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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredible approach that allows you to boost both the quality and the quantity of Internet traffic from search engines to a website. The primary goal of SEO is to pull unpaid traffic, rather than direct or purchased visitors.

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    What is SEO?

    “SEO” stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears higher in search results on Google, Bing, and other comparable search engines. To attract new and existing clients, your pages must appear in search results.

    Let’s take that definition and split it down into its constituent pieces so that we may better understand what SEO is all about:

    Quality of the Traffic

    Google sends traffic to your site that has actually searched for your product/service. You certainly don’t want to have visitors who want to buy bananas if you’re a banana-shaker seller. Alternatively, you want to attract visitors who are really interested in the things you offer instead.

    Quantity of the Traffic

    More traffic is beneficial if you have the right people clicking their way through these search engine results pages.

    Organic Search Results

    Many search engine result pages are dominated by advertising. Organic traffic is any traffic that comes to you without you having to pay for it.

    Why SEO Is Important for Your Business?


    A complete marketing ecology is based on SEO. Every year, people search trillions of searches seeking information about products and services. Search results have evolved in recent years to provide visitors with more direct answers and information that they keep on the results page rather than sending to other sites.


    Organic traffic is the most valuable traffic because you don’t pay a search engine to show your material to its visitors in the organic section of a SERP search engine results page. You don’t pay Google when a user clicks on a result and reaches your site, so that’s how SEO works.


    Brands often rely on search to manage digital traffic and complement other marketing platforms. Search Engine Optimization can improve visibility and provide users with more information about your business.


    The primary goal of search engines is to provide their users with what they are looking for. When a user searches for something, they want to provide the most relevant results possible. Search engines are used by people looking for a solution to a problem or query they cannot find on their own. These search engines strive to provide the most useful, relevant and reliable answer or solution to a query.


    To improve your SEO, you must first identify your target audience’s search terms. Find out what they search for, then write content that provides a clear, easy, and helpful solution to their problem.

    How Does Search Engine Work?

    Let’s understand this by learning how does the giant search engine Google Works. Google “categorizes the material of the Internet.” That’s really interesting! Google organizes the material of the Internet to serve the needs of its consumers in the best way possible. You can imagine Google as a database for all web-based information. If someone requests specific information, Google can guide them to the article that best answers or solves the problem.

    You should approach SEO as if you were offering solutions to Google users and asking them to promote your solution.

    How You Can grow with SEO?

    Today, search engines play a crucial role in developing or destroying your brand’s reputation. An SEO Company assists business owners in developing websites that are fast, sturdy, and user-friendly, which in turn helps them rank higher in search engines, resulting in more quality leaders and greater conversion rates.

    We all know that a website helps you stand out from the competition and attract new customers. Companies with SEO-optimized websites get twice as many customers and expand faster.

    Further, search engine users are more likely to trust a page that is on the first page of the search engine results pages than companies that are not. If you own a business, you should use SEO Services to build a strong online presence, outperform your competitors and attract new customers.

    Better Conversion Rates

    Faster loading, easier reading, and navigation of web pages that work well on virtually any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Easy-to-read and navigate web pages attract and hold readers, leading to loyal consumers, subscribers, and repeat visitors.

    Build Brand Awareness

    Higher positions help to increase brand awareness. Customers tend to trust your brand when it appears on the first page of major search engines. Therefore, businesses that want to increase their brand presence on a local or global level should invest in SEO.

    Bypass Competition

    Consider two companies in the same industry selling identical products at comparable prices, one with an optimized website, the other not. If everything else is the same, Which company is likely to grow faster? When your competitors use SEO, you have to ask yourself why you haven’t done so yet.

    Bring In More Customers

    SEO is currently the most effective and cost-effective marketing method. It will only attract people who are actively looking for your services! If you are willing to invest a little time, energy, and money, SEO will help you win more customers than any other marketing strategy.

    How Can SEO Services Help Your Business Grow?

