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JDM Web Technologies is a result driven digital marketing agency Atlanta

Are you looking to push your business on digital platforms but hardly have any knowledge about digital marketing? A reliable digital marketing service provider can help you in all digital forms. If you are a business based in Atlanta and seek services with specialization in website content, marketing, strategies, etc., to ensure the smooth growth of your business. Opt for JDM Web Technologies.

With extensive global experience and knowledge, JDM Web Technologies’ digital marketing services will help you define your goals, create strategies, work within a budget and track ROI. Our digital marketing packages are fully flexible and customizable. You can get a custom package based on your needs and budget, or you can choose limited areas of digital marketing without buying the full package.

Increase Visibility
Boost Brand Performance
Get More Sales

Together We Can Give More Power to Your Brand

Improving your brand visibility and generating sales through Organic and Paid Advertisement

Organic Promotion

An organic promotion is one that persuades search engines that your website is relevant to the information that your target audience is seeking. As a result, such strategies take time to implement. At JDM Web Technologies, we attempt to establish long-term sources of traffic that will assist in converting your website visitors into potential clients.

Paid Promotion

In the world of paid search, there is constant change and evolution. Because of this, working with an expert that helps your campaigns outperform the competition on a consistent basis is a must. At JDM Web Technologies, we have established a reputation for assisting businesses in achieving their PPC campaign objectives – whether it is lowering lead costs, increasing conversion rates, or increasing ROI – by implementing intelligent campaign management strategies.

JDM Web Technologies has been a pioneer when it comes to digital marketing services. Opting for us can be one of the best decisions you make for your company. We have an impeccable reputation and a proven record that justifies why we are suited to be the best partner when it comes to the growth of your business. With our extensive range of services, we have helped our clients in building an impact that is not only positive but effective for that target audience.

We have been working in the field for numerous years to bring together the best minds that help bring forth a strong team while offering the best in class services. Content writers, SEO experts, social media managers, web developers, website testing experts, program managers, business analysts and much more happen to be part of our efficient in-house team that helps us bring you the best of services .

JDM Web Technology strives to provide its clients with high-quality services such that it can allow your business to be visible to the right audience and for you to grow with us. We significantly help improve your brand visibility and image in the virtual space. We take all of our projects in all sincerity aiming to surpass client expectations.

Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services Coverage

JDM Web Technologies develops digital and content marketing strategies and concepts with expert teams working together.

Pay Per Click

Are you looking for a faster conversion rate and Return of Investment? Let us help you with a result-oriented PPC Management service for your website that will bring you fast conversion rates and ROI. Our PPC strategies target the audience with mind-blowing accuracy and provide you with results sooner than you expect.

Our team of experts are skilled in PPC management, have worked on various projects earlier, and have managed to bring effective results. PPC marketing never disappoints you as it targets audiences based on their location, search history, and interests. It is often guaranteed that your ads reach whomever it is supposed to reach. Our dedicated team will always be active in the promotion of keywords over Google search and work on the results within a short period.

8-Content Marketing

Content Writing Services

Ask us for advice on content creation or, better, outsource your content creation to us. We will return with strategies and then results for sure. While working on the growth of your online presence, you cannot avoid content marketing if you want your business to have an influence on your audience. When it comes to engagement and influencing, trust us when we tell you that relevant content is the only way.

Contents are supposed to help your clients, and customers understand how your services are helpful as a solution to their problems. As you sell your products and services, relevant content will help your consumers understand the value of your business and your commitment to both business and consumers. Let us leverage your content marketing, and we promise your results and conversions.

Online Reputation Management

Building a business and then working endless hours for its growth is an investment – of time, effort and money. How would you feel if everything goes downhill because of a few negative plus fake tweets? Exactly, things like that happen. At least 45% of the companies are known to have been negatively affected by online reviews, tweets, comments, press, forums, etc.

Your business reputation is essential for the survival of your business, and we suggest you claim control of it just at the starting of your business. JDM Web Technologies will help you control these kinds of situations with strong and fast responses. Whether positive or negative, our team of experts will help your business directly connect with your customers and converse with them on a real-time basis. With our Online Reputation Management, you will have full control over what your audiences see or how they see you online.

