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Terms and Conditions

When choosing JDM Web Technologies as your Digital Marketing Service provider, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions that govern the service agreement. These determine a certain protocol that should be followed both by the client and JDM Web Technologies (henceforth also known as Service provider or SP).

The List Of Terms And Conditions Includes But Is Not Limited To:

3rd Party Liability WaiverThe service provider does a lot of research for the client during and after the briefing sessions. That research employs the use of third-party content such as articles, blog posts etc. We use them just as a resource to make effective presentations and they shouldn’t be confused by the client as something we recommend or endorse. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for any loss that might occur.

Privacy PolicyWe gather information that you provide to us and agree not to disclose it. It is up to the client to give us as much information as possible during the briefing sessions and not withhold anything pertaining to the deal. JDM Web Technologies shall not be held responsible in case of misinformation or withheld information.

Compliance and Limited LicenceWe at JDM Web Technologies do not employ copyright protected material and are fully compliant with the laws that govern them. We shall take down any material once given proper notice. Agreeing to our set forth terms, we shall allow the audience to use the contents of the websites barring they do not cause any trouble to the operations of the website.

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Copyright GeneralThe client or anyone is not allowed to use the information that we have published under our website or email correspondence. That information is protected under a copyright statute and entitles us with legal action against the offender.

IndemnificationThe client agrees to not withhold responsible the JDM Web Technologies and its associates regarding the use of the website.

Limited LiabilityWe take pride in our work as we work hard for our clients. With that given, we shall not be held liable for any consequential loss, financial or of any other sort that arises from the avail of our services.

ConfidentialityThe employees at JDM Web Technologies have all agreed to sign and abide by NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and Confidentiality clauses. This means that any data that you may provide is safe with us, giving you the peace of mind.

Payment TermsThere are specific payment terms and conditions that are in place for the different packages that we provide. The client agrees to abide by them all, falling to which client can open themselves up for legal action and further penalties.

DisclaimerIt is disclaimed by the JDM Web Technologies that the product or services material on the website should be maintained and updated by the service provider. However, there might be factual inaccuracies that may be present. The information should be accessed at the user's risk.

ChangesAny additional changes required after final terms have been agreed require express concern from the service provider.