Must-Use Competitor Analysis Tool to Stay Away From The Crowd!

Are you running a business? Do you want to enjoy success and reap unlimited benefits? Well! It is mandatory to find out the significant ways to outperform your competition. One of the best ways to do so is by accessing the competitor analysis tool. It helps you keep an eye on your competitor’s activities and find new strategies to grow above the competitors.

The competitor analysis tool assists you in tracking, analyzing, and learning from your potential competitor’s strategies. Then, utilize that information to improve your marketing campaigns and reap many benefits. In the market, you will find hundreds of competitor analysis tools. According to your needs, you can choose the right one.

If you want to know the best competitor analysis tool, carefully go through the following section. It also helps you to learn more about competitor analysis.

Competitor Analysis – What Does It Mean?

Competitor analysis is nothing but finding and evaluating your competitors. Knowing the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses helps you find the right path to travel and outperform them. You can use the opportunity to fine-tune your brand’s marketing strategy.

Doing the competitor analysis helps you understand the competition better. It tells you how small or big the market you think about entering beforehand. It also assists you in finding openings in the market, that competitors missed. In addition, it lets you know where to focus on obtaining faster and better results.

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What Are The Best Competitor Analysis Tools?

SEMrush (For SEO)

SEMrush is one of the most favorite and valuable SEO tools for competitor analysis. It is the finest tool for analyzing the competition. In addition, it helps increase your overall site search traffic. Whenever you wish to compete for users in the Google search engine, you must use SEMrush.

SEO is a vital part of digital marketing efforts because the site’s content quality and its technical performance determine how visible your website in the search engine for the audiences is. It assists you in reaching organic users and promotes your brand organically.

Utilize the SEMrush tool properly to screen the SEO performance of your competitors quickly. For instance, you can track the SEO details of the competitors such as keyword trends, traffic, organic keywords they rank for, paid keywords, and backlinks they obtain.

In addition, it is a great tool to look after your search engine performance. Here is how to access SEMrush for doing the competitor analysis in a few minutes.

  1. Log in to the SEMrush dashboard and then enter your competitor’s domain.
  2. You will now get the full details of the domain you entered. It includes the backlinks count, organic search, organic positions, indexed pages, and top keywords driving traffic.
  3. The information above helps you to find out how much competition you have. It allows you to decide whether jump into a specific niche.
  4. Figuring out the top-performing keywords, which assist your competitors in maximizing their search traffic, helps you quickly decide.

Visit the official page of the SEMrush tool to learn about its features and pricing plan. So, you will choose the right package according to your needs.

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Owletter (For Email Marketing)

Another critical competitor analysis to find and understand your competitor’s email marketing activities is Owletter. It helps you obtain good insights from email messages your competitors send you.

The tool assists you in learning about the competitor’s email marketing, such as SPAM reputation, topics they contain, changes in frequency, and the specific schedule they follow. The best of the tool is that it grabs emails from your competitors and then arranges them in the user-friendly dashboard.

So, you will get access to basic analytics of every competitor over time, including the number of emails they send so far, when they send and how their newsletters go to spam. Knowing much about the competitor’s email strategy is beneficial for you in crafting your email strategy to acquire more new customers.

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Awario (For Social Analysis)

In the competitor analysis tool list, social media analytics are essential. Even though many tools are available for social analysis, Awario is the right platform because it helps set up alerts for your top competitors.

The tool will track the mentioned brands in real-time across the major platforms – news, blogs, web pages, and forums. Ensure you add the link to every competitor’s domain in the altered settings, and thus you will quickly grab the details about the competitors.

It also aids you in finding the channels your competitors are active on. The digital marketing platforms are enormous, and thus finding new places to reach the target audience is essential. In many cases, your competitors think the way you do, and therefore it is worth doing the engagement analysis of their platforms.

The tool renders three types of reports: alter comparison, mention statistics, and influencers. The reports include many social media marketing insights and statistics such as demographic data. Track your campaign’s growth with the share of voice chart.

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BuzzSumo (For Content Analysis)

Whenever doing competitor analysis in content shares and social media, the must go-to-tool is BuzzSumo. The social media analytics tool handles content marketing, influencer marketing, or PR. As content marketing delivers several opportunities to drive sales and develop brand awareness, it is mandatory to discover your competitors posting strengths.

Knowing your competitors’ marketing strategies renders you enough insights on whether you will improve your company’s current strategy. In addition, it showcases the trending topics in your niche. Being the most powerful competitor tracking software, BuzzSumo makes engagement analysis much more accessible and helps measure your content success compared to competitors’ content.

Use the tool correctly to find the competitor’s most shared content on the specific platform and find the influencers who spread the word about the products and services of the competitors. It also creates reports, which compare your performance to the competitors.

It even acts as a media monitoring tool as you obtain instant notification whenever the competitor’s social media post is mentioned online. The device renders you five years of historical data in CSV or PDF formats. You can download it within a few seconds.

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SimilarWeb (For Website Traffic Monitoring)

Another important competitor analysis tool to use is SimilarWeb. It helps in measuring the website’s traffic. Checking the competitor’s traffic and ad campaign is vital for competitor research. To do so, the SimilarWeb tool helps you a lot.

It renders you analytics on your competition’s traffic and their audience demographics. As you and your rivals compete for the same audience, their best traffic sources will work the best for you. Understanding which sites bring the most traffic to your competitors enables you to target similar websites.

Knowing where you stay behind your competitors lets you craft the right strategy to improve the website’s traffic. The tool also aids you in finding where your competitors purchase ads and witnessing the actual ads they run. All the information lets you plan your budget and paid media efforts properly.

The tool is specially designed for content and SEO, and therefore, it provides an accurate and clear picture of the competitor traffic, traffic sources, and organic and paid keywords. Using the tool, you can obtain an overview of the competitor’s traffic, their different traffic sources, global/country/category rank, and top organic and paid keywords.

Get an insight into where your competitors come from and understand their market, customers, and competitors. With excellent features and ease of use, it becomes the best competitor analysis tool on the entire list.

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SpyFu (For Google Ads Analysis)

Another dedicated and efficient competitor research tool that renders a substantial amount of data on your competition is SpyFu. It is a popular search analytic tool showcasing users’ keywords, which sites purchase on Google AdWords. It means you can easily find the keywords that your competitors purchased and every ad test they run.

Whenever you attempt to find your aggressive competitors, the tool renders you a list of the competitor names for the domain you analyze. It offers access to everything from competitors’ keywords to organic keyword rankings. Thus, developing a competitive strategy becomes more accessible and more efficient.

It also renders an in-depth look into your competitor’s marketing campaigns, particularly their Google ads activity. It exposes your rival’s search marketing secret formula. So, you will discover the right path to travel on and reach the targeted audiences easily.

Besides, you can use the tools such as Searchmetrics, Majestic, Alexa, Ahrefs, iSpoinage, and Owler. The use of the right tool will help you in many ways to achieve your business goals quickly.

Before choosing, ensure you check the tools’ features, pricing, and other vital details. Or else, it is better to trail the tool for free for a few days. Knowing the tool’s working in real-time makes you take the right decision.

Contact JDM Web Technologies to speak with skilled and experienced strategists about how helpful competitor analysis is for your business.

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