    As a business owner who has to keep investing in marketing, how can you be sure that SEO campaign management will help your business grow? Trust Google, trust the agency working towards optimizing your website, and your site will improve search engine rankings, attract more visitors, and convert more customers.

    Following Facts Will Make Things More Clear –

    You get better SEO Results if you select your keywords correctly. Target a specific keyword in your content, Meta tags, alt tags, and URLs. Insert the keyword into these critical areas to maximize your chances of ranking it in Google.

    A high-ranking keyword increases page visitors. Studies show that the first position on the result pages receives about 33% of clicks, followed by the second position at 15%. If you make it to the top of the search results, you will see an increase in page visitors.

    More visitors to your site means more conversions. You can create an informative blog page that offers everything a user is looking for. Since your site is of excellent quality, visitors are more likely to stay on your site and buy your articles or services.

    Increased conversions lead to higher revenues and indicate a successful SEO plan, such as placing high-quality search results.

    What Do JDM Web Technologies’ Seo Services Include?

    Our SEO services are all-inclusive, designed for all business types for meeting optimization goals

    seo and web optimization final
    SEO Audit

    Our SEO Audit and Competitor analysis focus on manual researching of all important aspects. This audit helps us find the site areas that can be improved for better performance. Our focus lies in factors like website structure, layout, backlinks, performance, keywords, titles, etc.

    Local SEO

    As much as mobile phones are what people rely on, they are always looking for local services on the internet. It is easier and efficient to find a business that is suitable. At JDM Web Technologies, we develop local SEO services that will bring your business where your prospects find you.

    Off-Page Optimization

    Most businesses don’t invest in Off-Page optimization, and because of this, having an off-page optimization for your website means you have an advantage over your competitors. But off-page optimization also means enjoying the full potential of Google rankings.

    On-Page SEO

    Each page on your website is important and optimizing all of them is our goal. Our SEO experts optimize Meta tags and all-important content for all the pages. Our On-Page SEO also includes optimizing URL structure and suggestion of UI/UX.

    Technical SEO

    JDM Web Technologies’ have proactive SEO experts that are good at keeping in touch with changing trends and Technical SEO practices. Our SEO team works on satisfying your visitors with a hassle-free and memorable website experience.


    How often you update your website’s blog, has everything to do with how your traffic is impacting. At JDM Web Technologies, we can provide you with our blogging services as often as you want them. We have a great team of writers, who can always work on your blogging requirements.

    8-Content Marketing
    Content Marketing

    We create and distribute relevant, valuable, and consistent content with the aim of increasing brand awareness, improving search engine rankings and arousing the interest of target groups.

    4-Seo and Data report
    SEO Monitoring & Reporting

    Depending on various aspects, your website might have technical issues which require fixing to provide efficient SEO techniques. We use various tools to track your rankings and your competitor rankings.

    10 Steps to a Successful SEO Activity

    SEO is a time taking yet fruitful process! If you want to be successful in organic SEO search results, you need to get involved in the work and explore your target demographics. So we start our SEO process with a conversation with you. You know your business and your business best. Your goals guide our SEO strategy. Before we start working, our team takes the time to get to know you and your business. Knowing more about your target audience, your business model and your competition helps our team develop a search engine optimization approach that meets your specific needs.



    Our first focus during the process is to fully comprehend your marketing objectives, followed by development of a solid foundation upon which we can begin our implementation.


    Website Audit

    We work on finding out the weak areas of your website, and the strong ones. While we try to fix errors that make your website weak, we always look for ways to enhance the strong areas to get an advantage over your competitors.


    Competitive Analysis

    Analyzing the patterns and behaviors of your competitors is one of the most effective ways you can outrank them. Before we start implementing ideas and work on developing strategies, we look for the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.


    Keyword Research

    It is all about providing value and information to your clients, apart from trying to reach them. We work on keyword research where we plan to find out all the search queries and try to craft out content that will stay relevant to those queries.


    Mapping Optimization

    We work on various SEO strategies where we allocate various suitable keywords to pages on your websites. This process will eventually help your viewers find their necessary information and content on that particular page.



