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Are you struggling to get more people to visit your auto service shop or get more leads? Your business will not thrive unless you market it to the right customer demographics and finding the right demographics is not easy, with the amount of competition in the auto service industry. While traditional marketing does help you bring some customers in, online marketing helps you kick your business to a whole new level.

About Us


We are a digital marketing agency based in India, catering to companies worldwide to ensure that their business plan doesn’t go in vain and they get the most out of digital marketing services. As a leading digital marketing agency, we have assisted businesses of all sizes across various industry verticals to generate genuine leads that feed into their desired sales funnel. We create engaging yet intriguing marketing campaigns that your customers cannot help but click on and purchase your service.


Our online marketing service is not limited to one or two services, and it is also not limited to a certain business type. Our team is filled with expert professionals with years of experience under their belt. We hire skilled professionals around the country to ensure that all our clients receive unparalleled digital marketing services. We also offer multiple packages, within which services may vary. The multiple package options help small businesses pick and choose the services they are looking for and we create a customised profile for their requirements. This way, they only pay for the services they want. We also give them the opportunity to upgrade their package anytime they feel like it.


If you have never heard of how digital marketing could change your business and steer it in the right direction, we will help you understand it in the simplest way possible. Digital marketing has assisted several businesses to reach their business goals in very little time and attracting more organic traffic to their businesses. Undeniably the availability of the internet has helped people achieve many unbelievable things, among which digital marketing is one giving businesses the liberty to promote their business to the target audience.


In the last few years, JDM Web Technologies has helped auto service shops around the world to attract local customers to their business and increase their revenue multiple folds. As an online marketing agency, we cover all the bases of digital marketing and provide 360-degree services, where the business can focus on its core operation without worrying about the marketing fronts. We will create a customised marketing blueprint tailored to your business needs and requirements so that you can get the most out of the project.

Marketing Services by JDM Web Technologies

That Helps You Stand Out

Every internet marketing agency has one primary goal as a part of their business statement – to help companies increase their sales and make high ROI. JDM Web Technologies, at its core too, follows the same agenda. However, instead of asking businesses to choose a uniform marketing strategy, we plan and customize the strategies for all of our clients. We also provide multiple services, so that you can get all the services in one place, under one roof, instead of approaching several businesses.

We help you get started with your digital marketing strategies if you are in the early stages of your business setup. Even if you have not launched your business yet, it is never too early to implement digital marketing. If you are planning to migrate your digital marketing services from another company, we will make the transition as hassle-free as possible. If you are already in business but feel like your business is fizzling out, introducing digital marketing to your business operation will help you get back your place in the competitive industry.

As a leading internet marketing agency, we will be providing the following services to our customers:

seo and web optimization final

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO ensures that whenever web crawlers are looking through the websites they find your website good enough and is ranked on top on the SERP. Within our SEO services, we will be providing on-page, off-page and technical SEO to help your page appear on the top result of your Google and all other major search engine searches. On-page SEO helps us optimize your website pages, fix broken links, include alt text to all your images, while within our off-page SEO services we will create keyword-rich, SEO-friendly articles, blogs and guest posts to increase your presence in the digital landscape.

PPC advertising

If you are expecting quick results from our digital marketing strategies, we will implement PPC or Pay Per Click advertising on your website. PPC will prompt your website to appear on top of the search results pages, along with an ‘ad’ tag and this is the easiest way to increase organic traffic on your website. PPC advertising is targeted advertising where we will target your preferred customer base after analysing their online behaviour, their locations and their age group. It will generate more organic leads that will become retainer clients in the long term, which will be beneficial for your business in the long run.

Local SEO

As an auto service shop, you will be targeting your business to local people and others from the surrounding areas. For businesses focused on particular areas, local SEO can be of great help, as we will be creating SEO strategies targeting your desired customer base. We create a GoogleMyBusiness page for your business, including your business details in the local business directories so that whenever people search for relevant terms, your business will be the first one they come across.

We will include updated details about your business like store address, phone numbers, email address etc. Updated details will help prospective customers find your business easily and including your storefront details in Google Maps will help them find you without an issue.

8-Content Marketing
Online Reputation Management

Our ORM team will take exclusive care of the comments, reviews and ratings left by your customers. When you launch your business to the digital environment, how your customers and prospects perceive you plays a huge role in the making or breaking of your business.

