Responsive Web Design Cost

Does your website look good on the desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad and iPhone devices? Before designing any website, it is essential to understand the kind of business you have, and the website should be optimized.

Gone are the days when we used to be stuck in front of the Desktop to find facts or to browse the Internet. Most of us today use our smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. It is essential to have a website which is responsive to all these devices.

Responsive Web Design Plans and Pricing

Packages $750 $850 $950
Number Of Pages 5-7 8-12 13-18
Additional Pages $50 $100 $150
Website Mock Up
Logo Mockups
Responsive Design
Animated Banner
Theme Installs
WordPress Based website
Navigation Menu Responsive
Sticky Menu
Google Maps Responsive
Mobile Segment
Drag & drop website editor so you can easily update the site yourself
Blog Setup
Image Gallery
Embed Video
eCommerce Integration
Payment Gateway
Shopping Cart Product
Newsletter & email list maintenance (if applicable)
Accumulated Sharing
Perfection in Your SEO
Website hosting
SSL certificate
Free of Device-Alternating Issues
Website Training
Email Support
Chat Support
Phone Support
Payment Method Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method

What Do We Offer In Our Responsive Web Design Packages?

We at JDM Web Technologies offer website Responsive Design Packages that will help you to make your existing website responsive on the desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad and iPhone devices. Some of our essential factors which we consider while making your site responsive.

  • Brand
  • Popularity
  • Functionality
  • Industry of work
  • Audience
  • Client Conversion
  • Multiple Devices Responsive
  • Browsers Responsive

All these factors are essential in understanding to determine the pricing of any responsive website. A responsive site is not just costlier than a regular website but also more accessible. It is a well-known fact that the decision of whether to stay on a website or not is taken within a few seconds. It is the first impression of your website which decides on whether your client will stay active and browse it or not.

Cost Factor In Responsive Web Design

If your requirements are of a basic website wherein, you need to list your products only you might opt for a template based site. These are predesigned functional websites which have a fundamental structure. Such a website requires very little work and costs less. It might be a responsive website depending on your requirements. An ideal industry to have such a website would be heavy machinery and industrial parts required in a manufacturing unit. In such a case, the client will view the website for reference only, or out of sheer curiosity. No actual sale will take place here. The website is just a means of communication or information.

On the other hand, a custom developed responsive web-design packages is more suitable for the retail industry. In this industry, it is essential to have a website which is different from the league. Here a customer not just views your stuff but also makes purchases, thus leading to an actual sale. The pricing of such a unique website is going to be higher.

We at JDM Web Technologies believe in creating websites that not just look great but are also an integral part of your lives. We design elegant and modern look websites which you will want to come back to visit the website every day.

How Standard Websites Converted into a Responsive Website.

In the last decade, people used to maintain two websites, desktop version, and mobile version. The mobile versions were lighter to load on the screen as they were primarily designed for people who had 2nd and 1st generation mobiles. They needed a separate website for the viewing because the desktop version was heavy and time-consuming.

Not to mention that viewing in the mobile version cut back many features that were present in the desktop site. Now, it is not feasible to maintain separate sites especially because people are going to be seeing the website from their desktops, tablets, phones, or the desktop itself. In this situation designing a responsive web design is so important.

Why Hire Us For Responsive Web Design Packages?

We Can Provide You With A Website That Is Top Notch And Will Fulfill The Following Criterions:



Breakpoints play an authentic role in the determining of your responsive web design cost. Depending on how many breakpoints you require in your website to be able to view it across platforms, the price also depends. A complex website with a lot of content will need many points to be able to reduce itself to a screen size of a tablet. Similarly, a simple site will require very few breakpoints.



This is also vital in designing a responsive website. You would want your customers across all devices to be able to read the same data. You want them to know how much they are willing to share about themselves and the business with their clients. Imagine the horror if one were to read only half of the information on a mobile device as compared to a desktop. Thus, it is essential to have a CMS in place to maintain the same content on the website despite the device difference.



A popular product also works wonders for any website. The responsiveness of the website is tested again and again when people use their multiple devices for their favorite product. Both of these factors require a super responsive website that can handle very large traffic simultaneously.



If your product is already well established in the market, you don’t need to do any marketing. All you need is your customers to be loyal to your brand. If that is there, responsive web design is sure to increase traffic to your website.



Your industry of work also plays an important role in deciding what kind of budget you have for your website. In the heavy engineering and equipment industry, a web-page is not used for sales. On the contrary in the fast-moving consumer goods industry website is there to provide information, even though most people love the products, they buy a repeat of what they have already used. A convenient, responsive web design package is essential to determine your expectations from it and financial investment that you are willing to do.

We are here to provide multiple packages for all of you out there. Depending on what your needs are and what kind of website you require, you can always get a template based or a custom designed webpage. The price would depend on the features that you need.

We at JDM Web Technologies believing in giving our clients the best value for their money, and responsive web design packages which is efficient and pocket-friendly.

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