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According to surveys, around 93% of consumers in the USA search a local business online before visiting the shop physically to purchase something. The current trends say that 83% of consumers search from the Mobile and browse the website before visiting a shop. It helps them to locate the business quickly. Nevertheless, they can inquire about the availability of specific products or services before visiting the store. Local SEO can eventually help a business to get more leads with a high conversion rate. For the success of a business, local SEO is essential these days.

Local Seo Packages

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    What is Local SEO?

    Local SEO is a digital marketing practice that helps optimize a business website in a specific area or location. Today, every business has a website. But, all of them do not need global exposure. For example, a restaurant or café does not require international branding. We implement the different strategies for local search engine optimization. One of the essential things is optimizing the Google My Business Listing for Local Business. The aim is to let Google understand that your business operates in a particular locality or region. A company must find an SEO service provider that specializes in providing local SEO solutions.

    Why do you Need Local Search Engine Optimization Services for your Business?

    Local SEO is essential for enhancing the profitability of a business. It brings business exposure in a particular region. Website visitors, sales, and conversion rate will keep increasing for a business through local SEO. For understanding the benefits of local SEO, one needs to understand a few statistics. According to a survey, 50% of people who did a local search via their cell phone visit the store on the same day. Local SEO also helps to build trust among the buyers. More than 70% of people have stated that they check the local existence of a business in Google before visiting the shop physically.

    Grow Your Business with JDM Web Technologies Local SEO services

    At JDM Web Technologies, we offer local search engine optimization services. We have years of experience in providing SEO services. With the advent of time, local SEO has become necessary. Thus, we have a dedicated and specialized team for dealing with local SEO services. Our experts offer the best guidance to local businesses for enhancing brand value and exposure.

    Process of Our Local SEO Marketing

    We adopt the best techniques for local search engine optimization. At JDM Web Technologies, we update your website’s on-page SEO for local search engine optimization. We optimize the content of the website with local relevant SEO keywords. Additionally, we optimize Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and H1 tags for local SEO.

    In the following section, you can find a detailed guide on our local SEO service.

    Local SEO Audit

    Before deciding on a local SEO campaign, auditing is vital to gather data. We conduct an audit to check the present scenario of your website for local SEO. Making the content more relevant for a locality or area is essential for local SEO. We find the areas that need improvement.

    Google My Business Optimization

    Google My Business listing a simple way of getting traffic for a website from a specific region or locality. At JDM Web Technologies, we provide Google My Listing optimization service. We register your business profile on Google listing, and this helps to represent your business locally.

    Link Building

    The connection between SEO and link building is eternal. For running a successful SEO campaign, you need to build backlinks for your website. We apply the same strategy for local businesses. Our Link Building service helps local businesses to grow in a particular region or locality.

    Local SEO Citations

    Local SEO citation is listing your business in various online directories and classified websites. People check these directories when they need some services. For example, a person needs a plumber in his locality. He may use such directories to find a service provider. Nevertheless, local SEO citation also improves the local SEO ranking of a website.

    Location-Based Keyword Research & Strategy

    For an SEO campaign, the most important thing is the keywords. We have a specialized keyword research team for local SEO to find the most crucial keywords related to your business target location. Targeting those local keywords will help your business to gain a local SEO boost.

    Earning Customer Reviews

    If you Google a company name, you will find many reviews on the Google My Listing section. Having reviews from buyers or customers helps a local business to grow quickly. People also find the companies trustworthy if they have many positive reviews. We help your business to get reviews from customers or buyers.

    Monthly Report

    We create three reports in our monthly process. The first one is the traffic report, where we share month-to-month traffic increment. The second one is the backlinks report, where we mention all backlinks, including all Link Building activity such as listing, classified, profile creation, article, blog, guest post, press release. And the last one is the ranking report of all keywords position on Google, Yahoo, Bing.

    Designing Local Landing Pages

    Local landing pages for a business can bring many customers from organic results. We develop landing pages for different service locations. With such landing pages, your business can generate more leads and find a better conversion rate.

