience to look through your page.


    Boosting Professionalism

    Website redesigning also gives your site a more professional appearance according to trending standards. Even if you have a personal branding website, it should be well-designed rather than having all of the information distributed around the site.

    Web Redesign Services JDM Web Technologies Provide

    Below are a Few of the Many Reasons Why you Should Opt for Website Redesign Services With us?

    Ecommerce Website Redesign

    Our eCommerce website redesign services improve the overall speed, customer navigation, fast response time. The inclusion of an SSL certificate during redesigning allows the customer to make online payments on your site confidently.

    B2C Website Redesign

    Our B2C web redesign will fix navigation issues on your site and update the content. We will also add multiple device designs and improve the conversion rate.

    B2B Website Redesign

    We will redesign your corporate website, update it with high-quality content, and optimize it per the constantly changing trends of the business world.

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