Social Media Marketing

So many businesses have social media pages, but most of them lie inactive. Our social media marketers are skilled in the field of social media marketing and can help you leverage your social media page to engage and create a positive impact on your consumer base.

Even if you don’t have a social media page of your business yet, let our experts create and maintain your profiles on different channels. By using an active and engaging online presence, our team of experts will build a strong relationship with your consumer base and help you gain more out of it. We incorporate unique strategies and plans, especially crafted for your business needs and goals along with helping you gain more leads and convert them into business opportunities.

Email Marketing

You would think that posting a blog post at the right frequency will help you stay connected with your audiences. But days change, and so do digital habits and patterns.

Today, you cannot put a full stop to your responsibilities after posting a blog, but leverage Email Marketing to ensure that your message is reached.

Email Marketing is simple – all you have to do is program your Email Service Provider to send emails at a set time automatically. But if you are looking for some help as you fumble with the advanced functionalities, JDM Web Technologies is here to cover you.

We have worked with clients all over the world, and by this, we mean our projects and their approaches have been diverse, so whatever your business requires, we have already done it. We will work on optimising your list, remove fake or duplicate subscribers, craft meaningful yet engaging emails, killer subject lines, and everything that will end up bringing positive changes.

Web Design And Development

The websites we build and design are nothing if they are not high-performing and digitally innovative. It doesn’t matter what field or industry your business is about; website designing and building are one of our strongest areas of business. All our designers and developers are qualified and skilled at their expertise and can build a fully functioning website from scratch or revamp your existing website to make it innovative.

Think about it, when it comes to websites, digital users act on the ‘First impression is the last impression’ principle. So, with our designing and web development services, you can give what they want – a visually appealing and fast performing website.

Our process involves analysis, research, planning, which is then followed by execution. After the launch of your website, we will also help you with its management.

Social Media Optimization

We understand that creating an impression on your target audience can be quite a challenge. We at JDM web technologies understand this challenge and our team of experts are well versed in putting out the best strategies that can help you reach out to your target audience and grab their attention. Make sure your business is seen with the help of our cutting-edge technology and approaches. We help you stand apart from the crowd. Optimising your virtual presence through your social media handles, we ensure that the clients understand what it is that you offer in the best possible way.

Local Search Engine Optimization

If you are aiming to be well known in your region, Search Engine Optimisation can play quite a great role when it comes to making your presence visible in a virtual space. Local Search Engine Optimisation plays a significant part in helping a business gain local consumers. This allows a business to stand out among regional competitors and significantly helps it grow. We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation and can effectively assist in conveying your mission and vision via suitable optimisation strategy.

Link Building

Link building is amongst one of the widely used approaches to help a website grow organically. The use of authentic links allows a site to become more trustworthy in the eyes of a consumer. Our team is quite efficient in helping a website generate organic traffic with the help of quality links. Trust us to help you grow in the most organic and efficient way by making use of a strategy that allows you to witness the gradual growth of your business as it reaches your the target audience.

Result Oriented SEO Services

All our services are focused on the growth and success of our clients. At JDM Web technologies, we want what our customers want – to reach the first page of Google search results. We take care of management and maintenance of your website’s SEO to ensure the correct usage of keywords. Apart from keywords, metadata, optimised links, link building are some other aspects contributing to a website’s improvement.

There’s no doubt that unless you are visible on the top page of the Google search, your growth will not be affected at all. JDM Web technologies can help your business in Atlanta to organically reach the top 10 results in Google searches. With our complete SEO strategies and link building, you can target, attract, engage and convert the most valuable leads for your business.

Why is it necessary for you to use digital marketing services?


Reach out to your target audience

Having an impactful presence on the internet can significantly increase the amount of interest and trust that customers have in your brand. When carried out effectively, digital marketing has the potential to be of great help to a company and to increase its visibility.


