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It might be an uphill battle for you to manage multiple franchises’ online presence as a franchisor. However, with our services, you will not have to worry about keeping tabs on web traffics and leads, as we will help you maintain a more effective digital presence.

Whether you are a franchisee or franchisor, the need for franchise SEO to grow your business is indisputable. Either optimizing your business website or including your business in the local business directory is impartial, and that is what we do at JDM Web Technologies.

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    Why is franchise SEO important for businesses?

    Small businesses who have bought a franchise to step into the business world or business owner who has purchased to diversify their existing business, needs SEO to survive in the cut-throat industry. Franchise SEO can make your brand reach people, surpass your competitors and strengthen your business.

    As a franchisor, implementing SEO will help your brand reach small businesses looking to buy franchises. For franchisees and franchisors, SEO plays a vital role in business growth.

    Here is how our franchise SEO packages can help your business grow –


    Improved Ranking

    Our tested and proved SEO strategies would help you drive visibility to the brand and more traffic to the brand websites. The improved visibility on localized searches will help your business grow and improve the ranking of the overall franchise. We will implement SEO strategies to improve your local SEO ranking for better visibility in a particular area.


    Search Visibility

    If you have a simple idea of how SEO works, you know the importance of the search visibility of the franchise as a whole. To bring attention to the brand is just as crucial as it is to build individual franchises. Our experts will create a campaign using commonly searched keywords by people in ascertain niche. With the help of these keywords, you will be able to gain a competitive edge against other businesses.

    How will JDM Web Technologies Improve Your Franchise Business With SEO?

    When small businesses buy a franchise from big franchisors, they receive very little help with marketing and promotion. While some companies might offer full-fledged marketing support, in the traditional format, the support of the digital marketing front is little to none with almost every franchisor. In such cases, no matter what enterprise-level of the business is, buying a franchise will not bring you good profit.

    When you buy a business, you are purchasing it intending to earn profit from the franchise. If you rely on enterprise marketing strategies and apply them to your small business, this might backfire. The enterprise-level marketing strategies may often entail brand inconsistency, wrong location, audience targeting, unfocused lead generation, and many other issues.

    If you cannot appear on top of the Google search pages or local business listing, our team of SEO experts will implement SEO strategies. These strategies will ensure that you consistently outrank your competitors in search engine ranking.

    It might be an uphill battle for you to manage multiple franchises’ online presence as a franchisor. However, with our SEO services, you will not have to worry about keeping tabs on web traffics and leads, as we will help you maintain a more effective digital presence.

    As a franchisee, you might be facing problems in marketing and promoting your business, with many other competitors stealing your limelight from the company. Our local SEO franchise services will allow your business to reach more and more people online. We will implement the strategies and ensure that whenever a potential customer searches for products or services you provide, they will find your website and local store details on top of the search list.

    With our tailored SEO strategies, we will help you increase your brand’s value and make sure that it reaches customers within the right demographics. Here is how JDM Web Technologies will ensure the growth of your franchise business website and drive more leads:

    Web design and development

    Our first step to implementing SEO strategies to your franchise business is auditing your website if you have one. If your company does not have a website, our website development team will design one for you. We will optimize your website pages, images, and fonts to make sure it is upto the standard with franchise SEO requirements.

    SSL certificates

    We will include SSL certificates within your website to ensure that any kind of vulnerable data and information is safe. The inclusion of SSL certificates will provide security to your franchises’ website. Customers can share sensitive information like their card and address details without the fear of getting it stolen by cybercriminals.

    Page loading speed

    We will ensure that all of your pages on your website load within a second or two so as to retain the customers. Having a good page speed is exceptionally vital for having an improved Google ranking.

    Mobile optimization

    We will also design your website in such a way that it is accessible from mobile devices as well as desktop. Since most people browse the internet from their mobile phones, you must optimize a website for mobile users.

    On-page SEO

    We will do keyword research and integrate those intent keywords to your website so that it brings in more leads. We will fix any misleading or broken URLs, title tags, and descriptions so that search engine spiders can find your site and rank it higher on the search pages.

    Off-page SEO

    We will also do link building so that customers will be able to find your business in a specific area, with all the local citations and targeted outreach. Our content team will create compelling content about your local area, which will increase your brand visibility.

    Local SEO

    We will list your business in Google My Business and other local business directories so that people can easily find your business when they search for specific keywords. We will update your address, contact number, business hours, and map listing so that search engines will rank your site higher.

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    Content Writing

    Our team of expert content writers will craft blogs, articles, infographics, and descriptions that you can include on your business websites, as well as post them on public forums so as to drive more traffic to your business. We will also include targeted keywords and backlinks so that people can find your business efficiently.


    We will send you reports of various analyses so that you can be sure that the SEO campaigns you are running on your franchise website are bringing in good results, more traffic, and your customer base is increasing too.

    Tracking & Monitoring

    We monitor the behavior of your rankings on a continuous basis to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Despite the fact that we have advanced tracking tools in place, we also conduct manual monitoring to ensure that we are doing everything correctly.

    Why Choose Us For Your Franchise SEO Campaigns?

    Our experts are strategic and can help both franchisees and franchisors to increase sales, grow their business, and have a strong foothold in specific locations. If you are wondering if JDM Web Technologies might be the right choice for your franchise SEO, here is a list of reasons why you should choose us –


    SEO Expert Teams

    We have handpicked SEO experts from all around the country to ensure that you receive the best SEO services. We will create custom strategies tailored to your business to outrank all of your competitors.


    Multiple Packages

    We have numerous package options for all business sizes. All the packages include a specific set of services, and others vary depending upon which package you choose. You can upgrade your plan whenever you feel like you need it.


    Keeping Up With Algorithmic Changes

    Google changes it’s algorithmic structure and how the websites would rank atleast twice every year. So, our team of experts keeps up with all the changing trends. It ensures that your website does not suffer from the changes. Our team will optimize your business website to keep pace with any algorithmic change whenever there is a change.



    We provide complete transparency of the services with our franchise SEO campaigns. We will also provide you with reports and analytics so that you can see where your money is going and how your website is reacting to all the SEO strategy implementation.


    The price of our franchise SEO packages varies depending upon the services you are looking for. You can try any of our SEO packages and upgrade them in the future whenever you refer them.

    Once we implement our strategies and launch our SEO campaigns, you will see an increase in your web traffic within 4-6 months. The traffic only grows from there, and within a year, you will have more visitors to your website.

    We can send you the analytical reports either weekly or monthly. You can choose the frequency of the reporting as you like.

    Ready To Take Your Franchise Business High?

    We take great satisfaction in having an outstanding customer support team to assist you with any of your questions. Whether you intend to cooperate with us to launch an SEO campaign for your company or are experiencing difficulties with your current strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you in learning how we can elevate your company.

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