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There is no doubt about the fact that the internet has transformed the banking business drastically. Customers’ interactions with banks have shifted. It’s never been simpler to trade and move dollars online—in fact, many people now manage their accounts virtually entirely online. The rise of digital-only banks enables checking accounts to be opened without the use of physical branches.

Your customers and prospects use YouTube to discover answers to their bank questions. They use their cell phones to make bank transactions, use Google to find the best interest rates, and know a lot about your bank thanks to social media before they even set foot in a branch. With so many online channels available to communicate with customers and prospects, having a successful digital strategy is critical for your bank.

Why Banks should not avoid digital marketing services


To attract new customers and keep existing ones, banking institutions must have a high level of credibility. The fact is that traditional ways of establishing your bank’s credibility are no longer applicable. Your bank can now be established in a variety of methods. We’re talking about bank digital marketing.


Digital marketing is a new and better technique to build a brand that people will love and trust. It enables banks to reach out to their target demographic more easily, improve customer service, and make their brand appear more genuine. A bank’s relationship with its clients can be improved through digital marketing.


Did you know that half of all mobile local searches result in a visit to the physical site within a day? People, including potential consumers, prefer to look for banking services online. As a result, that’s where you should be as well. Potential customers will have an easier time learning about your bank and locating your website with the help of our digital marketing services.


You don’t have to be the next big fintech to attract clients. But, to stay competitive, you must keep up with trending digital marketing requirements.

JDM Web Technologies Online Marketing Solutions

We can assist your financial institution in meeting its digital marketing objectives, whether you are a credit union, regional bank, savings and loan provider. Our team has years of experience developing online marketing solutions that have elevated the growth of many financial institutions.

Our solutions can help your financial institution acquire new customers, maintain a great image, and develop connections with current account holders. Without time tested strategies we have learned what works for banks and whatnot.

Website Design & Development

Is the functioning of your website suitable for your banking customers? If your bank does not currently have a website, we will create one for you. We’ll work with our website design team to develop a professional website that will serve as your bank’s online identity. A website allows a potential client to trust you, learn more about your services, and find you online. If you already have a website for yourself but have problems ranking it high in the search engine results, we can redesign an SEO fit website.

We have designed many websites for financial institutions. Therefore, we understand the industry requirements. Our website developers work in coordination with web graphic developers, and content writers and aim to deliver a user-friendly website. Our team can construct an intuitive website for your bank that produces leads and promotes cross-selling opportunities.

Social Media Marketing Services

Banks that are doing particularly well have embraced social media marketing to the fullest extent possible. Banking and financial institutions recognize its importance and are gradually expanding their presence. More than just getting likes, shares, and comments from your target demographic is part of social media marketing. A well-executed social media strategy may help your bank stand out from the crowd online and reach out to new consumers.

Our social media experts can assist you in creating a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile for your bank. You may keep your profiles alive and active by posting on social media sites on a regular basis with the help of our graphic designers. Furthermore, our team can monitor comments and messages from your people connecting with you via social media channels at all times.

Youtube Video Marketing

Who is not aware of YouTube today? And as an ambitious bank, your goal should be to make everyone aware of your bank too. This is why many banks use YouTube video marketing services, because as often as your potential clients consume videos, your bank’s ad has a higher chance of reaching the targeted audience.

AT JDM Web Technologies, we evaluate your website traffic and create plans and strategies to bring more leads. We have worked with many businesses and industries and realised that even though many share the same industry, the strategies that turn out efficient for them are always different. This is why our YouTube Video Marketing strategies are different.

pay per click
Search Engine Optimization

Even if you have a fantastic website, acquiring new walk-ins will be difficult if no one is aware that you exist. To attract new customers and increase recurring visits from existing customers, you must advertise across all digital media platforms.

To create a full circle brand awareness, it is impossible to do with just one marketing channel. When paid search tactics like SEO are used in conjunction with paid search, the results are more successful. And getting in front of the appropriate people at the right time is just as important as appearing in Google, which is best accomplished with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Content Writing

Want to build a reputation around your brand? Or just to build digital awareness? The fastest way to do that is by winning the hearts of your potential consumers. Now, how does one do that? We say hire our content writing team to start with.

