Google June 2021 Core Update Rolling Out

Google June 2021 Core Update Rolling Out

After six months of the last core update in December 2020, Google has finally rolled out another core update on 2nd June 2021. Even though Google planned to make more changes in June’s update, they didn’t get the time to include all of it in this update. So one other update is coming in July 2021. However, this is not anything new for Google to roll out core updates every few months. But this is the first time that Google is releasing updates so close together.

What exactly is a Google Core update?

Google Core update

If you wonder what this core update is and how it will affect your business, here is a brief insight into it. Core updates generally are changes made to the primary search algorithm. Google makes these changes several times per year. Core updates usually change the order, importance, weight of different signals of your webpage.

To put it simply, Google made changes in the importance and weight of many factors that help a web page rank in Google. For example, with core updates, Google can increase the value of H1 Tags and HTTPS, increase or decrease the value of specific keywords, etc. However, it is not instantly known what changes they have made in this update. Therefore, to get the exact result, the users will have to wait and figure out the changes as time progresses.

This core update is not limited to one country or language. If the changes hit the web pages, they will be applicable for all languages and impact websites globally. There is also a chance that any changes that this core update brings might be reversed in July’s update.

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What should you expect from the update?

expect from the update

There is nothing much you can do about the changes happening due to it. Even if your page experience a negative impact due to the core update, it would not mean that there is anything wrong with your page. When the July 2021’s update rolls out, everything can go back to the way it was before.

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The Reason Behind Core Update Rollout

Since the core updates might harm your page ranking, you might wonder why Google even makes these upgrades. So what is the reason behind a core update that affects millions of pages?

Since Google receives billions of queries each day in hundreds of languages, it is vital to roll out core updates to improve the query results and stay competitive. The main focus of Google is to ser


SEO experts at JDM Web Technologies are working tirelessly to ensure that your websites comply with all the changes that came with Core Update. In addition, the SEO team provides that the changes do not negatively impact your website or SEO strategies.

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