Website Maintenance Packages

JDM Web Technologies provides affordable Web Maintenance Packages for better performance and making sure that website stays 24x7 online. We are more than a decade experienced, efficient and skilled as well as have the expertise to help you stay ahead.

We at JDM Web Technologies understand how affordability is a major concern when it comes to hiring web maintenance services. We provide inexpensive website maintenance packages at reasonable prices.

Website Maintenance Plans and Pricing

PACKAGES $150 $350 $550
Backups Monthly Weekly Daily
Update Roll-Back
Plugin Updates
Theme Installs
CMS Support / E-commerce Support
Add/remove products
Add/remove images
Update content
Basic Bug fixes and programming
Create content and copywriting
Update blog entries
Trouble Shooting Server Issue
Trouble Shooting DB Error
Scan website and resolve any malicious file issue
Adding/removing pages
Graphic Designing in Photoshop
Shopping cart product updates (if applicable)
Newsletter & email list maintenance (if applicable)
Website hosting
SSL certificate
Email Support
Chat Support
Phone Support
Payment Method Payment Method

SEO Plans and Pricing

Website Maintenance Price Range

At JDM Web Technologies, we have separate charges for different types of websites.

We Will Provide You With A Breaking Up Of The Pricing For Your Benefit:

Web Sites for Small Busines
Small and Personal Blog Sites

Cost Ranges $50 Per Month

Small Personal Blog Sites and Such types of websites are generally startup websites, and they require low maintenance and also low traffic. It means that even the most basic web hosting plans will be working fine and boosting the website's performance. It will do all that a user will need from such websites. In general, such sites will have just a few pages with a few photos and some content, and they will offer little functionalities.

Business Website with Wider Audiences

Cost Ranges $100 Per Month

Business websites are more expensive. They will also range from having little functionality to some utility driven services. They will have many services pages of content along with a massive number of people actively viewing the content: thus audience number will be more. It is essential that in these types of websites there is in place with a reliable and good security service to prevent malicious agents from influencing the vast audience who regularly view the website. It is essential for the website's hosts to be strong and capable enough to handle a large number of people coming through the web traffic.

E-Commerce Web Sites
E-Commerce Websites

Cost Ranges $300 Per Month

E-commerce websites which do not have any customizations and These types of websites are not basic business websites. Including the functionality of e-commerce, there will be a requirement for constant product updating and product reviewing and order updates. These websites need to be optimized continuously. Hence these require more expensive packages, as the number of services as are necessary for such websites to function smoothly.

We Are Here To Help You With The Best Web Maintenance Services.

Consultation The Schedule of the Maintenance

At JDM Web Technologies we are very particular about punctuality and time. We will give you the exact specifics of the schedule of your maintenance from the beginning. This is highly significant for business owners and especially those who run e-commerce websites because they require constant updates. We understand how important, timely delivery of services is for your business and we will not disappoint you.

Ibusiness and finance Will Your Package Include SEO Services & Digital Marketing As Well

We understand that SEO is one of the most critical factors which will determine your website's success on the internet and will help you to grow your business and expand it in the long run. We will assist you in the search engine optimization of your business website with fresh content and updates. Thus, you will have a good deal when you hire us for your web maintenance services.

Seo Traffic Additional Assistance Will Be Included in the Web Maintenance Packages

We believe in transparency and explain in detail about the services you will be getting, this will include monitoring both front ends, like the user interface, and back ends of your website. Knowing what services to expect and what services you require will help you to understand what should be a right web maintenance cost for your website. There can be different types of issues and problems which you can run into when you run a website, this includes website errors, updates of all the plugins, protection against malware and other attacks, keeping it safe from hackers, and so on. So, you have to decide the exact services you need as well as those services that are included in the web maintenance service packages that are being offered to you. we offer all these services and much more to make you safe and stay ahead of your competitors.

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