JDM Web Technologies is a full-fledged digital marketing company which means we can provide content of all kinds for your marketing. Our content writing team includes skilled writers, SEO specialists, social media strategists, etc., who are great at what they do.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most personalised ways you can connect with your clients. Email marketing can help your clients know about the benefits your bank profits, from time to time. And this keeps the relationship alive and long lasting.

Our main strategy for email marketing is to be personalized and highly targeted. Each word on the email from the subject line to the end of the body is filled with valuable and relevant content. But apart from these, we work on the time or a pattern.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management services are extremely important when it comes to small banks that are just starting out. A tiny misconception or misstep can bring your bank’s reputation down the slope and it will be hard to manage its reputation unless you are proactive.

At JDM Web Technologies, we provide you with a dedicated reputation manager that will take care of and remove fake, fraudulent, scam or hate reviews immediately. We have experience managing reviews, comments and complaints with proven tactics. Our basic strategy is to track and monitor all the negative impressions of your business and then manage the damage and negative content

Google AdWords

PPC is used to generate more clicks on the website, and you only pay for each click made on the advertisement. Our PPC experts can help you set up a PPC campaign for a faster conversion rate and ROI and promote your ad at the top position in Google search. Our PPC experts will also improvise the Ad clicks to get them turned into business leads. We manage the PPC campaign our clients with dedication and deliver better outcomes in a short span.

Why should you choose JDM Web Technologies Services?

We don’t have the challenge that a normal digital marketing agency does, which is learning and staying current with dozens of company verticals at the same time. Instead, because we excel in digital marketing for financial institutions, we provide quick value and share insights that are genuinely relevant to your bank.

We can become a true extension of the bank marketing teams we work with because of our specific focus on banking.


Full-Circle Digital Marketing Solutions

We are a one-stop digital marketing agency that can handle all of your bank’s marketing requirements. Our comprehensive 360° digital marketing solutions save you the time and effort of searching for each service separately on the internet. It also allows us to establish a more comprehensive approach while saving you thousands of rupees by bundling as many services as we can offer under one roof.


Dedicated Resources

In contrast to other agencies or digital marketing freelancers, we do not outsource our projects. All of our digital marketing projects are managed in-house by a team of dedicated individuals and resources. We carefully select each member of our team to ensure that your project is maintained and is carried out by people with relevant experience.


Advanced Tools & Unique Strategies

We’ve been working on it for a while and have finally cracked the code. We’ve come up with our unique procedures that are guaranteed to work after exhausting all other options. We’ve found out how it works and how to apply it to your bank to achieve the desired results.


24 Hour Customer Services

We at JDM work tirelessly to achieve the best possible results for you and to eliminate any obstacles that stand in your way. With us, you can be certain of the quality of every service you receive.


15+ Years Of Experience

With over 1000 clients and 15 years of experience in the industry, we are currently one of the trusted digital marketing agencies in the country. We offer digital marketing services to a wide range of companies, and many of them have seen a large rise in their web traffic, return on ad investments and exceptional brand visibility.


Affordable Packages

We work on an easy-going policy where our simple motto is to help you grow. Hence, we offer affordable digital marketing packages so that every business regardless of size can benefit from our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Digital marketing services can be beneficial to every organisation, regardless of its industry. Digital marketing may substantially assist you in achieving your objectives, whether it is to attract consumers to your bank or to attract new customers to your financial institutions’ services.

The earlier you start, the better! Digital marketing is not something that happens overnight. The f professionals follow an established protocol to ensure that everything runs well and that you may get the desired goals while earning more returns on your investments. As a result, you must begin from the date on which you first consider opening a bank. We can assist you in creating the necessary buzz prior to the launch.

Advertising on the internet has a significant impact on viewers and plays a vital role in the purchasing decisions of customers. The use of digital marketing platforms by banks and financial institutions allows them to remain in the conversation with potential consumers.

Ready To Increase The Customer Count Of Your Bank?

If you’re looking for a digital marketing partner to assist your bank to grow loans, business banking relationships, deposits, the share of wallet, brand awareness, website performance, or all, we understand you are looking for help. We can assist you!

We specialise in digital marketing solutions for financial institutions that provide data-driven results. To speak to our digital marketing expert call now!

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