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Building a network of credible and relevant links directing to your website is not easy. Our flexible link-building services will help you establish relevance on the internet. Manual outreach, and guest blogging are some of the tactics used in link building.

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    Link Building PRICING & PLANS


    $599 /Month
    • Total Links – 50
    • 20 Links from DA 20-30
    • 15 Links from DA 31-40
    • 10 Links from DA 41-50
    • 5 Links from DA 51-90
    • Backlinks Report
    Payment Method


    $999 /Month
    • Total Links – 100
    • 40 Links from DA 20-30
    • 30 Links from DA 31-40
    • 20 Links from DA 41-50
    • 10 Links from DA 51-90
    • Backlinks Report
    Payment Method


    $1499 /Month
    • Total Links – 150
    • 60 Links from DA 20-30
    • 45 Links from DA 31-40
    • 30 Links from DA 41-50
    • 15 Links from DA 51-90
    • Backlinks Report
    Payment Method

    What Is Link Building and What Is Its Importance in SEO?

    If you want to establish your brand as an authority within your niche, we say link building is the most effective way. Your relevance in the digital space is determined by the quality and quantity of backlinks you have.

    In the simplest terms, link building is a process where you build relationships with other site owners and get them to link to your website or content. Marketers and website owners look for building links that help them with organic traffic and enhance the authority of their sites.

    While building relevant and quality links (also known as white hat link building) takes time and effort, it is the only way if you want to increase organic rankings. Your content has to have something of value and worth linking to others website who want to link to you. To put it simply, you will have to earn it.

    As Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, building links becomes more important than ever because backlinks remain a determining factor in a search engine’s determination of site ranking. Quality links have helped websites enhance their reputation, search engine visibility, and organic traffic.

    How does it Work?


    Like many other service-related processes, our link-building process, too, start with getting a clear and in-depth insight regarding your business and niche. Our link-building services are based on relevance, and for this reason, they initiate a discussion with you. For a clearer understanding, we prefer to meet in person or have a phone conversation with you.


    We expect to learn about your business goals – current and future goals, rankings, social shares, traffic, etc., during the call. We also expect to know whether there have been earlier link-building efforts made for your website. Learning your priorities, goals, budgets, etc., helps us start our custom outreach campaign making your link-building journey smooth and effective.


    Trust and connections are important when it comes to credible link building. Our link-building services are focused on industry-relevant websites, which are owned by real bloggers. These bloggers are website owners with whom we have worked before and have built trust over the years. As soon as we find relevant content from our clients, we reach out to our trusted bloggers and owners and help our clients enhance their online presence. And hence, we can assure you that they will promote your content effectively.

    Our 3-Step Link Building Process Here is how we execute our process

    We, being your web design company, cite with expertise and experience to provide the most satisfying services. JDM Web Technologies offers a committed team of Web Developers with extensive experience in designing perfect e-commerce websites. Our team is made up of experienced, youthful, and motivated individuals who are continuously upgrading their knowledge and methodologies with challenging projects that teach them the changes taking place in market.


    At the beginning of the process, we take a good understanding of your business which will help us achieve goals for your website. This also includes researching your business, your industry, your competitors, and your backlink profile. We use this knowledge and data to find out what kind of link acquisition strategies are trending in that particular industry and what we can use to stay ahead of our competitors. After learning the weaknesses of your competitors, we plan our strategy for your link-building campaigns.


    After laying out our plans and strategies that will be employed during your campaign, we start creating a prospect list. Our prospect list is often a large list filled with websites and owners who are open to our outreaching efforts. While a prospect list might contain over 100 or sometimes over 1000 prospects, we don’t include everyone while executing outreach. We focus on a select few after filtering, and they are often high-value targets.

    Link Placement

    Link building is a lengthy process. After outreaching, we go through a negotiation period. During this period, we do our best to make it a success. For a successful placement, we might leverage free samples of your business services or products, guest posting, create partnerships, etc.