Gain the trust and loyalty of customers

Digital marketing can be a very effective tool. Specially when it comes to gaining the trust of customers. This is accomplished by providing a variety of resources that assist customers in comprehending that a company is reliable and that it provides all of the services that they require.


Increase the rate of conversion

When one seeks out effective Digital Marketing Services from professionals such as those at JDM, it is certain that one will observe a significant increase in the rate of conversion as well as growth in the business.


Build brand image

The fact that a brand cares about its customers and prioritises their needs is fantastic. Equally crucial, though, is communicating with the client with the brand’s purpose and goals. When done right, digital marketing can help people understand a brand’s mission and find the services they need.

What Makes JDM Web TechnologiesYour Go-to Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta?

JDM Web Technologies is an innovation-driven marketing agency where all types and sizes of companies find their solution. Find out how and why.


Our Reputation

For years, we have provided satisfactory services to our clients and have managed to build a reputation which we can use today to show you how far we have come. As we join hands with you, we only hope that our services prove effective beyond your expectations and our proven record. We focus on building a strong and long-term bond with our clients and become an effective part of their business.


Skilled Workforce

Our team-building process is thorough and thoughtful. As we don’t act snobbish while hiring our employees, we make sure they are trained to provide professional and elite services. Experience has a lot to do with our employee’s skills and expertise as well. We maintain a disciplined approach where we try to understand our client’s needs initially and don’t say ‘yes’ to any project unless we know we can handle it.


We Respect Time

Time is important to all businesses or even individuals. Neither do we waste our time nor plan to do yours. If you want delivery within the desired time, we will check our in-hand projects and calendars to see whether we can take yours. If yes, we will never miss your deadline. Unfortunately, if we are swarmed by projects, we will respectfully decline new projects.


We Are Passionate

We are a team of passionate and creative individuals who love what we do or love working in general. From our passionate and skilled designers to active and understanding customer support executives, we are ready to provide everything based on your needs. We value each client and approach their projects individually.


We are sincere

We consider that each of our projects is equally important. Each of our team members puts in that effort to ensure that a client receives only the best quality service from our end. We ensure that there is a significant improvisation post implimentation of a strategy as an indication of growth.


We support

We understand that unforeseen conditions can have you feeling struck. It is to provide you with the needed support in times such as these that we offer around-the-clock assistance. Whenever you face a situation that you feel too intimidated by, make sure you get in touch with our team of experts to effectively guide you through the problem. We try to ensure that you grow with us.

How Our Digital Marketing Business is Doing Well In Atlanta?

When it comes to technology-driven services, most businesses forget the basic customer services to focus on. This is where we make a difference. Our digital marketing services are great – but we also work on other aspects of our business like customer satisfaction, affordability, integrity, timely delivery, etc. That’s what makes our business grow.

We are Your Extended Marketing Team in Atlanta


The team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience will take your brand promotion.


We will provide data-driven reporting for the activities we perform.


We will use innovative technology and techniques to put you one step ahead of the competitors.


You can choose from a range of service packages or get one customized for your brand.


We work on a no contract policy. If you are not happy with our service, you can choose to stop anytime.


Yes, we definitely can. There are numerous strategies involved in helping a website rank at the top of search results. You can get in touch with one of our experts on the team to get a better idea of the strategy that can be implemented to help you achieve the results.

We take all of our projects seriously. Our team ensures that our clients receive the best possible strategy and evident growth in their business upon working with us. Our range of services caters to numerous approaches that can help improve your virtual presence. When you choose to work with us you choose not only a service provider but a partner that cares for your growth as well.

Depending upon the kind of strategy and approach that is put in place, it does not take much time for the growth to be evident in terms of website traffic, conversion rates, and further interactions while using numerous virtual features.

We provide a range of services for various reasons beyond Atlanta as well. We cater to clients globally, meeting their requirements and helping them meets their goals by optimising their virtual presence such that they gain more visibility when it comes to target audience.

So You Have Come This Far

If you have reached here, you must mean business. Make a call or send us a simple email. Together, we will find out what your needs are and how we can help you. You don’t have to know anything about digital marketing, you just have to ask for our help, and we are ready with a solution.

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