Everything You Must Know About the Google Penalties

Are you not getting enough traffic even after putting myriads of advertising and marketing efforts? Are you worried about the reasons behind not getting desired results? Well! It may be due to the impact of the Google penalties.

Google punishes websites if it does not meet a specific set of standards. Usually, websites that fail to meet these standards are blocked or banished from appearing on Google’s SERP. So, you have to go through Google’s guidelines and policies carefully.

Here, you will learn in-depth about Google penalties to ensure you and your SEO firm keep from violating the rules and policies.

Overview of Google Penalty

The Google penalty is nothing but penalization placed on the site for accessing ill practices to maximize their rankings on the Google search engine. Potential change in Google’s algorithms, poor digital marketing strategy, and detection of black hat SEO are the significant causes of the Google penalties.

As soon as your website violates the rules and regulations of Google, it triggers the Google penalty and puts your website at high risk in the search results. In some cases, your site may disappear from the SERPs.

If your website receives any penalty action, you will send the manual action report via Google Search Console. So, you will understand that you fail to meet the specific policies and standards. Usually, Google penalizes the websites in two different ways – algorithmic changes and manual actions.

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Manual Google Penalties

Google reviewer initiates the manual penalty whenever the site makes the manual changes, which violates the quality guidelines. As soon as it occurs, the notice sends through the website’s Google Search Console.

You can log in to your Google Webmaster tools to check whether there is any notification from Google regarding the penalty. You will get the message if you get a manual penalty.

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Algorithmic Changes

It is an automatically applied punishment to the website by one of Google’s algorithms. Algorithms such as Google Penguin update and Google Panda update are filters, which utilize their core metrics to evaluate the site for the specific properties.

Then, punish the website for not fulfilling or violating the properties. When your site hits with the algorithmic penalty, both findability and visibility in search engine results pages of the filtered domains take a sudden worse turn.

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Reasons for Sites Get Google Penalties

The following mentioned are the significant reasons for websites receiving penalties from Google. Having an adequate understanding of the reasons triggering the harm makes you avoid many issues.

Getting a penalty affects the reputability of your site heavily, and taking it to the original position again is challenging. Google never accepts the mistakes you make intentionally or unintentionally. So, be careful in every step you take if you want to grow well and outperform your competitors.

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Spam or Hacked Websites

It is not your fault to have a hacked website. However, Google will never tolerate spammy content in its search result. When you post spammy content or have a hacked website, you can expect a penalty quickly.

So, try to check your website to whether hackers attacked the site and spammy content posted by bad people. The best way to avoid the penalty for the issue is to have strong website security.

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Unnatural Links

Google started targeting websites with link spam through its Penguin algorithm update. Before, it was much easier to rank poor-quality sites with huge spammy links. But, you cannot do it anymore because you will get the penalty.

It is especially true if Google finds that your site host unnatural outbound links or unnatural links pointing to your site. Thus, you must be careful about using unnatural links to avoid issues.

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Thin Content

When you learn the basics of digital marketing, you will understand the importance of quality content for SEO. As long as you publish the best quality content, you will get the best SEO results. But, if you provide a poor-quality range, it will trigger the penalty.

Apart from low-quality content, auto-generated content, and content without addressing the user’s query spun content, and duplicate content is the primary cause of the penalty. So, put some effort and tell your SEO team to develop high-quality SEO content.

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Keyword Stuffing

Another vital aspect of SEO is keywords. It should stuff in the content naturally and meaningfully. It would help if you loaded the keywords throughout the range. When you do so or try to hide the keywords on the web page by using a small font size, then Google will provide a penalty for your site.

Remember that you should follow the correct method to stuff the keyword in the content. Provide only information and descriptive content. Most importantly, avoid hidden text and other types of deception.

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Ways to Avoid the Google Penalty

Now, you know in-depth about the potential causes of the Google penalty. So, try your best to make such mistakes. Or else, Google will punish your site, and thus you will ruin your reputation and credibility. Here are a few simple rules to follow if you do not wish to get the Google penalty.

  1. Do not purchase links because Google’s Penguin updates will penalize your site for buying the links unwantedly.
  2. Avoid cloaking because redirecting the user will indicate that you violate Google’s policies.
  3. Do not include broken links and thin content, as Google does not allow such things on the website.
  4. Continuously optimize your website for mobile to reach the targeted audiences quickly and get more organic traffic.
  5. Stay away from keyword stuffing and do not use duplicate content.
  6. Make sure the content you publish on the site is 100% plagiarism-free.
  7. Determine whether your site is not embedded with any spyware or viruses.
  8. Check that the comments on your site are not filled with spam, and avoid creating sampling content.
  9. Ensure your site has a good response time

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How Do You Remove The Google Penalty?

Have you found that your website received the Google penalty? Well, you should determine whether you follow the things mentioned above. Then, it would be best if you got into action to avoid falling further in the rankings and find the best solution for the problem. Look at the steps to follow to remove the Google penalty quickly.

  1. Understand the significant differences between the manual and algorithmic penalties
  2. Find out the type of penalty for which you punished
  3. Determine the type of manual action that makes you get the penalty, like spammy free hosts.
  4. Do the link audit for the link-based manual actions.
  5. Try to contact the webmasters to have links removed.
  6. Fix the website and content to enhance the user experience for the content-based penalty
  7. Spend time writing and submitting the reconsideration request to Google by outlining the steps you take to fix the issue.
  8. It would help if you waited for the request to go through, but Google will send the confirmation message upon getting the request.
  9. Once you receive the response from Google, you can continue adding high-quality content and work at the ethical and organic Link Building Services.

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What Does The Google Penalty Report Mean?

The Google penalty report is the document sent from Google. It indicates the policies and regulations the website owner crossed. The report also explains the necessary and mandatory changes you must make to reverse the Google penalty. It assists you in knowing the significant reasons for getting a fine.

If you want to reverse the penalty, you must rectify the issues and resend the formal appeal to Google to re-index your sites/web pages. As soon as your site is back in the index, your website and its content will begin in Google’s search results again. In addition, you will get web traffic to your site.

You can even reverse manual and algorithmic penalties to continue to rank in Google and grab more traffic. However, the first step is finding the root cause of the sentence. Always check your site whether it has duplicate content, poor website security, plagiarized information, or slow website speed.

Whenever you cannot reverse the penalty, you can seek assistance from a credible SEO agency. The SEO specialist will audit your site and troubleshoot the available problems. Once the issue resolves, Google will re-index your website. Then, your site will slowly get a ranking in the search engine. Google penalty report plays a vital role in the entire process and helps you travel on the right path.

Overall, finding and recovering from the Google penalty takes time and patience, whether manual action or algorithmic penalty. It would help if you had an in-depth understanding of the Google penalties and steps to follow to remove them quickly. You should follow the rules and standards mentioned by Google properly. These things are enough to get maximum traffic and reach the top position in the search engine ranking.

Contact JDM Web Technologies to speak with the SEO specialist to find and recover from the Google penalties. The SEO experts save you from several hassles.

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