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Our PPC campaigns come equipped with detailed performance metrics and analytics. With the help of our Atlanta PPC experts, you can track clicks, impressions, conversions, and other KPIs (key performance indicators), which will help you measure the success of your PPC campaigns. Unlike organic SEO that needs time to bring results, JDM Atlanta PPC Services can generate immediate online visibility and traffic.

Atlanta PPC Services

Let our diverse bouquet of PPC services contribute to your business goals

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our Atlanta PPC experts do in-depth keyword research and analysis to find the most effective keywords to target. With their help, your PPC campaign can target specific locations, demographics, or interests, thus ensuring your ads reach the right audience. Our keyword research and analysis focuses on maximizing your ad spend and ensuring your money goes into the keywords that are more likely to bring you conversions.

Landing Page Optimization for Conversion

Landing page optimization involves boosting the site content to make it relevant to the target audience. Enhancing user experience with clear design and navigation and ensuring fast loading times are equally vital to improve your target audience’s engagement with the page and bring in the conversions. All these and more are our Atlanta PPC specialists’ forte.

PPC Management

Your entire PPC ad strategy must be monitored constantly and tweaked, when needed, to ensure it’s optimized and continues to bring you the desired results. Be it conversion tracking, A/B testing, data analysis to gain useful insights, our Atlanta PPC analysts do them all and more to help you achieve the best results.

Search Ads Campaigns

To make your PPC ad campaign successful, you must have a targeted approach to reach your desired audience. Our Atlanta PPC professionals stick to a targeted approach to boost the possibility of reaching potential customers who are actively looking for products or services similar to yours. Thus, they help you steer clear of wasteful spending and focus on high-converting ads.

Display Ads Campaigns

The cost-per-click of display ads is often lower than search ads, which makes them more cost-effective. They also have visual elements like videos, images, animations, etc., which create a bigger and long-lasting impact on your target customers. Our Atlanta PPC experts ensure your display ads run optimally and perform just as planned.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

With JDM’s remarketing ads campaigns, you can specifically target users who have already interacted with your brand, website, or app in some way. These people are more likely to be interested in your offerings as they have already shown a certain degree of engagement. Our Atlanta PPC professionals help design and implement your remarketing ads campaigns to boost the chances of conversion.

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Shopping Campaigns

From displaying your products, their images, prices, and other relevant information to potential customers to attracting qualified traffic and facilitating higher CTRs (click-through rates), well-planned shopping campaigns can do them all and more. You can rely on our expert Atlanta PPC team for effective shopping campaigns that bring measurable results.

Video Ads Campaigns

Video campaigns with engaged storytelling and attractive visuals provide your target audience with a richer experience than static or text images. As a result, they cause higher user engagement and longer viewing times. With our Atlanta PPC pros, you can rest assured of getting well-executed and highly engaging video campaigns that amplify your business’s reach and expose your brand to a larger audience.

Local Campaigns

Local campaigns help attract local customers to your physical store. They are also useful if you offer services in a limited geographic region. With JDM’s local campaigns, you can bring potential customers into the fold who are actively looking for products or services similar to what you offer in their immediate vicinity.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Atlanta PPC Services?

Trust JDM Atlanta PPC services to design and execute innovative, engaging, and profitable PPC campaigns

Why Choose JDM as Your Atlanta PPC Company

Our Atlanta PPC experts help increase leads, boost conversions, and cut costs


Extensive Experience

Armed with extensive industry experience, the Atlanta PPC specialists at JDM can handle all your PPC needs, irrespective of whether you are a solopreneur, small business, big company, or an MNC. Over the years, we have learned what works and what doesn’t, and we bring this experience to every PPC campaign we handle so we can help you get the best ROI.


In-Depth Knowledge

Since JDM is a leading PPC company in Atlanta, our experts are known to work tirelessly to improve your leads and conversions by leveraging their thorough knowledge of the domain. We rely on tried-and-tested methods, backed by our in-depth knowledge, to ensure your PPC campaign runs optimally and brings you the desired results.


Google Ads Certified Professionals

Our Atlanta PPC experts come equipped with comprehensive knowledge of Google Ads tools, features, strategies, and best practices. They bring their knowledge and expertise to the table to facilitate informed decision-making and optimization of your PPC campaign effectively. From creating a compelling ad copy and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and updates to maximizing ROI, our experts do them all.


Proven PPC Campaigns

Our PPC campaigns are battle-tested and have proven to be effective in generating preferred results, such as driving traffic, increasing leads and conversions, or accomplishing particular marketing goals. Since we continually optimize and refine your PPC campaign through data analysis and testing to deliver positive results, you can count on us to deliver on our promises.


Measurable Results

Your PPC campaign needs to be effectively tracked and assessed based on specific metrics or KPIs (key performance indicators). At JDM, our Atlanta PPC pros design highly targeted PPC campaigns to produce quantifiable data and insights, which they analyze to evaluate the success and ROI of their PPC efforts. With such measurable results, you can see where your money is going and what results it’s bringing with complete transparency.


