Understand Major Reason and Fix SEO Ranking Issue

Search engine optimization is an essential requirement for different types and sizes of businesses. The dream of every website owner is to keep the site up-to-date with trends. If search engine ranking goes from unseen to the top list, you must check relevant matters on the website.

A well-optimized site is mandatory to gain more traffic and place on the first page of the search engine. It is effective means of improving sales and leads. Without SEO, visitors never find the site. A sudden decrease in search ranking affects business severely. Whether traffic decrease on the site, you must take action immediately.

Pay Attention to Leading Causes:

Drop-in search ranking negatively impacts business and loss of potential customers and clients. If you notice a sudden drop, you should focus on the leading cause of the problem and how to fix them. Website owners must consult reputable experts and solve the issue.

They help you to check various things on the website.

Using google analytics is the best way for site owners to check the average deviation in traffic weekly. Google search console is an essential tool to verify google ranking and organic search traffic. You must take action immediately and avoid further loss. You can fix issues quickly and manage the site with a good ranking and traffic.

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Manual Penalty Drops Ranking:

When you experience a drop in ranking, the manual action penalty is the leading cause. Search engines penalize websites if pages never meet quality guidelines. Unnatural backlinks, users generated spam on-site, and website hacks are common reasons for penalizing sites. If you want to fix them, check the below guidelines.

  1. Use the Google search console to verify the manual action list under the securities and manual action tab.
  2. It will list the reason for the search ranking drop.
  3. Site owners read them carefully to accept decisions and solve the problem.
  4. If the issue is on-page, you should check the link and content.
  5. You must detect and remove links if the issue is off-page.

You will submit a reconsideration request to recover from the issue. Business owners wait to retain their position on the search engine result page and track links and risks with special tools. It will alert you if something happens on the site.

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Website Is Block List:

Whether ranking decreases rapidly, it happens because of the site block list and comprises hackers. They also use the website in different forms like malware attacks. The search engine lists the safe site that is ideal for users. Search engines scan the website daily to prevent malware infection. If the site gets hacked, the search engine suspends the website on the relevant page. They also mark the site as misleading based on malware infection.

  1. The first step is to scan websites for malware and remove them quickly.
  2. Once you host the site on WordPress, you must utilize a relevant plugin for scanning and eliminating malware.
  3. You can follow instructions and remove unwanted elements within a few clicks.

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Algorithm Update:

Search engine updates algorithm regularly for search ranking. The update is crucial for users to gain an incredible search experience. Alternation in search engine algorithm affects the performance of site and ranking also. If you want to be up to date with the latest algorithm, you should work with the right dedicated SEO expert. Professionals keep track of search engine updates for algorithm changes.

  1. Utilize rank tracker tool to verify major ranking shifts for niche keywords.
  2. The ranking may fluctuate for a sudden change in trend.
  3. Site owners also monitor online news for the search engine update
  4. Experts offer you simple tips on how a website reacts to an algorithm update.

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Competitor’s Improvement:

Competitors are always looking for the best way to enhance the site. Business owners need to compete for the best search engine position. If you get to rank higher when compared to competitors, they work effectively to optimize the site.

Competitors follow good practice and keyword research and quickly rank for important keywords. Fast loading time and impressive user experience provided by competing with the website is a significant causes of the issue. Content is an essential factor in a website to attain ranking. Search engine rewards sites with informative and high-quality content.

  1. Site owners need to check that areas of the site perform better.
  2. Website analysis and optimization tools guide you to understand how content aid sites rank higher on search engines.
  3. Some business owners apply the chrome extension for analysis.
  4. It is easy to discover what is missing in content and boost site content in all areas.

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Website Changes:

Migrating, redesigning, and changing the site is also a significant problem for SEO ranking. When making changes incorrectly, it decreases SEO ranking. You may keep an eye on the following changes:

  1. Modify website URL
  2. Optimize or rework content with SEO keyword
  3. Execute change that loses indexing of web page
  4. Apply 301 redirects from existing URL improperly

These affect website performance and let website owners discover a problem in ranking. You can double-check everything once made changes to the website.