    On-Page Optimization

    We implement the website recommendation changes upon your approval. Apart from updating website content, we update Meta tags, H1 tags, sitemap, image tags, and titles of your website for local SEO.

    No Commitment White

    There is no need for a long-term contract or any agreement! It is a service that is available from month to month. You must pay a monthly fee for your selected package as long as you want to continue. You can choose to stop with us whenever you want to by sending an email/notification. We will pause our service for your project work without a delay.

    What is Google My Business?

    For obtaining more local visibility for your business through Google, you should use Google My Business listing feature offered by Google. If you do not have a Google My Business listing, we will help you create such a listing. For local SEO, Google My Business listing optimization is essential. If you have an existing Google My Business listing, we will audit the status of the listing and update it. We optimize Google My Business listing to reach more people in a region. You have the physical address of your office.

    Why Google My Business is Vital for Local SEO Marketing Services

    Google My Business gives you a platform to enhance engagement with your buyers or customers. People leave their reviews on Google My Business listing, and a company can use those feedbacks to improve their services. Replying to the customer reviews also helps your company to build trust. Google My Business also highlights your business. When someone searches in Google with a local keyword, Google shows them the top services in the region. Thus, your business finds a better opportunity to get leads. Google My Business also gives you more insight into local searches. A business can learn about the behaviors of the consumers through them.

    All your Google My Business questions answered

    1. What is Google My Business, and what do I get with it?

    Google My Business is a new feature introduced by Google. It helps businesses to promote their websites and business profiles. Whenever someone searches in Google with a location-based keyword, the Google My Business profile of the relevant businesses will appear in the search result. It helps a business to optimize the local SEO.

    2. How does Google My Business help me to reach the customers?

    Google My Business brings more exposure for your business through Google Maps and web search results. People use to check Google Maps before visiting a store, and Google My Business listing helps the users locate your store quickly. Nevertheless, listing to Google My Business can also enhance visibility through search results.

    3. Should I use Google My Business if I already have a website?

    Using Google My Business is recommended to all types of businesses. If you have a website, you should get listed to Google My Business with your website address. Some businesses do not have websites. They can also get listed to Google My Business to obtain online exposure even without having a website.

    4. Can I still use Google My Business if I don’t have a business shop front?

    Today, many businesses operate online. Thus, they do not have a physical shop front. In such a scenario, we recommended that you also get your business listed on Google My Business. It enhances the visibility of your business. Moreover, buyers or customers will get the necessary information on your business quickly through Google My Business.

    5. Why do I need to verify my business?

    Verification of a business helps Google to recognize the authenticity of your business. After completing verification, Google permits you to manage your Google Business Profile. Such confirmation also ensures that you make updates for your business, not an imposter.

    6. How do I verify my business?

    Google My Business verification process is simple. You can verify your business identity via your phone. Alternatively, you will get a message with an activation code on your phone. You have to enter the code to verify your identity. Another alternative is requesting a postcard to your address from Google to verify your identity.

    7. How do I get a business email?

    If you want a business email, like [email protected], you have to purchase business emails from your hosting service. You can also use Google Workspace for creating emails for everyone in your team. A business email gives a more professional look and feels to a company.

    How to Choose the Best Local SEO Company


    If you are searching for a local SEO service provider, you need to make sure that the company possesses good experience. An experienced company can provide more satisfactory results.

    Local SEO Pricing

    Many companies offer local SEO services, though the price of their services may vary. It is good to find a service provider that provides low-budget solutions to a small business or startup.

    Local Search Engine Optimization Processes

    An excellent local SEO service provider offers ethical and white hat SEO services. A service seeker should find a company that provides legitimate SEO services.

    Track Record of Success

    The success record of a company makes it trustworthy and competent. You should check the reviews and testimonials of a service provider. The company must possess a good client retention record.


    Before hiring a local SEO company, service seekers must perform brief research on the company’s reputation. You can find reviews on a business at the Google My Business listing.