Support 24/7

If your PPC campaign faces any technical issue or error, our Atlanta PPC experts are always ready with a prompt response and resolution 24/7. Thus, we steer clear of delayed troubleshooting that could cause ad spend wastage and missed opportunities. With our round-the-clock support, we address issues with your PPC campaign fast, thus minimizing any potential negative impacts.

Why Invest In PPC Marketing Campaign for Your Atlanta Business

  • Develop Brand Awareness

    By making your PPC ads show up more often, our Atlanta PPC experts improve the chances of more people seeing (and later, recognizing) your brand. That’s an excellent way to build your company’s reputation online, even if some people in your target audience don’t click on your ads at first.

  • Instant Results

    Unlike organic SEO that needs time to bring the desired results, our Atlanta PPC pros bring immediate results your way. Whether you need more traffic, better qualified leads, or faster conversions, you will get them all and more by trusting our PPC experts. Whether you are a newbie in the business landscape or an established business struggling to rank well in search engines, you can use our PPC services to promote your company quickly and effectively.

  • Reach Your Target Audience

    With proper keyword research and analysis, you can bid on the most relevant keywords, thus bringing your ad in front of your target customers. You could even use remarketing to target potential customers based on their location, past online activity, interests, and more. At JDM, our Atlanta PPC experts do all these to help you reach your ideal customers much faster than many other modes.

  • Control Your Budget

    Other modes of advertisements force you to lock-in a particular rate. But with PPC, you can set your own budget and work with it. Irrespective of whether you are a start-up with a small budget or an MNC with a lot to splurge, you can continuously adjust your ad budget within your limits.

  • Boost Website Traffic

    Our Atlanta PPC pros focus on proper keyword research and analysis, backed by clear goals to achieve, an optimized landing page, compelling ad copy with a strong CTA, and continuous monitoring, optimization, and refining. We also set a realistic budget, conduct A/B tests, and handle remarketing campaigns. All these help increase your website traffic.

  • Increase Sales

    Our Atlanta PPC specialists direct your web traffic to dedicated landing pages and track conversions using Google Analytics. This lets you observe the amount spent and what results it brought your way with respect to your end goals. Once your landing page starts attracting significant traffic, you just need the implementation of some effective CRO tactics to convert that traffic into your customers.

Why Is PPC Important To Your Company?


Get More Qualified Leads

With PPC, you can choose relevant keywords, customize your ad copy, optimize your landing page, track and refine your campaign, and retarget those who have shown interest in your business earlier. All these, when done effectively by our Atlanta PPC experts, bring in more qualified leads your way that have a higher chance of conversion.


It’s the Fastest Method to Get Targeted Visitors

JDM’s PPC marketing helps you reach your target clientele faster than many other advertising and marketing modes. With proper keyword research, you not just reach your target audience fast but also ensure these people are interested in your offerings and are most likely to buy from you, either right away or sometime in the future.


Grow Your Brand’s Reputation

With targeted advertising where you can exercise control on your ad’s content and messaging, PPC facilitates your brand’s online reach and reputation. By analyzing your PPC ad campaign’s data and analytics, you can make informed decisions related to your branding strategies, spot areas for improvement, and fine-tune your messaging to ensure it aligns better with your audience’s expectations.


Use Advanced Targeting Options Easily

Be it geographic targeting to reach location-specific audiences, demographic targeting to reach people based on their user interest and behavior, or interest-based targeting that facilitates narrowing down your target audience based on their online behavior, PPC ads let you do all. You can do these using commonly-available advanced targeting options.


Don’t Let Your Competitors Beat You

PPC brings faster results, unlike organic SEO that has a long wait time and could give your competitors (especially those who have been in the SEO game for long) some advantage over you. If you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, our leading Atlanta PPC agency can help you reap rich rewards with a well-targeted and executed PPC campaign.


It Allows You to Execute Advanced Marketing Techniques Like Retargeting

People who have already interacted with your app, website, landing page, etc., but haven’t bought from you can be retargeted using advanced marketing techniques like retargeting. This helps these people, who already know a bit about your business and/or your brand, to re-engage with it, thus increasing the probability of conversions.

How Much Do PPC Services Cost For Business in Atlanta?

On average, the hourly charge of a reputable Atlanta PPC company varies between $100 and $150 but you can also find companies charging in the range of $50 to $99 and $100 to $200. Though the average monthly cost is driven by various factors like your PPC campaign’s scope, complexity, and goals, it could be anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000.

Basic PPC Packages

If you want to get started with PPC and keep your monthly advertising budget up to $1000, JDM’s basic PPC packages are the ideal choice for you. From keyword research and analysis to setting up your Google Analytics and linking it and landing page optimization, our Atlanta PPC pros will do them all and even more.

Advanced PPC Packages

Mid-sized businesses can beat their competitors with our advanced PPC packages that are designed to drive qualified leads and boost conversions. If your monthly advertising budget is from $1000 to $2000, our Atlanta PPC experts will make the most of it for your Google and Bing ads so you can grow your business fast.

Enterprise PPC Packages

Our enterprise PPC packages are designed for large businesses like an e-commerce marketplace or store that plan to attract global customers. With monthly advertising budget spends sitting in the range of $2000 to $5000, these PPC packages come with a dedicated account manager who will manage your Atlanta PPC campaign to bring you the best results.

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