  1. Google search console allows you to view significant increases in errors.
  2. It happens due to site changes.
  3. The search engine reports your indexing and crawling issue on the site.
  4. Experts use the latest tools to find problems and fix them soon.

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Technical Errors in Website:

Site owners experience a sudden change in ranking for technical errors. Crawling and indexing the site is a common technical issue. Search engines crawl inconsistently and demonstrate why the website is unable to access. Search engine never indexes and rank websites on search results.

  1. In that situation, you must focus on website log files to see logs about crawlers and infected URLs.
  2. Log file analysis is a crucial matter to identify issues.
  3. You may use an ideal tool to perform the process and eliminate errors.
  4. You should use Google and check whether the site gets blocked search engine-specific IPs.

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Essential Factors for SEO Ranking:

Plenty of business owners wonder about SEO ranking. Search engine optimization is the best practice for many businesses to stay relevant and rank every web page. The ranking demonstrates the content position on the search engine result page. The goal of a business owner is to keep the website at the top result. You can look at important factors for SEO ranking.

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Accessible and Secure Website:

Business owners need to provide secure access to information beneficial for visitors. Having the correct URL is the best asset for SEO ranking, and Google bots can reach the site and crawl them easily. Search engine visits URL and the page content. It helps search engines to know what the page is about. You must include the necessary things to manage bots.

  1. Sitemaps list all the pages on the website.
  2. The website creates with a perfect coded website builder.
  3. Robot text file allows google where it reads and never searches for site details.

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Page Speed:

Business owners maintain the site with fast page speed. Visitors always like to visit the fast-loading site and gather information quickly. Page speed is a leading concern to satisfy visitors’ needs. The search engine needs to enhance the user experience, and a fast-loading page can do everything for business. Google updates the algorithm for search ranking. The algorithm update is also relevant to mobile page speed.

  1. Using the mobile testing tool is ideal for site owners to know the site’s load speed.
  2. Users keep up the excellent loading speed of the page that suits the different devices.
  3. Google search console helps you to understand updates on site performance.

The tool is beneficial for a business to consider changes and maximize rank.

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Mobile friendliness is a ne

Mobile-Friendly Site:

cessary factor to boost search ranking. Many individuals use mobile to search for anything online easily rather than desktops. Business owners try to understand changes and ensure a good search result. The mobile-first index is ideal for the mobile-optimized site and acts as a foundation for excellent search ranking. It is easier to maximize user experience.

  1. Keeping a responsive site that resizes and fit the device
  2. Utilizing large fonts for quick readability on mobile screen
  3. Try to incorporate accessible menus that are easy for a website to navigate.
  4. Manage the content that is never hidden by ads.

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Well-Optimized Content:

If you want to create content, it is essential to focus on users’ search intent. It would help to consider what visitors look for and create content with relevant keywords. Content aids you to attain a reasonable bounce rate and click-through rate. Experts help you to create content according to the latest trend.

You must learn search engine rules and algorithm updates and manage a site with clear and crisp content. Business owners reach more audiences and keep them for a long time. Search engine optimization provides long-term benefits to the business.

You can gain good service and help from JDM Web Technologies to overcome sudden drops and fix issues in ranking.

Contact us today to implement the right strategy and improve ranking and traffic on site.

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SEO Specialist

Pratik Singh is an experienced SEO Specialist in JDM Web Technologies with nine years of experience handling the SEO project of both the on-page and off-page techniques and analyzing SEO campaign performance. Pratik Singh manages more SEO projects from mid and large-sized companies, and he is well-versed in monitoring keyword rankings and overseas organic search performance. Pratik Singh performs a complete website SEO analysis to provide better-increasing website content and build campaigns. With more than nine years of experience, Pratik Singh has proven SEM experience managing PPC campaigns. He also has a solid understanding of performance marketing, website analytics tools, customer acquisition, and conversion.

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