What Is Geo-Targeting In SEO, And How Does Geo-Targeting Work?

We are all hungry for sales. Marketing activities like newsletter signups, search engine optimization, advertisement click rate, and impressions all demand optimizing your website for better conversion. Further, the site evolves as visitors generate data that leads to insight, intelligence, and ultimately a basis for making better decisions.

While we can control many aspects of a website or page, we have no control over the people who come to the website to view it. More to the point, these individuals are not all alike. Visitors can come from all over the world, representing various cultures, languages, geographical regions, etc. Your marketing activities must then serve a diverse range of traffic with relevant content to convert that traffic into sales.

This is called Geo-Targeting.

What Are Geo Ads?

Geo-Targeting Ads

Localized advertising is a type of advertising in which advertisers target consumers with content and messages relevant to their location and behavior. The geographic location of consumers is determined automatically or by assumption using this advertising technology, which then displays content pertinent to that knowledge to the consumer in question.

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What Is Geo-Targeting In Digital Marketing?

Geotargeting Digital Marketing

In the marketing world, Geo-targeting is defined as serving different content or advertisements to other consumers based on their geographic location. To advertise to prospects within a specific geographic area, geo-targeting is frequently used in pay-per-click (PPC) search campaigns.

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How does Geo-Targeting Works?

Geo-Targeting Works As anyone who works in the field of marketing understands, one of the primary and essential factors to consider when developing a marketing campaign strategy is the geographic location of the target audience. If you purchase advertisements in California, you can be confident that your advertisement will only be seen by people who live in California.

However, there is no such thing as a safe assumption; YouTube and Facebook can be accessed just as easily from India as they can from any other country. Apart from lowering costs and ensuring that advertisements are only displayed within the geographic area where the advertiser sells their product, geo-targeting presents enormous opportunities for marketers. ‎

Geo-Targeting is one of the most powerful digital marketing features because it allows for more sophisticated measurement and personalization than was previously possible with traditional media. Geo-Targeting has never been more effective than now, thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and the remarkable granularity and specificity they provide in terms of location information.

Even though many marketers recognize the importance of geo-targeting, they are unlikely to be familiar with the technology that underpins it. On the other hand, being well-versed in technology is necessary because different solutions take different approaches to the problem of determining the physical location of a consumer, and the simplest solution is usually the least accurate. Many desktop strategies do not translate well to mobile devices; in the same way, traditional techniques do not always translate well to digital. ‎

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What Is The Difference Between Geo-Targeting And Geo-Fencing?

Geo Targeting & Geo Fencing

We feel the pain! Digital jargon is sometimes challenging to understand, and many are confusing. Likewise, Geo-Targeting and Geo-Fencing have different meanings.

Geo-Fencing is drawing a virtual barrier around a location using your device’s GPS or IP address, like your virtual address. Potential customers can see ads inside Geo-Fenced areas. Geo-fencing can range from a mile to a state-wide radius. Most people who talk about geo-fencing want a minimal radius around a location. A common misconception about geo-fencing is that you receive push notifications or text messages once inside the fence. Instead, geo-fencing displays ads to anyone browsing the web within the geo-fenced radius, alerting them to a local deal or the distance to a store location.

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How Is It Different From Geo-Targeting?


Geo-targeting refers to advertising to potential customers who meet specific targeting criteria and are within a defined radius. Geo-targeting focuses on specific consumer targeting criteria such as demographics, behaviors, interests, and location. Because the ads are not shown to everyone inside the geo-fence, they must also meet the targeting criteria.

Geo-fencing and geo-targeting can be done on a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or gaming console. Consider your target market when deciding which is best for your marketing. Geo-fencing is ideal for reaching people of all ages and interests. If you only want to get a niche consumer demographic, you should use geo-targeting.


To understand ‘Retargeting,’ let’s go back to the basics– think about the last time you Googled something — a movie, a book, a holiday destination. After that, you go to one of the top sites recommended by Google, look around, and then move on to the following site. Later in the day, you begin to see advertisements for similar items in your email, on Facebook, and anywhere else that advertisements can appear online. It can be a little creepy at times. This is referred to as retargeting. When you were online shopping, the websites you visited placed a piece of code (a cookie) on your computer, and that code is what causes the advertisements you will see.

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How Do You Geo-Target On Facebook?

Geo-Target On Facebook

Facebook has always been a fantastic advertising platform. Still, its targeting capabilities have been taken to the next level by allowing businesses to display their ads exactly where people are, and it’s fantastic!

You’re scrolling through Facebook and wondering, “How do I see ads for local business advertisements?” How do they know I was looking for this service? Geo-targeting is a marketing strategy that allows for location-specific targeting on Facebook. It will enable you to target potential customers based on their country, region, or city.

Here is the step-by-step guide to help you use Facebook geo-targeting effectively to ensure that the right people see your advertisements.

Step 1: Set up the Ad: Set up your brand’s advertisement. Facebook ad setup page also helps you learn how to create a location-based ad. Facebook has tools to help you target your audience and maximize your budget.

Step 2: Know Your Audience: Begin by focusing on your buyer’s behavior – the people who will be most interested in your ads. Don’t waste time or money on people who will scroll past your ad.

Step 3: Select The Location: Facebook allows you to target your marketing efforts by location better. You can choose between locations in addition to the target audience’s country, state, and ZIP code.

Step 4: Business Location Targeting: Geographic targeting allows you to target people near your physical location. For example, a restaurant or a retail store that wants customers to come in at any time can use this type of targeting. This is also useful for schools that may like to target parents residing in the community.

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Consider partnering with a company specializing in the area you want to target to save time and money on your project. The experienced, knowledgeable, and talented team of professional marketers at JDM Web Technologies is ready to help you achieve your SEO objectives. The GEO-Targeting activity demands the creation of multiple web pages that are targeted at different cities. You may want to hire someone to assist you with creating web pages and writing content in bulk. This is a requirement that JDM Web Technologies is well-prepared to handle.

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