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In our current era, the internet has become an essential part of our lives. Online elements like SEO rankings now influence the position of companies in every industry. As time passes, new technological advances come into being and change the playing field forever. One further advancement is the launch of AI-generating tools like QuillBot, ChatGPT, etc., that focus on generating content using different learning models. Bing Image Creator is a new generative AI generator on the scene, focusing on creating illustrations and images. To learn more about utilizing this brand-new tool to boost your company’s internet presence and revenue generation, continue reading! 

What is the newly launched Bing Image Creator tool?

In March, Microsoft announced the integration of the revolutionary AI-powered search tool Bing Chat with Bing Image Creator. This assimilation of the two tools allows users to create unique text and visual content efficiently.

Bing Image Creator Tool uses language prompts and DALL-E to generate the required visuals. DALL-E is an AI product developed by Open AI based on a deep-learning model that gives results based on the user’s instructions. Its model can be used by budding graphic designers and content creators to bring their creative ideas to life.

While the tool and the integration are no longer as revolutionary as they used to be, the unique interactive design of Bing Chat allows users to generate their ideas by conversing with the AI model and personalizing the result as they see fit. 

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A new user’s guide to the Bing Creator Tool

To use the Bing Image Creator tool, interested users must use Bing Chat, another AI tool. This tool is already integrated into Bing’s search engine, allowing it to access thousands of web pages to answer your query and generate your desired results. Described by Microsoft as users’ “Copilot of the web,” Bing Chat speeds up and optimizes your results. After becoming familiar with this tool, here are more elements of the Bing Image Creator Tool for new users to remember.

Language Prompt System: Like most AI generative tools, Bing Image Creator Tool uses user prompts to generate visuals. Typing into the command bar gives the users the necessary results, making the device accessible and easy to use, even for beginners.

Accessible AI Illustration Generator: Bing Image Creator Tool is free, unlike other AI generator tools. However, depending on the number of requests on the server, your results will be delayed for a period ranging from a few minutes to hours. However, you can skip this delay by using one of the 25 free Microsoft Boosts added to your account and refreshed freely to speed up the process. 

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Tips and tricks to refine your AI photo-generating process 

Even after becoming familiar with the operation of the Bing Image Creator Tool, the beginning of your journey with this AI-generative tool can sometimes be challenging. A few tips can help you optimize and refine your results.

Generate Specific Prompts: You can speed up your generative process by being specific with your desired result. Try to give a detailed description of what you need. Using an action verb will also help you come up with unique results. Finally, input the art style you want your illustration to be in (Digital art and photorealistic styles are popular options).

Develop your Personal Style: The tool is easy to use but requires users to input their creative and unique ideas to generate the best possible result. The explore page of Image Creator has the outcome of other users that you can browse to get inspiration. Selecting a post also shows you the prompts used to generate that image, giving you further clarity on what to suggest to the AI system.

Keep up with Graphic Design Trends: If you’re a graphic designer working on a project for major companies, it’s essential to remember current trends beforehand. Knowing what’s popular can also give you much-needed inspiration for your projects. 

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What’s in the future for AI?

AI tools are a revolutionary new technology that can improve how we create content. However, they should not be treated as a replacement for human work. Instead, using them as tools to help bring the creative ideas of content creators to life will speed up and refine production across the industry. Instead of using the generated results as the final product, they should be viewed as stable foundations and should be refined by experienced and talented designers. Photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Canva will help businesses format the generated results to their requirements.

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How does AI affect SEO patterns?

The influx of AI-generated content in online platforms brought another possible side-effect to light- the disruption of SEO patterns. However, according to Google, the most used search engine in the world, search engines rank websites based on how creative and unique the content is, no matter how it has been generated. Optimizing content based on SEO patterns remains essential. 


Bing Image Creator Tool is a practical and accessible AI tool companies can use to generate attractive visuals for their website. However, design experts must further refine the tool’s results to meet the company’s requirements. The end product must also be optimized for search engine results so the business has increased online visibility. If your company does not have SEO specialists, consider collaborating with companies with experience specializing in search engine optimization strategies. One such company is JDM Web Technologies. Our expertise in the field and team of industry experts ensure we meet your goals efficiently. Contact us for more information on our affordable and versatile SEO services!

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