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In a performance-oriented world, results matter the most. To get a competitive edge, you have to be aggressive in your strategies. The same applies to a Pay For Performance SEO campaign. The traditional blueprint of an SEO strategy takes a comprehensive approach that takes time to yield results. However, some companies need time-sensitive results and want to be aggressive in their track towards SEO Results.

Do you desire a similar approach? Then our pay for performance SEO services is the right choice for you.

Pay For Performance SEO Packages

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    What Is Pay For Performance SEO?

    Depending on what you need out of an SEO campaign, there are two different ways of approaching optimization. Traditional SEO takes a broader approach encompassing complete grounds up the path. The intensive blueprint takes time to become fruitful. However, with Performance-based SEO, you can capitalize on proven keywords and gain more traffic. These strategies will help effectively around periods where your business needs more visibility and fast.

    If your website has been penalized due to bad SEO practices, then pay for performance SEO services are the perfect solution for your SEO marketing. The aggressive approach can help you regenerate lost traffic and recapture higher rankings on the search engine result pages.

    Benefits Of Hiring Pay For Performance SEO Services

    The aggressive strategy can work wonders if implemented correctly by the best pay-for- performance SEO Services Company. The benefits include but are not limited to:

    • There are no monthly payments in the pay-per-performance SEO Plan, which is a significant benefit for our clients. At JDM Web Technologies, you just need to sign in our service with an account setup fee.
    • There will be no upfront monthly payment that you have to pay if the results are not delivered. No results equal no pay, and this brings transparency to the complex SEO pricing structure.
    • The pricing is defined by the single keyword you want to Expand. Since the pay for performance SEO pricing is calculated based on each keyword position, you will never be in danger of overpaying.
    • Real-time keywords rankings ensure No Extra Monthly Payments. If a keyword ranking is going down because of the latest search engine algorithm updates, there will be no extra charges to bring the keywords rankings back.
    • We at JDM Web Technologies bring you certain in-house benefits, such as an unparalleled level of technical support. The support team is available round the clock to eliminate errors and help in troubleshooting the campaign problem.

    Our Pay For Performance Based Seo Package

    Pay For Performance SEO Package
    USD 299USD 499
    Local Keywords (upto 10 keywords)Global Keywords (upto 10 keywords)
    Monthly Fee – Google top 3 Positions – USD 150/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 3 Positions – USD 200/keyword
    Monthly Fee – Google top 5 Positions – USD 125/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 5 Positions – USD 175/keyword
    Monthly Fee – Google top 10 Positions – USD 100/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 10 Positions – USD 150/keyword
    Monthly Fee – Google top 15 Positions – USD 65/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 15 Positions – USD 100/keyword
    Monthly Fee – Google top 20 Positions – USD 45/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 20 Positions – USD 65/keyword
    Monthly Fee – Google top 30 Positions – USD 30/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 30 Positions – USD 45/keyword
    Monthly Fee – Google top 40 Positions – USD 25/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 40 Positions – USD 30/keyword
    Monthly Fee – Google top 50 Positions – USD 15/keywordMonthly Fee – Google top 50 Positions – USD 25/keyword
    Monthly Reporting & Customer Support
    Pay for Performance ReportYES
    Customer SupportYES
    Email SupportYES
    Chat SupportYES
    Phone SupportYES

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    How We Make It Work

    Keywords Research

    Since keywords are crucial to any payment on results SEO strategy, we identify the business- oriented set of popular keywords. Then we work on finding the one that has the potential to maximize your conversions. We also back this up with intensive research of your industry and your competitors to make sure the strategy works for you.


    When optimizing your web page, we focus on a combination of on-page and off-page SEO tactics, all the while sending signals to search engines about your potential for first-page rankings.


    JDM Web Technologies works to uphold its commitment towards client satisfaction and unmatched service. Our client base and gleaming testimonials prove our level of expertise, making us the Pay for Performance SEO Company you need.

    Note: If you have trouble determining, our pay for performance SEO specialists and representatives will get back to you to estimate your goals and devise the right strategy.

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