Utilize Google Search Console To Boost Your Website Traffic

Are you looking for the best way to increase the website’s appearance? Do you need to fix the crawling and indexing problem? Well, you can use the Google search console. Google Search Console is one of the powerful free tools for improving website traffic. Google develops the tool to help individuals know how search engines see their web pages. You don’t need coding skills to understand HTML. But you want to think about keeping the site well organized and written.

With the help of the search console, you can boost the search result without hassle. Search console can help a person with the website realize how they implement the Google search and what they can perform to bring more traffic to their site. In addition, Google Search Console offers more details on how search engine indexes, crawl, and serve the website, aiding the individual to optimize the search performance. To learn how to use the Google search console to obtain more customers, continue reading the article!

Google Search Console: What Does It Mean?

Google Search Console is an excellent tool from Google to monitor the site’s performance and find problems. In addition, it also helps to maintain the website presence and increase ranking in search engine results. The search console offers necessary marketing data, and the website owner wants to track it from day one. It indicates problems, indexing issues, security problems, and others that might affect the site’s performance.

The site owners can utilize all statistics in the SEO strategy. Some businesses do not use the full power of search consoles because they think implementing the Google search console to their web page is sufficient. Hence, you can do many things with the tool that drives traffic and boosts site rank. If you don’t use the fantastic features that the agency provides, your business never gains benefits.

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Why You Should Utilize The Google Search Console

Google search console is developed to monitor the site performance. The business owner can understand the search console account. It means that they explore which part of the site requires more attention. The tool lets the individual discover the crawl problems and fix them quickly. Moreover, it offers targeted keywords, which can increase the ranking.

You don’t want to log in daily to use the tool. The search console sends the email to website owners if new problems occur. Thus, you are rapidly alert to errors and fix them within a short time. The site’s owner should check the account monthly once or when making changes to the content of their portal to ensure data is solid and steady.

Here are some ways to utilize the Google search console:

  1. Determine backlinks of your site
  2. Check index and crawl of the web page
  3. Find out problems such as low website speed and improper structured data
  4. Analysis manual website action and security issues
  5. Resolve Accelerated Mobile Pages issues
  6. Monitor positions of a website in various search results
  7. Find which search results bring more traffic to the web page
  8. Lookout for security problems of site

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Procedure To Set Up Google Search Console

Using Google search console is easy for both beginners and experienced ones. Monitor your site continuously with the tool and spot the issue. Fix those problems before they affect the search engine ranking. If you are using it for the first time, you need to set up your page with the search console.

A Google search console requires you to confirm that you own the website. The verification process is slightly technical, and once you complete the verification process, you can start setting up to search console with your website. Take a quick look at a step-by-step guide to connect to the search console:

  1. The first step is that you need to visit the Google search console. Sign in with the Google account
  2. Then, enter your URL and hit add property option.
  3. Choose a URL prefix that offers verification options. After that, you should verify that you are the site owner.
  4. If you have Google analytics, it will verify the website automatically.
  5. After the verification completion, you should submit the sitemap.
  6. The XML file will tell the search console what pages you have on the site.
  7. If you don’t have a sitemap, you can create a new one using the online free tool.
  8. Use WordPress if your website operates on your domain and set up an XML sitemap.
  9. Those who have activated the sitemap plugin can go to setting in the WordPress and hit on XML sitemap.
  10. The plugin automatically creates the sitemap, and you will find the URL on the web page.
  11. Copy the URL and go back to Google Search Console. Then paste the URL under adds a new sitemap option in the search console.
  12. Click on verify option, and it takes some time for the Google search console to begin dragging details about your web page.

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Incredible Features Of Google Search Console

If you set up your account in the search console, you can collect essential data. The tool has many features that make it simple to track the site and find where you need to focus more for a better outcome. By clicking the link, users can visit specific topics like sitemaps, crawl issues, search analytics, etc. The tool highlights vital data a person needs to recall checking on rarely. The followings are some features of the search console that everyone should know:

Mobile Usability

Essential feature in the search console is the mobility usability tab. It displays the site owner’s usability problems in a particular mobile web page or mobile website. Now, many people are using smartphones around the world. Therefore, mobile traffic is constantly increasing, and the SEO experts advise checking it frequently. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose potential visitors.


It is essential to look out how many links are available on your web page from other websites. The link tab enables you to see all information about links, such as the total amount of links that site consists of to your website, which web pages receive many links, and keywords used to link. These details are helpful because the links play a critical role in search engine optimization. You can analyze it regularly because you need many content and pages to get internal links. It is guaranteed that the search engine understands your foundation.


The performance tab enables website owners to determine what keywords and pages increase the website’s ranking in the search engine. You can catch information for ninety days in the old version, but the new version can keep data for sixteen months. In addition, it offers a list of pages, devices, queries, and countries. Determine how maximum results are doing in the search in the performance tab. Information is available from the moment you create a new account.

Security Problem

On the other hand, you need to regularly check the security issue tab in the Google search console. They notify the website owner if the site has any security problems. When you see a security issue on your site, you can immediately protect your data and customer information.

URL Inspection

If you need to analyze a URL, you can utilize the URL inspection tool. You reclaim the web page from the index of the search engine. After that, you can compare it with other pages on your website to understand any differences. Besides, you can find some technical information in the URL inspection tab, such as when Google crawls it, when it crawled and how it appears while crawling. The users will notice lots of errors, and it may regard to search engines not correctly crawling web pages. It offers valuable data around the organized data found on the particular URL.

Manual Action

The manual action tab is the perfect choice to get more details if Google punishes your site. Your site affects due to the manual action, and you can get a notification through email. There are lots of situations that can lead to various penalties, such as

  1. Third-party hacked your website
  2. Having unnatural links
  3. Hiding a little bit from Google
  4. Scraped content
  5. Spammy markup content

Ensure links come from the related site and link to the content regarding your business, which is helpful for the reader. If the site is hacked, the search engine may label the website as low ranking in the search result. Aggressive cloaking and generated content can cause the search engine to blacklist the website.

If you need to drive organic traffic and increase revenue, consider using the Google search console. Creating a new account in the search console and gathering data about your site is recommended. You can make some changes to your website and stand out in the competition.

Get in touch with JDM Web Technologies and take your business to the next stage. The skilled expert helps you make a clever decision about developing the site.

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