    After all the steps above, we focus on implementing all the needed strategies on your website and its pages. We also keep a record of all the changes we implement so that we get to know the impact and productiveness of the strategies.


    Monitoring Traffic And Rankings

    Various tools help us monitor the traffic on your site, and how your website is ranking after the implementation of our services. Any significant change will help us in learning what is working in your favor and what is not.


    SEO Strategy

    We develop unique and tailor-made SEO strategies for your website’s optimization. Our SEO strategies are also focused on converting your visitors to paying clients.


    Content Creation

    Content marketing is one of the services that cannot be avoided at any cost. Our content marketing services strive to connect with your audience, solve their issues, and build long-lasting relationships in an engaging way.



    We work to provide you regular reports on how our processes are working and your ranking. Along with that, we also share reports on your traffic and website’s overall performances.

    Which JDM Web Technologies SEO Services Are Right for Your Business?

    Local SEO Services

    If you have a small business, JDM Web Technologies can help boost your digital presence in various ways. Our services include Google My Business pages, along with brand visibility and higher conversion services.

    We also optimize all the pages on your websites which is important for higher ranking across various search engines. We go through various research and experimentation before implementing these strategies and practices of local SEO.

    Hire Dedicated SEO Expert

    If you are not satisfied with your previous SEO results, we have dedicated SEO experts for hire. No matter how big or small your marketing goals are, our dedicated SEO experts have the experience and skillsets to meet your goals and requirements.

    Our SEO experts are great at gaining results like increasing your business traffic and maximizing ROI. Our techniques and process updates as much as Google algorithm and SEO practices change. We also focus on promoting your website through proper optimization methods.

    Technical SEO

    Our technical SEO services focus on making sure your website’s structure, architecture, coding, safety, health, etc., are working to the code, and therefore have all it needs to satisfy its visitors.

    JDM Web Technologies ensures that apart from other SEO efforts, technical SEO will be taken care of so that your website is not lacking anything to meet your visitor’s and Google’s ranking requirements.

    Link Building

    At JDM Web Technologies, we focus on high-quality link building that will positively impact your website. Quality link building is expensive, but when you are paying for it, we assure you that you will get the results you expect and you deserve.

    Our link-building strategy is based on various relationships with owners of quality blogs, and hence your links are in the quality and top-rated websites. We only work on relevant and contextual content for our link building.

    computer onlineshop

    Ecommerce SEO

    Our ecommerce SEO services focus on both on-page and off-page SEO that brings you to the top of the industry and SERPs. Many ecommerce websites fail to implement proper SEO techniques and don’t understand the importance of ecommerce SEO services for increasing sales and traffic on their website.

    Our ecommerce SEO ensures your website is fit for a hassle-free user experience. Our e-commerce SEO is great at finding potential buyers and having them convert to your long-term clients.

    Guest Post

    We focus on four major aspects while creating a guest post – keyword-optimized content, unique voice, subtle promotion, and suitable SEO practices. Quality matters the most when it comes to guest posting, and it means content that is valuable and written in a way that is readable by all.

    We promote your business in the most convenient and subtle way and work on the content that is entertaining and adds value to the audience queries. We try to be educational, helpful, and fun so that your audience finds a way to stick to your site.

    Why Our SEO Services Are better Than the Rest



    With our years of experience, we have grown to the leading services in the industry. Any company looking for growth in their online presence can see our experience, skills, and results before they choose us to be their go-to marketing services.


    Dedicated SEO Experts

    We offer you are dedicated SEO services where our professionals find a way to know your industry and organization and try to understand your specific requirements.



    It is the priority of every business to put clients/customer satisfaction at the top. We do the same because our clients are our pillars. We work with many sizes of businesses and often manage to get expected results because we approach all our projects with the attention they require.


    Our Determination

    Our employees are always determined, and why not! SEO is a field where things are constantly changing, and we don’t expect to have employees who are looking forward to finishing work and go home every time they enter their office. Our employees are passionate experts that work on keeping pace with the changing trends.