    Customer Support

    Good customer support is essential for hiring a local SEO service provider. The company should be proactive in answering various queries of the customers or service seekers.

    Why Should you Choose JDM?

    JDM Web Technologies is a trusted company for providing search engine optimization and website development solutions. The company has a dedicated team for managing local SEO campaigns. Bagging years of experience, we can offer a highly effective local SEO service that generates more leads for your business. Through our local SEO campaigns, we generate organic leads to improve the sales of your business. Hence, your website gets leads with conversion rates. At JDM, we have worked with many businesses. From healthcare clinics to plumbing services, we have managed local SEO campaigns for many companies. With our local SEO service, you will find improvement in Google ranking within one to two months.


    Dedicated Project Manager

    We assign a dedicated project manager for every project for managing local SEO campaigns. We ensure that clients get the best attention from our company.


    24*7 Support

    We are always available to answer your queries or resolve issues you may face with our services. Call/email/chat with us anytime, and our dedicated customer support team will get in touch with you.


    Performance Reporting

    We never keep our clients in darkness. JDM Web Technologies is committed to maintaining transparency with clients. We share weekly SEO progress reports with clients for maintaining transparency.


    Transparent Pricing

    We have meticulously designed our local SEO packages and transparent pricing. You can easily find a package that suits your requirements if you require a custom package for your website according to your needs. We can also be customized to offer better services.



    Search engine optimization is our strength. Skilled individuals in our local SEO team can manage various challenging projects. Due to our expertise, we have maintained an excellent client-retention record.


    SEO is the technique to fetch visibility for a business website through improving Google ranking. For SEO, a business must have a website. For local SEO, a company should have listed to Google My Business. Local SEO focuses on optimizing your Google My Business listing to fetch exposure in a particular locality or region where your business operates.

    A business that operates in a particular region or locality should focus on local SEO. For example, a plumbing business offers its services to a specific area. Grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, book stores, and other similar storefronts need local SEO to reach potential buyers in their localities.

    For the ranking algorithm of Google, the locality of a business is now a significant factor. For this reason, local SEO has become an important trend these days. If you are craving a cup of coffee in New York, it won’t help you if Google shows a faraway place to you. Google finds the cafes that are located near you and provides search results. If you optimize your business website with our Local SEO for a particular location, your business will have a better chance to get more customers or buyers.

    Depending on the type of business, the result may vary. If competition is high, it would be difficult for your business to become visible in the Google My Business list. If competition is low, you can quickly get a featured spot in the Google My Business.

    Different service providers offer various packages for local SEO services. If you need local search engine optimization services from experts at an affordable price, you can try the services of JDM Web Technologies. Local SEO should be an ongoing process, which at least takes six months to show positive results. After achieving the first-page rank in Google, you have to put effort into maintaining the ranking. Hence, a business should invest in local SEO for the long term.

    We are a one-stop service provider for all Digital Marketing Solutions. Visit our website for SEO, Social Media, and Google Ads, Website Design, and Development services.
    Our Local SEO services provide Google My Business optimization, local business schema markup, local citation directories building, and many other activities.

    80% of local customers search in Google for a shop near to their location. Instead of browsing the results of Google search pages, they check Google My Business listing results. Many people use Google Maps to locate a store rather than using the Google search engine.

    Local SEO is more common among mobile device users. The main reason is that people search for a store, while they are traveling. Are you feeling tired after a long day in the office? You may crave a cup of coffee. Hence, you will search on Google through your cell phone for a coffee shop near you.

    Getting more reviews on the Google My Business page will help your business to do well. It has been found that people have the knack to check Google reviews before check-in to a hotel restaurant, cafe. They do the same before selecting a local service, like a plumber, TV repair, a car mechanic.

    If you have a negative review on your business, you cannot remove it. Sometimes, your competitor's business may leave a fake review to malign your business. You can flag the review. Google will check the authenticity of your appeal. If it finds that the review is inappropriate, it may get removed.

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