So we keep a close eye on how your customers are responding to your online posts and we will solve any issues they are facing promptly. We will also analyse your pages for any fake reviews that your competitors might be encouraging and remove any fake reviews, ratings and comments immediately.

Website design

Having a functional website is of utmost importance when you are planning to launch a digital marketing service plan. Your website will be the primary base for all your digital marketing activities, from promoting sales in your auto service shop to sharing informative articles, blogs and images that describe your business. Our web designers will help you create an eye-catching website from scratch if you do have one and add relevant information pertaining to your auto service shop.

If you have a website that you have not used in a while and is not well-optimized, we will optimise your website to meet all the website SEO requirements. We will scale your website from start to bottom and optimise your text, images and videos if you have any. We will also make sure to add or remove any extra web page that will make your website better for your audience.

Social Media Marketing

If you have come across businesses’ social media profiles, you might have seen how small businesses have managed to gather a large following with their interesting profiles and posts. We will help your auto service shop create a unique and strong online presence that your targeted customer base will not be able to ignore. Our copywriters and content writing teams will develop fun and witty social media posts that will capture your audience’s attention from the moment they come across them.

Social media marketing is also the easiest way you can reach the younger generation and attract them to your business. Our graphic design team will design intriguing post images and videos that will be included in your social media profiles.

Content Writing And Marketing

Your website will look desolate, no matter how beautifully you design without any meaningful content. Having content that is relevant to your business and industry is crucial to attracting customers to your websites and most importantly, making them stay. Our team of content writing experts will write meaningful and useful content like blogs, articles, website content, guest posts that are keyword-rich and SEO-friendly. While your website audience will be able to read blogs and articles, you will be able to post guest posts on other public platforms, backlinking them to your website. We will post the guest posts to high DA websites where people from all kinds of industries visit and your posts have a high chance of getting noticed.

Why Choose JDM Web Technologies?

As the requirement for digital marketing services grew, the number of digital marketing agencies grew too. In a saturated market like digital marketing agencies, finding the right agent takes a lot of research and time. While many agencies claim to be the best in the industry, only a few of them have the evidence to back their claims. However, if you look at the testimonies left by our previous clients, you will come to realise shortly that all of our services are beyond their expectations.

As a global market leader, we are here to make sure that you have got your marketing strategies right and exactly where it needs to be. Whether you are here to buy a full-fledged package or just a couple of our services, here is what makes us stand out from the rest of the agencies in the race:


On-time delivery

When you come to us with your marketing requirements, you are here with hope and marketing goals in your mind. Once we are done with the consultation call and we arrive at a decision on what works best for your business, we will promptly start working on it. We will try our best to provide your project before the set deadline. It will help you launch your digital marketing agenda as soon as possible and you will start seeing ROI in no time.


Dedicated team

We have dedicated teams for all of our projects so that none of the project’s facts and figures overlaps with one another. Our dedicated teams often work on only one project at a time, so that they can dedicate their time and energy to make that project successful. We have excellent communication within the team and with other teams to ensure that the services you receive are customized to your business.


No-locking contact

We believe that we provide top-notch work to our clients, and we do not need a locking contract to keep the partnership going. So, when you decide to work with us, we will not ask you to sign any contract, and you will be free to leave the partnership any time you feel like it is not working for you anymore.


24/7 customer service

We have clients worldwide, so we are available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you figure out whatever issues you have. You can reach us via email or a call with your queries, and we will work on it promptly to resolve them. No matter what day or time it is you will always have a customer representative to talk to.


Digital marketing is today’s new norm, and auto service providers who opt for this have seen a significant increase in their customer base. Various digital marketing ways can help alleviate your market status and reputation.

SEO and Local SEO solutions help increase your reach to a broader audience that may in the future become part of your clientele. You can monitor your visibility on the internet and the data analysis because of JDM Web Technologies’ special SEO monitoring tools.

Hundreds of auto service providers choose JDM Web Technologies because of their honest and transparent package policies. Their marketing team is always on the spot to assist you with your doubts and issues.

JDM Web Technologies help create relevant PPC advertisements that, on clicking, brings the customer directly to your website page. Any person in the area looking for auto servicing will be sent to your site to know about the services provided.

Auto service providers are always recommended to maintain blogs as part of their digital marketing strategies because blogs provide up-to-date knowledge about their services. JDM Web Technologies aids in creating the perfect articles and content as part of your blogging.

Ready to Elevate Your Auto Service Business?

Speak to our experts and leave the rest to them. We promise, the next thing you will see is an increase in your customer count.

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