    Our Honesty

    We use white hat SEO techniques for your websites. We have never been engaged with illegal SEO, or never tried to cheat Google guidelines to gain effortless results. Your company’s reputation is always safe and secure with us.


    Transparent Reporting

    Our processes, price estimates, packages, and efforts are always open for you to get an insight into how it is working in your favor. Our transparent reporting includes site performance reports, completed SEO tasks, improvements, and strategies.

    Expect Great Things from your SEO agency

    Believe it Because You’ve Seen it. Here are Absolute Numbers From Just One Successful Victorious Partner.

    After SEO before seo
    After SEO after seo
    Annual Organic Traffic
    mid girl pointer red
    Ranking Keywords
    Return on Investment
    mid man chart

    Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

    SEO company report varies as per the type of the company. Reputed ones will provide you detailed monthly analysis, whereas a few will go for quarterly. Overall, it includes:

    • Monthly Organic Traffic
    • Click through the rate of high list pages.
    • Keywords Monthly Positions – Up/Down
    • Monthly Detailed Report of Backlinks
    • Goals Achieved

    With the increasing popularity of social media sites, it has become a practice to share news on the social media page for more viewership, branding, marketing, and popularity. And it's functional too.

    If you plan to list your website in any country or to a specific region, international SEO comes into action. Google and Bing are there in almost every country to list up your website based on related keywords.

    We offer various SEO Packages, however you may want to check with your monthly budget and keywords needed for marketing. SEO is a long-term activity with the recurring cost involved throughout the year. It all depends on how long you want to continue the service. Six months to 1 year is a reasonable window to see any progress. Cost also varies as per services rendered.

    Search Engine Optimization is getting famous these days. You can't run an online-based business successfully if you do not invest time and money in Search Engine Optimization Services. We are one of the best SEO service providers having more than a decade of experience and the expertise to showcase for the clientele. Search Engine Optimization Services has two crucial factors to make your website ranked higher on the search engines. First is On-Page SEO, in which we fix website advanced SEO On-site errors. The second is Off-Page SEO, in which we promote the site through Link Building Activities. We use white hat SEO strategies for conducting successful SEO Results that adhere to search engine guidelines.

    It is difficult for a startup or small-scale business to put a hefty price behind search engine marketing, and this is why they seek Low-Cost SEO Services that feature affordability. Our company is ready to fulfill such needs or requirements of clients without compromising the service's quality. We are a fair and transparent service provider for SEO Services.

    With a decade of SEO experience

    We have expertise in online business promotions through search engine optimization. That's why business owners prefer hiring us for professional SEO Services for exceptional results.

    Handling Different Campaigns

    Since 2009, we have worked with many businesses, and we are poised with the proper knowledge to serve clients precisely according to their requirements and business domains.

    Affordable SEO services

    We have designed low-cost SEO Services Plans to suit the budget of every small business and those who are limited to their monthly budget.

    Increase ROI

    Get Improved SEO Results with our ethical SEO strategy, and thus profitability of your business will rise Positive Outcomes and Long-lasting Success-Focus.

    No Hidden Cost

    We are transparent in Cost and Services, and we do not charge anything extra for the consultation. You can get in touch with us and get free SEO consulting services.

    Target Driven Method

    The target-driven approach means that we set the goals that we want to achieve first, and then our SEO strategies revolve around that.

    Easy Reporting System

    We create and share a detailed monthly report that is easy to understand and tracks the campaign's keyword rankings, traffic, and backlinks information. Google algorithms keep us updated with the latest search engine algorithms, and we work closely as per the guidelines from the search engine.

    You will find several digital marketing agencies online claiming to provide the Best SEO Services. Before selecting these companies, you must research their reviews, history, and methods of dealing with the clients. JDM Web Technologies has proved to be the most trusted SEO Service Provider. We not only provide Website Optimization Services but also design attractive websites for your business.

    At JDM Web Technologies, our prime concern is our customers. We are a renowned name, and our team comprises hardworking members who are experts in their field.

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