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Targeted Ads Helping You Sell More

Before you spend your money on Amazon advertising, remember that it’s a tough process. Advertising for Amazon-sponsored products should be targeted.

Many clients have turned to JDM Web Technologies for Amazon PPC services after doing it independently. Our Amazon marketing agency plan shows you exactly how we’ll execute your effective weekly and monthly advertising campaign. We set monthly percentage growth goals and explain our plan every step of the way. We also make calculated monthly modifications to enhance ROI. Weekly and monthly updates keep you informed.

Follow-up is critical for any successful Amazon seller. Ultimately, it is one of the most critical steps in determining success on Amazon.

Why Invest In Amazon PPC Campaigns?

High Conversion More Revenue

Increase Daily Orders

Due to the fact that Amazon accounts for more than 40% of all online sales, having a presence on the platform is critical for ecommerce businesses. When a percentage of your marketing budget is devoted to Amazon advertising, you will be able to capture a greater share of those sales. Without a doubt, Amazon PPC ads will alleviate any concerns you may have about receiving online orders.

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Grow Market Dominance

You definitely want to be your customer’s first preference. Isn’t it! We offer Amazon PPC management services that are intended to assist you in gaining market dominance in your specific area. As sales, brand awareness, and online presence all improve for your company, your products will become the first choice for shoppers.

Improve Brand Awareness

Amazon is a powerful platform that can be utilized to transform the voice of your company. You may market your company and your items on Amazon by taking advantage of our Amazon PPC packages, which have been strategically developed. Because your brand and products appear in relevant search results and product listings, shoppers will become more familiar with your company and products. It is possible to benefit from Amazon PPC services even if your firm does not sell products on the Amazon platform.

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Reach your Target Buyer

Amazon is where more than half of all shoppers begin their product search. Companies that aren’t on Amazon are missing out on half of the market, which is a considerable loss. Your organization may reach its target buyer by using an integrated approach to Amazon, such as Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC. This leads to sales on your Amazon Store, which boosts your bottom line and your market competitiveness.

JDM Amazon PPC Services

Brand Sponsored Ads

Both vendors and brand owners can gain access to them through a secure portal. Ads sponsored by brands are three times more powerful than any other advertisement, particularly when it comes to conversions. Three of your items are included in the search results, along with your brand logo, a custom headline, and a personalized description of the product. For optimum clicks and conversions, our PPC Experts optimize Ads by using their previous experience, new targeting options, placements, and other marketing tactics, as well as other marketing methods. Allow our professionals to push your products to the forefront of attention with the appropriate advertisements!

Sponsored Product Ads

Product Ads are typically placed at the top and bottom of the search-result page, as well as beside your competitor’s product pages. You can use the Ad to target clients based on their searches and link them to your product page. Advertisers can choose between exact, phrase, and broad match types, as well as the ability to set and alter bids and campaign duration. Our expert uses both automatic and manual campaigns to achieve the best outcomes. Allow us to manage your PPC campaigns, and we’ll help you reach a wide range of potential customers in no time!

Product Display Ads

Vendors are the only ones that can use this advertisement function. If you’re a vendor, you might have considered placing an advertisement for your goods beneath the page of a competitor. Product Display Ads do the same function. By targeting clients based on their interests, you can place your product under the ‘add to basket button on the competitors’ websites, increasing your sales. They can also be found on customer review sites and, in some instances, at the top of listing pages, among other places. Our Amazon experts can assist you in increasing the upsell and cross-sell potential of your products through the use of highly targeted Display Ads.

Video Ads

To succeed in ecommerce, you must cater to mobile customers. Your digital marketing plan must target smartphone users. You need to capture and hold mobile buyers’ attention. Nothing engages customers as video ads do. This is crucial when trying to reach a younger audience.

In addition, our Amazon marketing services agency tells you how to maximize your video ad ROI. We help you develop the most effective video advertising and offer to drive the most sales on Amazon.

Our Amazon experts can help you save time, money, and hassle by providing high-quality product and lifestyle images to increase sales and brand awareness. We have an in-house photography team and external vendor choices to offer high-resolution, optimized photographs quickly. For all Amazon buyers, we know the needs.

We also have in-house videographers that can write material, shoot, and edit videos for Amazon. Our Amazon PPC management team can also create high-quality YouTube videos to promote Amazon sales.

After completing the Amazon brand registry, you can access Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (A+ content). These photos and videos are used in this material. Help with product descriptions.

What Do You Get

Dedicated Expert
Keyword Research
Bid Management
AD Management
Competitor Analysis
Dedicated Amazon PPC Ad Management Expert

Our Amazon PPC specialists have more than a decade of combined experience and can deliver unequalled Amazon PPC expertise to you. Our knowledge and experience can assist you in creating PPC campaigns that exceed your expectations in terms of Amazon sales. When you agree to work with us, you will be assigned a dedicated Amazon PPC Ad Manager who will be available to you at all times if you require his support in any way.

Deep Keyword Research

We explore high-value keywords for each of your products using industry-leading tools and our expertise. We consider various characteristics such as search volume, competitiveness, and cost-per-click (CPC) when selecting keywords. We research how your target market searches for your products and services. This data teaches us what keywords to target and bid on and the ideal phrases to utilize in your ad content and product pages to hook customers.

Bid Management

Once your ads are up and going, we will closely monitor the bids on your keywords. This includes adjusted bidding techniques at the specific keyword level based on placement, impressions, performance, and other factors to provide you the most visibility and clicks for the least amount of money spent on advertising per sale (ACoS)

Manual PPC Ad Management

To achieve the most significant results, our experts spend quality time manually managing your Ad campaigns. They can optimize your advertising campaigns and bids by focusing on each region, maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Competitor Analysis

From time to time, we research your competitors, identifying new strategies to advertise your products and enhancing your existing PPC campaign. Our proactive strategy improves our keyword research and allows our team to spot the best ad copy opportunities, resulting in more sales for you and fewer for your competitors.

Ad Campaign Reports

With JDM, you will constantly be aware of the current status of your campaigns and their overall performance. With weekly and monthly reports, we break down the raw data to show you conversion metrics and performance measured against your key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals, ensuring that you only receive the most relevant information to your company.


Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a type of advertising in which marketers only pay a fee to Amazon when a shopper clicks on their advertisement. With Sponsored Products, you can select which products to advertise, attach keywords or other properties to them, and set a maximum cost-per-click amount for each product.

Amazon advertisements occur in a variety of locations throughout Amazon. For example, with Sponsored Products, your advertisements can appear both in organic search results and on product detail pages for the products you sell. Sponsored Brands appear above Sponsored Products and organic search results on the search results page.

When an advertisement is presented on Amazon, an impression is created. The number of impressions is a metric that measures how frequently your ad is delivered for the search phrases that shoppers have entered. Amazon does not charge for impressions; you are charged only for clicks. Impression sharing offers you crucial competitive data that you may use to your advantage.

We begin by removing low-performing campaigns and consolidating high-converting keywords into the primary focus campaign’s keyword list, which takes around a week. We rank and index the top 10 keywords using progress tracking over weekly KPIs to generate organic sales.

We require you to grant permission for an advertisement to us. This is located under the advertisement tab.

We provide comprehensive reports to our clients that track growth throughout the month, including ASIN Rankings, keyword rankings, and organic orders vs. paid advertisements, among other metrics.

Ready To Start Your Amazon PPC Campaign?

Request a proposal today to start generating more revenue from Amazon advertisements, such as our Amazon PPC services, including frequent reporting, a dedicated account manager, and proactive bid management.

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