Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Search Algorithm

The largest global corporation in the world, Amazon focuses primarily on artificial intelligence, digital streaming, and e-commerce platforms, which serve millions of users daily. In the modern day, it is the most difficult competition to overcome. It is challenging to produce sales on this massive marketplace because there are millions of sellers. There are many things to consider when moving up the Amazon ranking system. Let us understand how to navigate and rank up the Amazon Search Algorithm.

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Amazon Search Algorithm

The Amazon Search Algorithm is a method that ranks and organizes products on Amazon based on the most relevant keywords. It considers elements like keywords, SERPs, pictures, and reviews. The keywords-based Amazon search algorithm is highly like the Google search algorithm. Accordingly, the products with the best sales will have the most pertinent keywords. Search Engine Journal claims that,

  1. 70% of shoppers never click past the first page of an Amazon search results
  2. 35% of shoppers choose the first item on the Amazon Search Page.
  3. On Amazon searches, 64% of customers click on the first three results.

Working with an e-commerce SEO agency is best if you need help comprehending these algorithms and rankings.

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Difference between Amazon and Google Search

Although Google and Amazon Search Algorithms are similar, they have a few differences that make them unique. The significant difference between the two mega multinational companies is the user intent. For instance, Google’s algorithm is based on discovery mode, whereas Amazon’s search is based on buying mode. The keywords of Amazon are more descriptive about the product and highlight the unique features of the same.

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Comparison Between Amazon A9 and A10 Algorithms

The two major popular Amazon algorithms known to everyone is the Amazon A9 and A10 algorithm. Although both algorithms function the same, the significant difference is the parameters being focused on. Launched in December 2020, A10 emphasizes user search and experience more, which means more customer satisfaction is achieved in A10. A10 is the updated version of A9, as in A9, there was more importance given to relevance and performance, which means a product with more sales, according to previous data, will appear higher on the ranking than genuine products.

On comparing these two algorithms, we can observe that the A9 algorithm can boost up beneficial products according to the user’s previous search history; it would also suggest products that are like the product the user searched for, thus boosting the sales of the seller, while A10 focuses more on producing on-point search results according to the user. There is no suggestion of related products. Thus, the A9 version of Amazon is seller-based, while the A10 version is more buyer or consumer-based.

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Factors Affecting A10 Amazon Algorithm 

History of Sales

Amazon will look closely into the sales history, especially the organic Sales of your product. Organic sale is when a user looks out for a product and buys your product from the search page results. If your product has a consistent Sales history from the organic results, then Amazon’s SEO algorithm will rank your product higher than others.

Internal Sales

Sales obtained from the Amazon platform, which do not include search results, fall under internal Sales. Parameters like conversion rates fall under these too. Conversion rate is the number of consumers observing your product and the number of users that choose to buy your products. The higher the conversion rate, the higher your ranking will be.

Pay-per-click ads

Although PPC ads are still relevant in A10, it is not a significant factor in influencing Sales in the long run. It can typically boost your initial sales.


The focus on keywords has tremendously increased in A10. So, to stay on top of your game, stay focused on the keywords, be more descriptive about your product, and match all the relevant keywords.

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How to rank high on Amazon

There are certain factors that you can work on to improve your rank on Amazon A10. These include:

  1. Comply with Amazon Product Title Guidelines
  2. Relevant Images
  3. Enhanced Keywords
  4. Improved PPC Campaign with Amazon Advertising
  5. A more detailed description of the product
  6. Focus on discounts is not much needed
  7. Generate external traffic
  8. Obtain positive feedback and reviews
  9. Focus on increasing Click-Through-Rate

These are a few features that you can work on to rank higher on the Amazon Search Algorithm.

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Use the best E-commerce Marketing Strategy and conquer the Sales Target. 

The best course of action is to get a professional Amazon SEO service if you are a novice, need help following the above advice, and are unsure how to rank your product higher on the Amazon Sales rank. They will aid you in optimizing your Amazon listing and increasing sales. JDM Web Technologies is one such extraordinarily effective SEO company. They have been active in this sector for many years and have worked to raise several firms’ sales and rankings.

Let us understand how an SEO agency can work on Amazon’s search Algorithm.

  1. Seller Account Setup: These agencies will start from scratch; that is, they will guide you in making the perfect brand setup.
  2. Amazon Account Audit: An SEO agency will help you understand your business’s drawbacks and help improve them.
  3. Research your competitors: The best way to climb up the rank is to identify the mistakes and perks of your competitors and improve those aspects of your business. Thus, an SEO agency will help you do the same.
  4. Amazon Listing Optimization: This parameter includes adding images, keywords, titles, and more descriptions to your product. All of these will be taken care of by the Amazon SEO agency.
  5. Amazon Review Techniques: E-commerce SEO agencies will find out the best ways to obtain positive customer feedback and reviews.

The SEO services will also work on many other elements, like PPC campaigns, Buy Box management, Click-Through rates, off-site Sales, discounts, and much more. These are just a few of the wonders that they will focus on. JDM Web Technologies has been the leader in this industry for many years. To learn more about the Amazon Search Algorithm and receive a plan and quotation for your company, contact JDM Web Technologies.

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Head Of Marketing At JDM Web Technologies

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