9 Tips to Enhance the Performance of Magento

Online shopping is getting more popular among people worldwide in the digital era. Many e-commerce CMSs are available now, such as Woo commerce, Shopify, Magento, and more. But Magento is a popular platform because it is flexible and robust. The company offers the latest Magento update, a popular option for online stores and e-commerce start-ups.

Website speed is essential for increasing conversion customer satisfaction, enhancing revenues, and driving more traffic. Increasing the speed of the Magento store is vital for better ranking in the search engine. Based on statistics, more than fifty percent of people expect the e-commerce store to load within two or three seconds. If the web page takes a long time to load, it will leave.

Keeping the site load quickly and accessible access offers an excellent customer experience. You are facing problems while using an e-commerce store website can hire a Magento performance optimization service. They will optimize the Magento speed and boost the customer’s shopping experience. It will help the online business owner save time and effort. Please keep reading to know how to increase the speed up Magento:

Reasons Why Magento Is Slow

Magento is the most excellent resource-consuming system and hence is relatively slow. High website loading time problem occurs due to a lack of skill in optimizing the platform. If you cannot meet the fundamental needs to operate the store on the forum, like not using correct plugins, inappropriate extensions, and others, the site’s speed will be slow.

Here are some reasons why the performance of Magento is slow:

Traffic Increases Significantly

If the web page starts to generate traffic, the issue will increase. Seller uses different SEO tools and marketing methods to boost sales. Servers don’t organize correctly, and higher site traffic leads to crashes. Therefore the sale stops until the website works again.

Slow server at the time of high traffic causes enormous bounce rates, and the online shopper is looking for an excellent website to buy products conveniently and fast. Slow speed reduces sales and decreases the search engine ranking of the site.

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Hosting Inappropriately

Business owners don’t concentrate on the Magento start-up. Considering the traffic of an online store, they neglect to make many sales during flash hours. Consequently, they choose a server with low productivity. Hosting platforms don’t always cater to the needs of growing businesses. Therefore, Magento websites host on inadequate servers.

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Lots Of Extensions

Website back-end will slow down than the front-end due to many extensions installed. So the admin needs to spend more time managing the store. Magento isolates all features, so altering the quality doesn’t disturb the rest of Magento. Therefore, many files are read in numerous folders for every visitor, reducing its performance. It is essential to optimize many extensions and ensure the website benefits from installing them.

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How Do You Make Magento Run Quick?

Slow Magento performance can be challenging, but it is easy to overcome by manipulating the website. There are many reasons for selecting Magento over other platforms. It is the best performance-oriented platform with excellent features and unique functionality. If you are running the website on Magento, but it is loading slowly, don’t worry; you can use the below-given tips to speed up its performance.

Update the Latest Version

If you need to speed up the Magento store, you must update the latest version. Go to Magento to determine if you have installed the new version. If you did not install a new one, update it by following on-screen instructions. The release of the latest version comes with lots of functionality, fixed errors, and better performance that make it popular among people. Therefore, it is beneficial to update the Magento to achieve optimized performance.

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Utilize Web Browser Caching

Web page caching is the perfect method to reduce the number of databases needed for every web page request and speed up site loading time. An E-commerce site that people have visited previously stored in their device’s memory. Thus when visiting the same page next time, it will load quickly. Using the best caching tool increases the site load during high traffic.

The full-page cache completely caches the website without modifying the e-commerce store, reducing server load and fast web page rendering. When the website becomes slow suddenly, you should check the cache setting. Lots of caching forms implement to merge them to obtain the desired result.

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Select Perfect Web Hosting

The e-commerce owner makes the biggest mistake in choosing web hosting. Hosting is a vital element in the Magento performance. Avoid the cheap web hosting service because it affects the site’s performance. You should choose the exemplary hosting service for your project. Magento has numerous technology requirements such as PHP, database, OS, web servers, and more. Thus, picking the best web hosting helps the business owner boost the site performance and efficiently achieve their goal.

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Monitor Performance of E-Commerce Store

As a business owner, you need to check the website performance regularly. It is a vital feature; meanwhile, it lets the individual determine what affects the website loading speed and how plugins work. These days, you can find numerous websites’ performance monitoring tools like Uptrends, GTMetrix, and much more.

These tools allow you to measure the site’s speed and take the right step to enhance the performance. If you have tried many methods, but the website speed does not increase, you can hire a reputable digital marketing company. They have skilled and experienced experts to provide custom solutions for your problems.

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Remove Unwanted Extensions

Magento is an excellent platform offering the users the option to expand its functionalities with the help of third-party modules. Check all third-party modules you have installed on the e-commerce store. You can remove the module one by one and determine if it changes the website performance.

If the site’s speed improves, you can find the perfect solution. Installing lots of extensions can affect the performance of e-commerce platforms. Go to the service provider and get an immediate answer to troubleshoot your problems. In addition, remove unwanted modules in the website and clear the cache for boosting speed. It helps you to stand out in the competition and get more profit.

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Optimize Images

The picture takes more space on the e-commerce site than other elements. Therefore, the website owner should optimize the image file. Compressing the image helps speed up the website loading time. Many online sellers ignore the essential of optimizing pictures for their sites. The compressed image takes a short time to load, driving traffic and increasing sales.

There are many tools to reduce the picture size, like Adobe Photoshop or other online picture optimization tools. The best method for optimizing the image in the platform is lazy image loading.

Here are a few advantages of optimizing images:

  1. Optimize the page speed
  2. Boost traffic
  3. Compress images before uploading to the site with the best tools

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Merge JavaScript and CSS Files

There are many ways to optimize the Magento performance through CSS and JavaScript. It has inbuilt tools for combining CSS and JavaScript files. It keeps CSS and JS files clean by deleting the wanted data such as blank lines, comments, and much more. In addition, it allows the browser to scan them and return the website request to the user rapidly.

When merging JS and CSS files, it helps minimize the HTTP requests to servers. As a result, individuals were put lots of products on the table. Reducing the HTTP requires speeding up the storefront of Magento.

Let’s see how to merge CSS and JS files:

  1. Navigate to the system and choose the configuration. Then click the advance option and go to the developer.
  2. Click CSS Settings and JavaScript Settings, select the merge option, and save the design.
  3. Clear the cache after merging and minifying the CSS and JS files.

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Maintain Database

The platform keeps logs for 180 days, which makes the database heave. Thus, the website takes a long time to load. You can change the log files to between seven and fifteen days. Reducing the size of the database decreases the delay time for loading the website and boosts Magento’s performance. Make sure you back up the database before removing these logs from your platform.

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Utilize Impressive Themes

It is recommended to use a good and attractive theme in the Magento platform. It increases the website loading speed and grabs the attention of customers.

These things will guarantee an immediate boost to the Magento e-commerce store. Website speed is a critical aspect affecting the search engine ranking and conversion rate. Increasing the performance of the Magento store helps to enhance sales, build customer loyalty, and better user experience.

If you need to speed up Magento, contact us. The professionals will analyze your website and suggest the most satisfactory solution to improve the performance of the Magento e-commerce site.

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