    After we have successfully placed links, our next step would be to continue with the relationship with the contacts, which will help us shorten the process when you want to start another link-building campaign.

    No Commitment White

    PAYMENTS & CONTRACTS: We don’t believe in signing contracts. We work on a month-to-month basis. You can subscribe to our services when you want and cancel it anytime you aren’t satisfied with our service.

    9 Reasons for You to Choose Our Link Building Services

    Our link-building campaign for your website is no different from an ongoing monthly campaign. Backlinks, if done correctly, not only help improve your website’s ranking, but also help increase organic traffic to your website and crawl rate. Bad backlinks, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on your website’s visibility and have a negative impact on your website’s overall ranking. Our team of backlink experts only use white-hat, tailored link-building method to achieve the best possible results.

    We maintain transparency, communication, and full reporting to make things easier for both you and us.


    Guaranteed Results

    With us, you will only get services that come with guaranteed results. We have worked on many projects and are proud to say that we have delivered each aspect of what we have promised. Link building is a slow process, and it is likely to take time, but we promise effectiveness.

    Affordable packages

    You might turn away from our services for a variety of reasons, but the cost of our packages will not be that reason. We maintain reasonable pricing and don’t compromise on effectiveness and quality. If you want services under a small budget, we have relevant services for you.

    Experienced Specialists

    Our link building specialists are skilled and experienced, who have studied in fields related to computer science and technology. They have also worked on many projects for our clients, which have had successful results.

    100% White Label

    Our services are often eligible for reselling. You can do it individually or as a marketing campaign.

    Customer Support

    Our customer support is active 24×7, ready to listen to your feedback, solve your confusion, and answer your queries. Don’t hesitate to call us any day, anytime, and share your confusion and feedbacks. You can pick up your phone or just log into your PC because we are available on both phone calls and emails & chat.

    100% Confidentiality

    From the moment you share your plans and goals with us, we maintain strict confidentiality about you and your business. Confidentiality is covered under our terms, and we are quite professional about it. Your information is 100% safe with us.

    Full Reports

    As soon as your campaign starts or you place your order, we will keep you in the loop. We will share our progress report at each stage of your campaign with 100% transparency. You will receive a downloadable report, which will be available on your dashboard.

    22-Seo Analysis

    SEO Analysis

    Before starting the campaign, we will go through your website for a thorough SEO audit. Don’t worry because this process will not cost you extra money as this comes free with the package. This process will include your initial ranking of the website, backlink analysis, etc.

    Original Content

    We have dedicated writers for articles, blogs, and press releases required for link building. Our experienced writers will curate content specifically for link building because having original content is an essential part of a link-building process. Our writers are good at vocabulary and content writing in general.

    3 Advantages to Use Our Services

    Maintaining Your Rank on The Web

    The change in Google’s algorithm and competition often changes your website’s rank. You don’t want your website to rank on the first page today and go down to the 3rd page in the next few days. With our monthly link-building services, we will help you maintain your position on the first page.

    Recovering the Rank, You Lost

    If your competitors have outranked you today, don’t worry. With our link-building services, you can take your position back and even outrank your competitors. It will also help you maintain your position for a long time.

    Try Out Our Services

    It is likely that you cannot finalize who to work with if you are starting a new business or website. If you want some help, contact us. We will help you and guide you to start a collaboration.


    We focus on information-based content which steers clear from sales or PR material. The page should have content valuable to the audience and maintains relevancy to your industry.

    We can consider your input, but we cannot promise to use the page you have chosen. Your preferred page will go through a review process, and we will discuss it further.

    No. Your links will be available for at least 6 months after your link goes live. Even if your link is removed for some reason, we will build a new one for you without any added cost.

    As soon as we start working on your project, we will send you an accessible sheet that will be updated often, and you can check the progress in real-time.

    No. We don’t allow site approval before we start the outreach process. However, if you want to avoid some types of sites, you can send us a list.

    Absolutely! Domain relevance is a part of our link-building process, and all links will be contextually relevant.

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