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Build a website with an enhanced flow of contents and fast loading across any device with Responsive Web Design Services.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Modern internet users are actively accessing the internet and the websites from various devices, like handheld mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or large desktops. Have you wondered how the same design and contents of a website works across all devices without any issue? Thanks to responsive web design, which makes it possible for the website framework to shrink, move, and adjust contents according to the web browser or device, regardless of the screen size and resolutions you are using. A responsive web design increases a visitor’s experience by providing faster loading of content.

Is a Responsive Web Development Different From a Mobile-Friendly Web Design?

Yes. Mobile web design have contents and assets that are accessible and usable the exact same way across devices. But a responsive website design responds and changes based on the requirements of the user or a device that is used to access the website. A responsive website has dynamic contents that change.

Major Advantages of Having Responsive Website Design


Responsive web designs have flexible layouts and contents which can rearrange themselves depending on the screen size and resolution.

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Single URL

A responsive web design has only one URL that will work across all the devices, and doesn’t need to have a different URL for the mobile version.

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Lower Bounced Rates

Visitors on your website will not leave your website due to poor navigation and will be inclined to stay with user-friendly navigation.

Better Website Performance

The responsive elements like images and grids makes it easier for the website to load faster on all devices.

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Simpler Web Analytics

With a single URL and a single version of the website, keeping track of sign-ups, conversion rates, and funnels is easier.

Enhanced Mobile Traffic

Considering more than half of the traffic to the websites comes from mobile, a responsive website will have higher mobile traffic than just a mobile-friendly one.

Enhanced SEO

Responsive website is a factor that helps your site rank in Google SERPs, and it was announced by Google back in 2015. explore our SEO services for higher rankings and traffic.


Cost-effective solution for developing, maintaining, and promoting a single website or version. Explore our Website Maintenance Packages today.

Higher Conversion Rates

Lower bounce rates are good for improving the user experience and trust, which again leads to better conversion rates.

How Does Responsive Web Design Work With Reference To Technical Aspects?

A Responsive Web Design Company uses percentages to make a responsive website. They define varying percentages according to different proportions and dimensions of the elements on the web page such as the images, texts, columns, etc. They use website design tools to do the same, and when someone opens this webpage from various devices, the elements and the site layout will make automatic adjustments to fit the user and device requirements.

For example, A website might have 3 columns shown on your desktop or laptop screen, but the same website, when viewed from a mobile device might stick to 1- 2 columns in order to show you the contents comfortably because of less screen space.

JDM Web Technologies Responsive Web Designing Services

We Provide Various Related Services Along with our Responsive Web Designing:

  • Responsive website that works across all devices.
  • Website testing to ensure your website is working as per your user’s usability expectations.
  • Hassle-free website launch services
  • Skilled and experienced design team to deliver your website as per industry standards.
  • Dedicated project manager to ensure timely delivery and all preferences are met.
  • Ecommerce functionality to grow your sales with an online store.
  • Professional copywriting services to drive sales and traffic.
  • SEO services to rank on the top of SERPs
Why Should You Opt for JDM Web Technologies for Your Responsive Web Design?


Skilled Workforce

We have a passionate, considerate and skilled workforce who understand the needs of a client and are enthusiastic expert in delivering the same.



Our Company has over 10 years of experience in the field of website building and actively growing our services with our knowledge and expertise.


Comprehensive Store

We provide many services related to websites, like SEO, content writing, design, responsive websites, Digital Marketing, etc., and you don’t have to shop differently for related services.


Satisfied Customer

We have a satisfied customer base which we have gained over the years and we have maintained a good client relationship with them for years.


100% Transparency

Be it the cost of our packages or the services we provide you, or even the time of delivery, we don’t hide any details. Everything is transparent which helps us gain the client’s trust.


Timely Delivery

If you have been given a deadline for your website launch, you can expect it to be done by the same. We have responsible project managers who ensure the timely delivery of your project.


Responsive web design makes it easier for your website visitors to enjoy the same website seamlessly on different devices. From images to interactive elements, responsive web design allows for a seamless flow of content. But, apart from these benefits, Google prefers responsive website design to rank your website on the search engine.

Yes. Building a mobile web design differently for mobile users, where content is focused on what mobile users will be interested in, you can gain extra traffic.

Responsive Web Design ensures that your website adapts and functions seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. This improved user experience leads to higher engagement, reduced bounce rates, increased user satisfaction, and ultimately, a higher conversion rate.

A responsive web design service can benefit and enhance your SEO in various ways. It improves mobile traffic, lowers the bounce rate, loads your page faster, etc.

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