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If you want your web visitors to have a personalised experience, a dynamic and innovative website is a must. And without PHP development, there’s hardly any life to your site.

What is PHP Development?

PHP is an open-source language – free and doesn’t require any technical skills to use. This makes it suitable for building innovative and dynamic websites easily and at a low cost. As it is an open-source framework, we don’t have to engage in any legal obligations and provide any subscription fees.

A code generated in PHP is versatile and will function well on all mainstream platforms. With the help of PHP development services, a PHP developer can create innovative websites, and add many new functionalities and features. In a way, PHP allows the developer to have more control while building/developing the website.

Why Should You Choose PHP Framework For Your Website Development?

  • PHP is quite common in the web development industry and the marketplace, which makes a lot server pre-sets to support the development stack.
  • With PHP, web developers find it easier to work on the wireframing stage, making the project proceed faster but also not compromising on the functionality.
  • PHP is an open-source framework, which doesn’t require any fees in downloading or using. This allows for a cost-effective approach to build a website compared to other technologies.
Our Services

Feature integration and enhancements

With our website feature integration and enhancement services, you get functionalities that don’t conflict with each other. We have skilled PHP programmers in our workforce who will help you enhance the features of your website, and integrate them with other technologies. This also includes plugins and extensions development services.

Customised PHP development services

It’s a good thing to want to be different. If you have any specific criteria or expectations for how your website should look or function, our PHP development team will work on them. Our PHP developers have vast expertise working on a variety of projects, ranging from logo design to web design.

PHP eCommerce development

The ease of buying and selling products and services online is the most significant characteristic of an eCommerce website. Our PHP developers have worked on many eCommerce website projects delivering an appealing, feature-rich, and, of course, user-friendly site that ensures a hassle-free experience.

PHP CMS Development

JDM Web Technologies will provide you with all the tools you will require to maintain your site and update press releases or news, edit, etc. We have been delivering successful PHP CMS development services. You don’t have to worry about our PHP CMS development services complying with your strategies or methodologies.

Upkeep and Customer Support

After launching your website, it will take you time to understand and take control over your website, and we are extremely patient with you as is our duty. We offer full maintenance and support in case of any bug, testing, monitoring or analysing of your website.

Upgrade PHP Applications

There are countless ways to modernize and enhance existing products and platforms, because PHP has one of the most robust ecosystems in the web development world. Our experienced PHP developers not only update the functionality of your application, but also conduct extensive testing to ensure it works at optimum performance.

Hiring JDM Web Technologies’ Expert Easily

Hiring our services is very simple! Book a consultation with us – it’s free! You can use Skype, Email or our contact number to book a consultation. Please wait till our business analysts get back to you.


Let’s Discuss Your Project

Our business analyst will want to know about the scope and requirements of your project, for which, we need you to be ready with details.


Terms And Timelines

After knowing the scope of your project, we will send you a detailed project proposal and wait for your agreement. It will include the timelines and delivery time of your project.


Project Execution

This step is where your project is in the process – design, developments, testing, etc.


Upkeep And Support For Your Website

After the delivery and launching of your project, we will continue to provide you with ongoing support for bug removal or any guidance you require.

Benefits of JDM Web Technologies PHP Development Services


Our Services Are Scalable

Businesses are always growing, hence we build scalable websites so that you can adjust them as per your growing requirements.


SEO- Optimised

The contents, design and technical aspects of your website will be SEO optimised enhancing the visibility in the Google SERPs.



Your website performance will be decided based on how fast it is, and we plan to make it fast loading and lightweight.


Responsive Web Design

Regardless of what device your customers are using to access your website, it will have great functionality.

How Does JDM approach web design?

Depending on the client’s goal and preference, every web design process and duration varies. Still, our web designing process has a discipline, without which there will not be a functioning website to deliver.

Analysis And Estimation
Development And Testing
Maintenance And Ongoing Development

How do we do it?

Analysis and estimation

This process consists of assessing the ideas and visions, researching the market, and finally estimation of time and cost.


This is where you agree to the contract, we build the site map, and we split the whole project into small sections.


This process includes designing the web pages, logos, menus, etc for your website.

Development and testing

In this process, our developers work on your project and test and review the website’s functionality before launching.


In this process, we launch your website after ensuring it is free of any technical or coding errors.

Maintenance and ongoing development

This process includes including new features, backups, managing the servers, etc. This also includes adapting your website to a new software version.

Responsive Web Design & Development using PHP Frameworks

Laravel is developed by Taylor Otwell, which is a web application framework that has expressive syntax. The templating used by Laravel is called Balde, within which you can use PHP.

With minimal configurations, you can build web apps in no time. CodeIgniter is well-known for providing quick web development features and was the second-fastest of the four PHP frameworks.


If you are trying to build a scalable website, Symphony is one of the best choices for both website and apps. It has a modular component system that is flexible and you can work with any component for your project.

CakePHP is flexible and effective, and it’s the best platform for PHP website development. One of the best features of CakePHP is that the configuration is minimal.


Yii translates to ‘simple and evolutionary’, which is what describes this framework. Launched in 2008, Yii is featured with several security measures like encryption and authentication.


One of the most popular frameworks, Zend is used commonly by many large enterprises. However, it is now transitioning to Laminas Project, which is suggested over the previous framework, as they don’t update Zend anymore.


Our developers have expertise in various PHP solutions and technologies and frameworks like Symphony, CakePHP, Zend/Laminas Project, Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, etc. Apart from these, we also provide services like eCommerce development, HTML development, Javascript development, etc

Yes, our developers will modify your website design in the future. You can share and define any changes you want to your contents, layout, and appearance.

Certainly! We offer PHP development services for Website Redesign. Feel free to reach out to us via email or chat to share your details and design requirements.

Absolutely! Take a glance at our Testimonials and Portfolio to witness our track record. Contact us or request our business analyst for a glimpse of our previous successful projects. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering the same level of professionalism and quality to you.

Our services are tailored to suit your budget and can be customized accordingly. Get in touch with us to learn more about our package details or to request a personalized budget. Don't forget to check out our website design and development packages for further information.

Yes. PHP framework is an advanced framework making it suitable for small business, medium-sized business and even large enterprises. PHP allows us to build scalable and lightweight websites.

We share the duration and timelines of our services when you request a quote and share your project scopes with us. Every project is different, requiring a different duration of time, but we ensure that we will deliver on the date we mention and not a day later.

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