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At JDM, we’re committed to helping businesses get the most out of their marketing spend

With the average person spending a significant amount of time on social media each day, you get an excellent opportunity to improve your conversion rates. Hiring JDM is synonymous with leveraging the full potential of leading social media platforms. Our Austin social media marketing experts come backed by years of industry experience and can handle all kinds of social media marketing campaigns efficiently.

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    Austin Social Media Marketing Services

    With JDM’s social media marketing services, establishing your brand’s authenticity becomes easy and quick

    Social Media Marketing

    Promote your brand, market your products, and connect with your potential customers easily with our top-rated Austin social media marketing services. Irrespective of the size of your business, we’ll help you grow it quickly and in an affordable manner. We’ll create a social media marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs.

    Facebook Marketing

    If you want to promote your brand and its offerings on Facebook in the best possible manner, our Austin social media marketing specialists are here to help. We’ll help you capture potential leads, expand your online audience, boost sales of your products and/or services, and get more traffic from the platform.

    LinkedIn Marketing

    When done right, LinkedIn marketing can be one of your most effective social media marketing tactics, helping you boost brand awareness and generate leads. Our Austin social media marketing pros will help you develop professional relationships with other established businesses and potential individuals so that you can find partners and customers on the platform.

    Twitter Marketing

    Our Austin social media marketing analysts will create and publish valuable yet concise content for your target audience, buyer personas, and followers on Twitter. Our strategy will help you capture new leads and followers, get more brand recognition, improve conversions, and make more sales within a short span of time.

    YouTube Marketing

    Since YouTube is the leading video-based platform in the world, targeting this platform can help you build your brand very quickly. Our Austin social media marketing professionals will help you make the most out of it through powerful video content and ads that are cheaper than paid advertising on many other social media platforms.

    Pinterest Marketing

    As a leading visual search engine, Pinterest brings you a unique method to market your brand and its offerings. Since many people come here to find the right products to meet their needs, you can capture their attention by posting the right visual content. Our Austin social media marketing team will create an effective Pinterest marketing strategy for you.

    Instagram Marketing

    As the sought-after social media platform for individuals ages 16-34, Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for brands of all sizes. Depending on your needs and preferences, our Austin social media marketing experts will use any or a combination of influencer marketing, paid content, organic content, or other shopping tools.

    Ready to Build Your Business with Austin Social Media Marketing Services?

    Choose JDM’s social media marketing services to outperform your competitors in the industry

    Why JDM Is Your Best Austin Social Media Marketing Company

    We’ve got the prowess and experience to help any brand make the most out of social media


    Unparalleled Practical Experience

    In today’s highly competitive field of social media marketing, the experience of the marketers plays an immensely important role in making a campaign successful. Our Austin social media marketing team comes backed by many decades of collective industry experience and hence, can tackle social media marketing campaigns for any type of brand.


    Robust Social Media Expertise

    Besides having many years of industry experience, our Austin social media marketing specialists have earned certifications in different aspects of social media. This enables them to help brands get the service they need to capture more traffic, make more conversions, and ultimately, improve their sales figures, even if they have a limited budget.


    Measurable Results

    At JDM, we understand that we can only provide our clients with the best services when we see the results of our current activities. That’s why we maintain detailed reports containing a number of Key Performance Indicators for each of our campaigns. We’ll also share these reports with you each month.


    Extensive Domain Knowledge

    Each of our Austin social media marketing analysts has a solid understanding of their respective areas in the social media marketing field. As a result, our team members together can ensure the success of any social media marketing campaign. This level of service helps our clients achieve their desired results faster.


    Top-Notch Technical Support

    Since running a social media marketing campaign involves different technical aspects, you must monitor it constantly to ensure it runs without any issues. That’s why the technical support section of our Austin social media marketing team works 24/7. It also helps us discover new opportunities to improve a campaign’s success rate.

    Why Should You Prioritize Social Media Marketing For Your Austin Business


    It Improves Your Brand Awareness

    With social media marketing, you can stay in touch with your potential customers regularly and easily. By posting powerful, informative pieces of content, you can easily grab the attention of a large number of social media users. When your content is seen by many people, it automatically boosts your brand awareness.


    It Promotes User Engagement

    When you share user-generated content on social media, respond to the queries of your prospective customers, and guide them in the right direction through valuable content, they’ll eventually become engaged with your brand. Unlike traditional media, social media marketing allows brands to interact with their prospects more effectively and quickly.


    It Helps Build Your Brand’s Reputation

    Social media marketing allows you to demonstrate your brand’s human side, which plays an extremely important role in growing your brand’s reputation and customer base. When you live out your brand values and prioritize the people associated with your brand, your prospects will start considering your brand authentic, credible, and trustworthy.


    It’s a Cost-Efficient Method to Grow Your Business

    If you want to spend a minimum amount of money on social media marketing, you can still achieve the desired results. Viral pieces of content usually have a huge effect on improving customer base. Even if you choose paid social media marketing, your overall cost will be much lower than many other paid marketing methods.


    It Helps You Acquire More Traffic

    When your social media marketing campaign is managed by a reputable Austin social media marketing company, you can rest assured that all your posts will contain a link to your website. If your posts can trigger the curiosity of their viewers, they’ll naturally follow that link to learn more about your brand, increasing your traffic.


    It Lets You Capture More Qualified Leads

    Social media marketing brings you an excellent opportunity to let your prospects know how your offerings can help them meet their needs. By posting the USPs and other valuable information about your products and/or services, you can easily drive more qualified leads to your site and try to convert them.

    What Should Be the Cost of Social Media Marketing Services for Business in Austin?

    A leading Austin social media marketing company should charge anything between $100 and $199 to handle your social media marketing activities on an hourly basis. If the same company takes care of a small, local campaign, your cost should be at least $1,000. However, the number of social media platforms, the total number of monthly posts, etc. will impact your budget.

    Basic Social Media

    If you have a small business in and around Austin and you want to grow its customer base using social media, you should purchase one of our basic social media packages. Under these packages, our Austin social media marketing analysts will fully manage any two social media platforms of your choice.

    Advanced Social Media

    If you run a mid-sized company like a manufacturing unit and want to outperform your competitors quickly, choosing one of our advanced social media packages will be the right option for you. When you buy these packages, three of your social media platforms will be managed by our Austin social media marketing specialists.

    Enterprise Social Media

    Our enterprise social media packages are designed to help large businesses such as e-commerce marketplaces and stores capture leads from the entire country. As part of these packages, our Austin social media marketing experts will manage five social media platforms for you and provide you with 20 custom image posts, among other services.

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